Sunday, February 27, 2011

81st Post Mon Feb 21 - Sun Feb 27, 2011

It seems like transfer week comes more often than every 6 weeks. We enjoyed seeing so many missionaries in the office today, P day. They mostly come to check the mail and to send emails to their families. I repaired a bookcase (put real plywood on the back) and a vacuum. With so much going on in the office it is a bit hard to concentrate on other work. I also ran several errands, including delivering packages to missionaries in Conroe. The Stringfellows invited us over for leftovers this evening. We had a nice evening visiting with them. Sister Stringfellow seems to be dealing with her MS very well. It was a bit warm and humid today.

Tuesday was the actual transfer day. Lots of missionaries in and out, dropping some off and picking others up. Elder Stringfellow and I cleaned out the big storage closet in the AP's office while we were waiting for the transfer bus (12 passenger van with trailer) to come back from College Station. That closet had stuff from many years ago that is no longer needed or used. Our mission office is really pretty nice with lots of storage, but we have found that many of the areas have not be cleaned out or properly organized for a very long time. President Hansen asked us all to get things as organized and cleaned up as possible before the new mission president arrives this summer. I spent time out in the garage (3 car garage) cleaning up the work bench and hanging up the tools (that is something that I have experience with!). When the AP's got back from College Station I drove the transfer bus out to the Katy area dropping of and picking up missionaries at various chapels along the way. The testimony meeting for the four departing missionaries was really good. Elder Hiatt is one that goes home this transfer, we will miss him. What a great missionary and person he is. He just makes everyone better around him. Leona and I left the office early to go to the temple and set up dinner for the departing missionaries. We enjoy doing that and being around those going home one last time. The mission is loosing 4 really outstanding elders. It is late by the time we clean up at the temple and get home, but are so thankful for what we are able to do. What a blessing it is to be here and to go home tired every night.

Wednesday I worked on apartment files and went to Sam's to pick up items for Sisters Marsh and Young as they are doing the dinner at the Hafer building this afternoon for the new missionaries and those who will be taking them out proselyting this evening. The 7 new missionaries arrived early this afternoon. What an excited and good looking group they are - 4 elders and 3 sisters. The office staff did our little orientation for them and then I took individual pictures for the tracking board and picture board. Lots of bills to pay so we were a bit late leaving the office this evening. Leona cooked bacon this evening for breakfast tomorrow.

Thursday we were up early and to the mission home by about 6:45. We get the bacon (6 pounds) and sausage (4 pounds) warming in one oven and start cooking french toast on the electric grill. We did about 5 loaves of bread. All the new missionaries (the sisters stay the night at the mission home) and their trainers arrive by 8 AM so we have everything ready by then. There were about 24 or so there. It makes for a big group and lots of excitement (especially the sisters!) but so fun to watch the interaction. President Hansen announces the companionship's and I take pictures of the new missionaries and the Hansens (to send along with a letter to their parents) and then a couple of group shots for the mission newsletter. We had help cleaning up and then the missionaries are off to the temple and we head back to the office. This is a long day, but we love doing our little part in the vineyard.
David called this afternoon and told us he had been accepted to Ohio State's Fisher School of Accounting. He was excited (as much as David gets excited) and so were we. Truly an answer to lots of prayers. He plans to wait to see what other options he has before making a decision.

Friday was our turn for an interview with President Hansen. He is so kind and complimentary of what we do. I know he really appreciates how well and carefully Leona handles all the finances, he just does not have to worry about that. I took over 60 letters to the post office that Leona had prepare as a result of transfer week. A letter goes to missionaries, bishops, stake presidents and parents depending on the situation, ie if the missionary was made a district leader, zone leader, trainer or just arrived in the field. Leona does a good job of making sure the right letter goes to the right person - no small task. It was one of the elder's birthday today so when he came into the office we all sang to him and had an ice cream sandwich ( Leona makes sure I have ice cream in the freezer at the office). What a beautiful day this was, cool this morning, no humidity and being on a full time mission - it just does not get any better than this!

Saturday we cleaned up the apartment and other p-day jobs. We went into the office for a while, as Leona wanted to pay some bills and I needed to wash and clean the car. Leona went to Costco with the other senior sisters and I went over to Elder Stringfellow's apartment to watch the BYU San Diego State basketball game - that was fun as BYU won. Leona and I went out to eat and do some grocery shopping this evening. It was nice to have a "not so fast paced" day.

Sunday and we enjoyed a very inspiring Sacrament Meeting. The four young elders that serve in the Olde Oaks Ward and the ward mission leader spoke. They each did an outstanding job. Our Sunday School class had a good discussion - it was just a great day. We had invited Tosin and her husband Gide for dinner but when we saw her at church she asked if they could reschedule because of something that had come up; we told her sure. Elder Sorensen and Elder Gardner kindly said they would be glad to help eat turkey, potatoes, dressing etc when we asked if they were available.

We love being here and the missionaries and people we have met and grown to love. We love each one of you and are thankful for you. You are in our prayers each day and we know you are praying for us and we thank you for that. Have a great and safe week. Take care and be kind to those you love.
Dad and Mom

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