Sunday, October 31, 2010

64th Post Monday Oct 25 - Sun Oct 31, 2010

Can the weeks go by any faster? Monday and a new week already. Today was Sister Marsh's first day in the office. Sister Young will be training her all week. Busy with office duties and missionaries coming and going all day. This evening for FHE we did a BBQ at the office on the back patio. We had burgers and hot dogs, salad, chips, soda, cake and ice cream. Pres & Sister Hansen were there and Sister Marsh's granddaughter, Crystal. It was a bit windy but a very enjoyable evening. We sat out on the lawn just visiting until after dark. What a good group of folks to be associated with.

Tuesday I started the next round of apartment inspections and completed 13 apartments today. There were several of the missionaries that I collect stuff from. Some of which will go in the garage but most will go to the dumpster. We worked at the office until 6 or so this evening. As we were eating supper a loud knock came at the door. I answered the door and it was Sister Peggy Jo Young (employment). She had just had her purse stolen and she was knocked to the ground not 50 paces from our front door. Of course she was very shaken up. The young man was long gone of course. We got her back to her apartment and called the police and I went over and got the apartment security man (who is a Houston police officer). The local officers responded very quickly. It was a blessing Sister Young was not hurt or worse, she did scrape her knee up a bit. We will all be more observant from now on.

Wednesday morning I headed for Conroe, Huntsville and Montgomery to inspect apartments. We have not had rain for weeks and the country side is sure dry. The apartments looked good for the most part. We got a new sister missionary in this afternoon. She is from the SLC Temple Square Mission. Those missionaries (all sisters) are transferred out to the "field" for about 12 weeks so they can have at least some normal proselyting experience. Sister Radin is from the Philippines and will be with us until Jan 19.

Thursday Sister Walker went with me to College Station. We had a very pleasant drive. After inspecting the apartments we met Elders Hiatt & Thomson and their companions for lunch at a restaurant across the street from the Texas A&M campus. It was good to visit with them, they enjoy their work more than being in the office I am sure. After lunch we drove down to Brenam and Waller, both places are out in the sticks, to check apartments there.

Friday I was out checking apartment again. There was one apartment that looked like a laundry hit by a tornado, clothes all over the place. I met with three different apartment managers today. One place had notified us that the rent was going up $50 a month when we sign the new lease. When I walked through the front door the manager said, "Elder Walker how you doing today?" I was surprised he remembered me as I have not had many dealings with him. I told him we would not be signing a new lease if the rent was going to increase that much, in fact most places the rent remains the same or goes down a few dollars. He told me they enjoyed having the "boys" as tenants and that the new rent would be the same as the previous rent. Some times you just have to play hard ball. Another apartment complex is going to move our sisters to a newly refurbished apartment as their old apartment smells of smoke.
Sister Young left to go home this morning. Two of her sons from SLC drove a truck and trailer down to load up her car and drive her back home. We will miss Sister Betty Jo Young a lot. She is a wonderful person.

Saturday morning was just beautiful, cool and warm sun. We got some P-day jobs done and then drove down town. We went to the Natural History Museum to see the iMax movie, Hubble 3D. It was very good. It sure makes us understand better that Heavenly Father has created worlds without number. Hubble can look at parts of space that was previously thought to be void, but it turns out there are billions of galaxies. We went over to visit with the Senior Sisters for a while this evening. Sister Marsh left our place Friday and moved in to Sister B. Young's bedroom.

Sunday we had the missionaries over after church for dinner. It is always good to be with the young elders. The four of them seemed to enjoy what Leona had prepared for them - they can eat a bunch.
If you get the Church News look at the October 16th publication. We know three people in it! On page 6, the picture of the three young adults - Elder Dashdorj just left our mission in August to attend BYU. He was a good missionary and has not seen his family for quite awhile and will not be seeing them for who knows how long. His folks live in Korea and his only sibling, a sister lives in Hong Kong. Picture on page 12 - the tallest white haired man in the back and his wife, she has dark hair, and is standing between two men in the back on the left hand side of the photo. Anyway that couple is from Snowflake, Arizona and they were in the MTC with us and went to Vietnam on a humanitarian mission. They had an interesting story, this was their second mission and they entered the MTC on July 20th. I believe they received their call about June 20th so they had one month to prepare. While visiting with them they were worried about their visa arriving so they could leave on schedule. The day before they were to leave the MTC they were notified that their papers were in order and the visa had been obtained. I just remember this sister, with tears in her eyes saying, the Lord knew what papers we were in need of, miracles really do happen! It was exciting for us to see their picture. What a grand experience they are having I am sure.
Another great week. We are so thankful to be here; what a blessing this is for us.
We love you. Our prayers are with you. Have a wonderful week.
Mom and Dad

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