Sunday, October 31, 2010

64th Post Monday Oct 25 - Sun Oct 31, 2010

Can the weeks go by any faster? Monday and a new week already. Today was Sister Marsh's first day in the office. Sister Young will be training her all week. Busy with office duties and missionaries coming and going all day. This evening for FHE we did a BBQ at the office on the back patio. We had burgers and hot dogs, salad, chips, soda, cake and ice cream. Pres & Sister Hansen were there and Sister Marsh's granddaughter, Crystal. It was a bit windy but a very enjoyable evening. We sat out on the lawn just visiting until after dark. What a good group of folks to be associated with.

Tuesday I started the next round of apartment inspections and completed 13 apartments today. There were several of the missionaries that I collect stuff from. Some of which will go in the garage but most will go to the dumpster. We worked at the office until 6 or so this evening. As we were eating supper a loud knock came at the door. I answered the door and it was Sister Peggy Jo Young (employment). She had just had her purse stolen and she was knocked to the ground not 50 paces from our front door. Of course she was very shaken up. The young man was long gone of course. We got her back to her apartment and called the police and I went over and got the apartment security man (who is a Houston police officer). The local officers responded very quickly. It was a blessing Sister Young was not hurt or worse, she did scrape her knee up a bit. We will all be more observant from now on.

Wednesday morning I headed for Conroe, Huntsville and Montgomery to inspect apartments. We have not had rain for weeks and the country side is sure dry. The apartments looked good for the most part. We got a new sister missionary in this afternoon. She is from the SLC Temple Square Mission. Those missionaries (all sisters) are transferred out to the "field" for about 12 weeks so they can have at least some normal proselyting experience. Sister Radin is from the Philippines and will be with us until Jan 19.

Thursday Sister Walker went with me to College Station. We had a very pleasant drive. After inspecting the apartments we met Elders Hiatt & Thomson and their companions for lunch at a restaurant across the street from the Texas A&M campus. It was good to visit with them, they enjoy their work more than being in the office I am sure. After lunch we drove down to Brenam and Waller, both places are out in the sticks, to check apartments there.

Friday I was out checking apartment again. There was one apartment that looked like a laundry hit by a tornado, clothes all over the place. I met with three different apartment managers today. One place had notified us that the rent was going up $50 a month when we sign the new lease. When I walked through the front door the manager said, "Elder Walker how you doing today?" I was surprised he remembered me as I have not had many dealings with him. I told him we would not be signing a new lease if the rent was going to increase that much, in fact most places the rent remains the same or goes down a few dollars. He told me they enjoyed having the "boys" as tenants and that the new rent would be the same as the previous rent. Some times you just have to play hard ball. Another apartment complex is going to move our sisters to a newly refurbished apartment as their old apartment smells of smoke.
Sister Young left to go home this morning. Two of her sons from SLC drove a truck and trailer down to load up her car and drive her back home. We will miss Sister Betty Jo Young a lot. She is a wonderful person.

Saturday morning was just beautiful, cool and warm sun. We got some P-day jobs done and then drove down town. We went to the Natural History Museum to see the iMax movie, Hubble 3D. It was very good. It sure makes us understand better that Heavenly Father has created worlds without number. Hubble can look at parts of space that was previously thought to be void, but it turns out there are billions of galaxies. We went over to visit with the Senior Sisters for a while this evening. Sister Marsh left our place Friday and moved in to Sister B. Young's bedroom.

Sunday we had the missionaries over after church for dinner. It is always good to be with the young elders. The four of them seemed to enjoy what Leona had prepared for them - they can eat a bunch.
If you get the Church News look at the October 16th publication. We know three people in it! On page 6, the picture of the three young adults - Elder Dashdorj just left our mission in August to attend BYU. He was a good missionary and has not seen his family for quite awhile and will not be seeing them for who knows how long. His folks live in Korea and his only sibling, a sister lives in Hong Kong. Picture on page 12 - the tallest white haired man in the back and his wife, she has dark hair, and is standing between two men in the back on the left hand side of the photo. Anyway that couple is from Snowflake, Arizona and they were in the MTC with us and went to Vietnam on a humanitarian mission. They had an interesting story, this was their second mission and they entered the MTC on July 20th. I believe they received their call about June 20th so they had one month to prepare. While visiting with them they were worried about their visa arriving so they could leave on schedule. The day before they were to leave the MTC they were notified that their papers were in order and the visa had been obtained. I just remember this sister, with tears in her eyes saying, the Lord knew what papers we were in need of, miracles really do happen! It was exciting for us to see their picture. What a grand experience they are having I am sure.
Another great week. We are so thankful to be here; what a blessing this is for us.
We love you. Our prayers are with you. Have a wonderful week.
Mom and Dad

Saturday, October 23, 2010

63rd Post Monday Oct 18 - Sunday Oct 24,2010

When we got to the office Monday the Internet was down so we could not get on iMOS (the Church's missionary system). Elder Stringfellow made a few phone calls to Salt Lake and to AT&T. The best guess was the modem was fried so off to BEST BUY we went to find a modem. It took awhile to get the new modem to work, but finally we got the system going. Several missionaries in and out today. The new AP, Elder Galbraith was in and will do well (his grandfather is the new Kyiv Temple Pres). The senior missionaries met this evening at the Sister's apartment for FHE. Elder Stringfellow had the lesson. We reviewed Bishop Edgley's conference talk on faith. We really have a wonderful time together.

Tuesday our day started just after 7 in the office. The van and trailer were about loaded ready to start transfers to College Station and points along the way. One poor sister was late getting to the office and came with all her stuff in the trunk of the car and the back seat, most of which was not packed. It took her about 45 minutes to get loaded up and ready. I play traffic cop during the early part of the morning, trying to keep the mission cars from blocking the drive way and road. Most missionaries just do not think about "abandoning" their cars any place and soon there is a mess. Anyway we got the cars sorted out and the "transfer bus" (van and trailer) on their way. I made the Katy transfer run this afternoon. It is like a boy scout camp out! "Elders do you have your bikes, luggage, backpacks, boxes, etc, loaded and ready???" "Oh yes Elder Walker we are ready". I get to the Bear Creek Church area and the first young Elders after I open the trailer door say "where is my bike?"another says "where is by backpack?" Those who know me well know what "helpful advice" I then provide. Sometimes you just have to laugh. Elder Thomson one of the AP's was transferred to College Station for his last 6 weeks of his mission. We will miss him
Leona and I set up for the departing missionary dinner at the temple cafeteria this evening. After we ate we were visiting with Pres. Hansen when he told us of an interesting experience he had on Saturday. As mentioned in last weeks blog Elder Jensen of the 70 attended the Klein Stake Conference. He asked Pres Hansen to take 25 minutes at the Saturday priesthood leadership meeting. As Pres. Hansen thought about what would be the best thing to review he thought of the simplified Preach My Gospel curriculum, and to have two Elders practice teach the principles for the leadership group. He thought I could have the AP's do it or the Zone Leaders, but instead he called the Klein Zone Leaders and asked them to pray and then call him who they would suggest. They called back the next day with their answer. The two elders they suggested were good missionaries, but were not the dynamic, out going elders, or even the "best teachers". In fact one of them had just returned to the field after being with us in the office for 6 weeks. But Pres Hansen thought I asked for recommendations so I need to take that recommendation and follow up. He called the two elders and told them to meet him at the church 1 hour before the meeting so they could practice teach the practice teaching. At the appointed time the President got a call. The member who was to pick up the elders never did show up - now what?? Well just as the meeting started the elders got there. Pres. Hansen thinking the whole time - here are 250 priesthood leaders and two timid missionaries - this is going to be a "train wreck". When the time was turned to Pres. Hansen he had a few introductory remarks and then ask for two volunteers to be "investigators" for the elders. Two hands in the back shot up and Pres. Hansen said come on down. When the audience saw who one of the volunteers was there was a collective sigh in the group. He came "swaggering" up the aisle, ready to do battle with the Pres Hansen described it. Then as he sat down and when Elder Martin got to the part of Joseph's first vision...."I saw a pillar of light"...... Pres Hansen said there was a feeling of profound reverence and spirit that filled that room like nothing he had experienced before. As the missionaries proceeded to bear their testimonies Pres Hansen said the "investigator" who started out as less than golden had tears running down his cheeks as did the other investigator and about half the audience. When Elder Martin paused and asked "how do you feel" it took the man well over a minute to compose himself enough to respond. The missionaries had taught just the way Elder Kikuchi had taught us 6 weeks ago when he was here. When Elder Jensen stood up after the demonstration, Pres Hansen said, he said, "I have been in hundreds of stake priesthood leadership meetings around the church and never felt the spirit any stronger than he did at that meeting". The young elders had done just what the Lord has asked them to do.....Teach with the spirit. Pres Hansen said those in the meeting were truly taught by the spirit by the weak and simple things of God. We are so blessed to be associated with good missionaries.

Wednesday was Michael's birthday, Happy Birthday to you, we are thankful for you. We had 7 new elders (no sisters this time) arrive today. The office staff does a brief orientation for them about what we do in the office and how we can help. We cooked the bacon this evening for breakfast tomorrow and gathered up all the other stuff we need for in the morning.

Thursday morning we got up just after 5 to get ready and load up the car. We do the breakfast at the mission home for the new elders and their trainers. It is a great thing to watch that whole process as Pres Hansen announces who the new companionships will be. What a neat thing that is. We take pictures of the new elders and Pres & Sister Hansen to send to their parents, also do group shots, clean up, load up and head back to the office. The new companionship's, APs and President and Sister Hansen go to the temple. What a blessing to have the temple right in our mission. I worked on the new photos for the transfer board and photo board. This afternoon the APs asked me to take 2 elders to the Bear Creek Chapel to catch their ride to Sealy which I did. I picked up an elder at Bear Creek and took him up to College Station (this was a last minute change to the transfers earlier in the week). Elder Farnsworth and I had a nice visit all the way to College Station. It sure was dry along the side of the road - we have not had rain for several weeks now. I did not get back to the office until 6pm. We are so blessed to be able to do what we do.
Friday in our staff meeting Pres. Hansen asked us to remember Sister Stringfellow in our prayers. She has had a rough couple of days and nights. She thinks it is her MS that is acting up. Pres Hansen gave her a blessing after the meeting. What a wonderful blessing he gave her. Worked on updating the various spreadsheets with the changed companionship's the rest of the day. Helped the APs with some maps as they do not know their way around this part of Houston very well. The mission GPS was stolen out of the truck last Saturday so maps will have to do for now. We went out with the Senior sisters for dinner this evening. We enjoy being with each other and visiting. Another great day in the mission field.

Saturday we did our shopping, cleaning and just stayed close to home. We walked over and fed the ducks, turtles, fish and the swan. That is always fun.

Sunday we enjoyed our time at church. Its seems I get so much more out of sacrament meeting when I really listen and concentrate on the sacrament prayers and the atonement. We are so blessed to have the fullness of the gospel. Where would we be without it?
Sister Marsh arrived this afternoon. She will replace Sister Young in the office. It turns out the Marsh's were in Saudi Arabia, in Al-Kohbar, the same time we were there. Her husband was on the High Council the same time I was, maybe I will remember him when I see a picture.
We love you all and are thankful for all your support and prayers.
Love Mom & Dad

Sunday, October 17, 2010

62nd Post Monday Oct 11 - Sunday Oct 17, 2010

Another Monday and another wonderful week we get to be full time missionaries. What blessings we enjoy. I ran some errands today, including signing a couple of leases, which should do it for this month. There is always lots of follow up when I sign a lease renewal. There are several spreadsheets that I use for various purposes and so data from the lease is put in several of those spreadsheets. Not so many missionaries came into the office on their P-day, at least not all at the same time. We enjoyed our FHE with the other senior missionaries this evening. Sister P. Young taught the lesson on the Plan of Salvation from Preach My Gospel. We enjoy being together and always have a good discussion.

Tuesday Elder Stringfellow went with me to deliver a package to the South mission. I introduced him to the Dunnings (from American Fork), and the Rogers (from Highland), who are the office couples for their mission. On the way back to our office I dropped Elder Stringfellow off at a car repair shop to pick up one of our mission cars that needed repaired after a deer ran into the side of the car - only about $6000 worth of damage, but the deer paid the ultimate price. When I got back to the office I hooked up the trailer and headed up to Tomball; two Elders were moving from Tomball, back to Magnolia. I took the 4 elders out to lunch following the move which they really enjoy. This evening we had Elders Lindsay, Struthers, Smith and L. Hansen over for supper. They live in the apartment complex next to ours. Their lesson on Abinadi was a good reminder to do what we are asked by the Lord to do regardless of the consequences - He will always bless us in the way we need.

Wednesday Sisters Maylett and Donkin came into the office for some supplies. I arranged to meet them back at their apartment with the desk that I had repaired. They were happy to get it back, but were surprised that I was able to salvage it (the elders had dropped it when we moved last week). Leona went with me and we took the Sisters out to lunch as it was Sister Maylet's birthday. While at their apartment they said their vacuum was broken. So I checked it out, replaced the broken belt and it worked like a charm. They are very good missionaries and we enjoyed our time with them. More office work this afternoon. I also got tired of the yard tool mess in the garage, so I went over to the peanut butter factory construction project, salvaged a 2X6 and mounted it to the garage wall and hung the yard tools up. The days go by so fast, as we stay busy doing our "missionary work".

Thursday I drove down to the apartment complex that we moved sisters out off last week. The lease is not up, so we continue to pay. I met with the apartment manager and talked her into doing a walk through of the apartment (the sisters did a really great job of cleaning out the apartment) and in letting me turn in the keys. Normally they will not do either of those things until the lease is complete, but that is not until Dec. 31. Anyway it worked out better than I expected. The rest of the afternoon was spent getting office supplies, picking up another repaired mission car, printing tabs for new missionary binders and working on photos of missionaries that arrive in February. The weather sure has been nice, with little humidity the highs of 85 are not so bad and the evening are very pleasant.

Friday we had our staff meeting with President and Sister Hansen, the AP's and the office staff. Pres Hansen always brings such a good spirit to our meetings with his words and actions. He talked about being lost and the feelings of fear and anxiety that you have. He talked about the miners in Chile who were rescured this week after being trapped for more than two months. What great reunions they had with loved ones! The whole world has rejoiced with them. He then told us we were on a rescue, bringing the eternal blessings of the gospel to others who are searching. It was a great thought - lots to think about and apply. I believe it was President Monson who stood in a meeting with the Seventy and his talk was simply "Who have you rescued today?" and then sat down. We should always be mindful of others and the examples we are setting of love and service for we are all missionaries.
I drove the Stringfellows and Sister Walker down by the 290 & Beltway 8 area to a Chevy dealer to pick up three new mission cars. I then drove over to an apartment complex that had sent us a "2nd Overdue Notice". As soon as the young apartment manager saw me walk in he said "I knew you would come", but do not worry it was our mistake that the utility bills did not get sent out" (we had not got the 1st overdue notice!). Anyway it is nice to know that they know the church always pays the bills and that they could "bank" on that.
Sisters Billingsley and B. Young wanted to go out to dinner this evening so we took them out to the "Potato Patch". It is a good place for "home cooked" meals and hot rolls. We enjoyed the evening with them.

Saturday we loaded up the van with us, the Stringfellows and Sisters, Billingsley and B. Young and drove down to Traders Village. It has to be one of the biggest "flea markets" in permanent buildings ever. It was fun to see all the people looking for bargains and stuff you just can not live without! I did get a Texas cowboy hat to cover my poor balding head. Then we drove to the El Taqueria Rey for the best fish tacos in town (love that place). Then off to the big farmers market on Airline road. We got a couple of pumpkins for the metal "spider - pumpkin holders" Christine sent us. They look real nice in our apartment. After getting our fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc and all the fun of seeing the various "south of the border" stuff we drove up to the Flying Saucer Pie company. I enjoy the pie place way too much! We enjoyed our day together. I was able to get us from one place to the other without a GPS or looking at the map. I guess I am getting to know my way around (so what are you waiting for - come and visit us).

Sunday the senior missionaries in our apartment complex went to the Klein Stake conference. Elder Marlin K. Jensen of the Seventy was presiding. What a wonderful meeting it was. The stake choir was very good. The 9 year old girl and priest age boy who spoke really did an excellent job. The young girl spoke for several minutes with no notes. Sister Jensen spoke about not judging others. She told about a man who had bought a home near theirs. She said it was a lovely home and he was a paraplegic (wounded in Vietnam). Anyway, she began to judge and say things about him like - why did he need to play his music so loud? Why did he fence his front yard and move his horses to the front yard instead of keeping them in the back? Why was there always alot of people going and coming all the time and they did not look the best? Anyway, time went on and one day as the Jensen family had gathered for a Thanksgiving dinner she received a phone call from the Bishop asking her if she would check on this neighbor because he had no food and needed help. She fixed a plate of dinner and delivered it to him. As she visited with him she asked what he did all day to occupy his time and he explained he loved to listen to music and he hoped that he wasn't disturbing anyone for he loved to hear it throughout his home. He explained how he loved to watch his horses and since he had a better view out the front windows of his home that is why he had put up the fence and moved them to the front. He said that it was hard for him to find and keep good help and some of the people who came to help him didn't look the very best. By the time Sister Jensen left she was humbled by how she had been wrongfully judging her neighbor. It was a reminder for us not to judge others. Elder Jensen told us to be careful to not let our testimonies grow weak, we will need them to be strong. He said there will be those who will try to shake our faith. He said he knows what he knows by 1)observing ("by their fruits ye shall know them), by 2)experiencing (live it and then you will know it - ie word of wisdom, etc), and by 3) knowing (by the Holy Ghost). What a blessing we have to know the truth and the promised blessing that may be ours. The Church is true, I know it is. May we ever be faithful to what we know, by how we act and what we do.
Have a great week. We love you.
Dad and Mom

Sunday, October 10, 2010

61st Post Monday Oct 4 - Sunday Oct 10, 2010

Monday the office was full of missionaries. It seems the past month or so there have been more and more missionaries in the office on their P-day. It was very loud today, even had sisters in the bathroom doing hair. Hard to get a lot done, always someone wanting something. This evening the Thomas' took us out to dinner before our FHE. All the senior missionaries in our apartment complex plus the Thomas got together at our apartment for FHE. Elder Thomas gave the lesson on getting to know the 15 living apostles. It was a fun exercise. It is Jenette's birthday today, 9 years old already. She is sure a sweet girl.

Tuesday I took the truck and trailer down to move Sisters Maylett and Donkin. They had 4 elders and two other sisters there to help. The move went well. We got all their stuff moved over to their new apartment complex. Their new apartment is right below one of our apartments where 3 sisters live. They all seemed real excited. I took all the "movers" to lunch after we finished. They really like that.
Leona received the TriEagle (electricity) bill today. It is a consolidated bill for alot of the apartments in the mission. It was about $6,200. She spent most of the afternoon reviewing and comparing each apt. usage from last month to this month. She then began making phone calls reminding missionaries not to leave lights, fans and AC on when they are not at home. Some do very well but others need to improve. One of our two bedroom apartments' bill has been over $300 the past two months.
It is sewing night so Leona went over to the senior sister's apartment and I stayed home to work on a talk for tomorrow. Pres. Hansen asked me to take 20 minutes in Zone Leaders Council tomorrow. It is Spencer's birthday today - 6 years old! He has been looking forward to his birthday for a long time; lots of cake and ice cream at the Pratt home this week.

Wednesday, I took Leona into work early and I drove on out to the Glen Loch Farms building for Zone Leaders Council. I enjoy being with the missionaries. President Hansen was very complimentary about my remarks as were many of the missionaries. I left during one of the breaks to go back to the office as Leona was there by herself. Another wonderful day to be a full time missionary - how blessed we are. It is Donnie Johnson's birthday today and NOW he is older than I am! We had a nice visit with him and Linda. Good friends are such a blessing!

Thursday morning I updated apartment files. There are several bits of information on several different spreadsheets (leasing info, missionary companionship's, utility info, etc). I am sure there is a better system, but this is the one I inherited, and so far it works for me. I went back to the apartment at lunch time and changed into my "working" cloths. The elders dropped one of the desks during the move on Tuesday and broke it up pretty bad. I reattached the leg panels and reinforced them to the top and to each other. When I got through it was very sturdy and secure. Leona had me go get some contact paper and we put that on the desk top. It turned out well, all things considered. I worked on the desk in the shade of the big oak trees by the mission office garage - very pleasant.

Friday I went to Wal Mart to get more cleaning supplies for the missionaries. Worked on incoming missionaries photos for the tracking sheets, tracking board, and office photo board. Sister Young, the mission president's secretary, goes home in about three weeks and Sister Marsh, from Nebraska, will be coming as her replacement. We look forward to meeting her.
The senior missionaries all went out to dinner this evening - we do like to eat and to visit.

Saturday Elder Costa of the Presidency of the Seventy held a meeting for the missionaries in the three Houston Missions at the Hafer building. We invited the Dunnings and the Rogers from the Houston South Mission to eat lunch with us before the meeting. Elder Rogers had polo as a child, but seemed there were no bad effects in his youth. However the past few years it has returned and he is very bent over and has to walk with a cane. It is hard for him to get around but get around he does to get his mission office work done. He is a real inspiration.

Elder Costa had all the missionaries come up and shake his hand (Elder Gifford Nielson, an Area 70 was also there - yes the BYU quarterback). It was a great experience and wonderful meeting. We got to see Elder Braithwaite, Anna Timothy's son, at the meeting. This evening we had Elders Thomson, Anderson, Sorenson, and Austin over for dinner. Elder Sorenson came out the first transfer after we got to the office and Elder Austin came out the very next transfer. All good missionaries, such a joy to be associated with them.
Today we went to the Westfield Ward. One of our missionaries, Elder Logan Hansen, was speaking and he invited us to attend. He is a great missionary and will be going home next transfer. We will miss him. We get real close to the missionaries and it is hard for us when they leave to return home. The time is passing so quickly, the weeks just fly by.
We are so thankful to be here and we are loving every minute; this is truely a dream come true for us. We have such good neighbors and dear friends who are caring for our home and we are so thankful for their love and service.
Thank you for your prayers and love and support.
We love ya'll. Have a great week,
Dad and Mom

Sunday, October 3, 2010

60th Post Monday Sept. 27 - Sunday Oct. 3, 2010

Monday I spent time following up on possible apartment options for the Gulf Bank sisters who we have moved out of their current apartment. There are just not many choices in their area. All the nice "looking" apartments do not do corporate leases (low income). But not to worry things always work out. We had Elder and Sister Thomas come to our place for dinner this evening as they live down town (employment missionaries). The senior missionaries all got together at the Stringfellow's apartment for FHE. We had a good lesson on the doctrine of Christ as found in 2 Nephi 31 and in Preach my Gospel. We enjoyed a good discussion. It is wonderful to be associated with such good folks.
We woke up this morning to 50 degree temperatures and a very pleasant breeze. I hope we have seen the last of the 90's for awhile.

Tuesday I went apartment inspecting, the last inspections for this transfer cycle. The apartments were in good shape, but I'm sure it had nothing to do with Sister Walker giving the missionaries a phone call. I worked on the paper work for the new apartment we are going to move the sisters into next week. We currently have sister missionaries in the same complex. When I got all the information ready and made a recommendation to President Hansen he discussed the options with me and agreed that we should proceed as recommended. When I called the apartment complex to check on availablity they had an apartment right next the two sisters who are living there now. Things just always work out. Tuesday is sewing night for the sisters so Leona went over to the senior sisters apartment to work on one of her projects.

Wednesday I drove up to the Woodlands to sign a lease renewal with one of our apartment complexes in that area. I spent the rest of the day working on apartment paper work, electrical hook ups, etc. We are so thankful that we can do what we are asked to do. What a blessing to be performing this labor at this time and place.

Thursday morning I took the truck and trailer down to some elders to move them to a new apartment in the same complex. If we have been in the same apartment for a few years I always try to get the managers to "up grade" the apartment or to move us to a new upgraded apartment. The elders were excited to get into a place with clean carpet, freshly painted walls and completely cleaned or new appliances. For some elders cleaning an oven is still one of the kingdoms great mysteries. The missionaries had lined up two other companionship's to help. We have four ASL elders in the area so they came. Three are hearing or partial hearing and one is completely deaf. They worked so well together. The move went well. It was noon when they finished so I asked about their schedules, to which they all replied that they had "lunch" appointments - except one companionship. I had offered to take them all to lunch, but when they said they had appointments I just went to the truck to leave. The one ASL elder (new to the field about two weeks) could see I was about to leave so he came to the window and said is the lunch offer still good if just two of us go? I said of course and off we went to get some lunch. His senior companion is the deaf elder. It was an inspiration to watch them as they"talked" about what to order and how they treated each other. Good missionaries. I got a call this afternoon from a couple of elders in College Station. Their apartment had been broken into between about 1 pm and 3 pm. They had called Pres Hansen and the police. The police were there while they were talking to me. The front door had been broken in and their i pod and CD player were taken. They had also taken one elders temple suitcase, dumped all his temple clothes on the floor, but his recommend was in his bag. Pres Hansen called the temple on that issue. Never a dull moment in the mission field. So thankful the missionaries were not home during the break in and no one was hurt.

We sure had fun during our exercise time this morning. We've been going over to the work out room for the past few weeks. This morning I managed to lock us in and we could not get out. Not many people walking around between 5:30 and 6 AM; we were quite a sight peering out the class window into the dark trying to see someone that might be leaving their apartment. We finally attracted the attention of a woman leaving her apartment on the other side of the swimming pool by banging and tapping our keys against the window. She came and opened the door for us. How do you have a door that can be opened from the outside but not the inside? Anyway the apartment complex put another new door knob on the door today!

Friday we went into the office to attend staff meeting. As we were walking down the hall to the President's office I heard President Hansen ask Leona to give the spiritual thought. I did not dare turn around because I do not like to see terror on her face. But as usual she did a wonderful job. We left to go to the cancer center for my last BCG treatment for this 6 month cycle. Friday night was real tough. I did not sleep at all, up every 10 to 15 minutes. A very long night.

Saturday we watched conference and enjoyed so much what was said. It was hard for me to stay awake or to stay in by the computer. We were invited over to the Stringfellows for dinner with the senior sisters. We had a wonderful dinner and visit together. I thought I had best try to go to the priesthood session, so I took Elder Stringfellow with me. It was a real blessing to be able to sit for two hours. I enjoyed it very much and look forward to reading those wonderful messages next month. President Uchtdorf's message was just for me.

Sunday I feel so much better, sleep is a wonderful thing. Did you enjoy today's sessions of conference? The talks were wonderful and what I needed to here. What came to me however, where the words of the hymns. The music is always good, but for some reason the words struck me as never before.

We love you and are proud of each one of your families ( I can now say the word proud after Pres. Uchtdorf's priesthood talk). Keep up the good work, follow the prophet, and listen for the Spirit in your life.
Love, Mom & Dad