Sunday, October 10, 2010

61st Post Monday Oct 4 - Sunday Oct 10, 2010

Monday the office was full of missionaries. It seems the past month or so there have been more and more missionaries in the office on their P-day. It was very loud today, even had sisters in the bathroom doing hair. Hard to get a lot done, always someone wanting something. This evening the Thomas' took us out to dinner before our FHE. All the senior missionaries in our apartment complex plus the Thomas got together at our apartment for FHE. Elder Thomas gave the lesson on getting to know the 15 living apostles. It was a fun exercise. It is Jenette's birthday today, 9 years old already. She is sure a sweet girl.

Tuesday I took the truck and trailer down to move Sisters Maylett and Donkin. They had 4 elders and two other sisters there to help. The move went well. We got all their stuff moved over to their new apartment complex. Their new apartment is right below one of our apartments where 3 sisters live. They all seemed real excited. I took all the "movers" to lunch after we finished. They really like that.
Leona received the TriEagle (electricity) bill today. It is a consolidated bill for alot of the apartments in the mission. It was about $6,200. She spent most of the afternoon reviewing and comparing each apt. usage from last month to this month. She then began making phone calls reminding missionaries not to leave lights, fans and AC on when they are not at home. Some do very well but others need to improve. One of our two bedroom apartments' bill has been over $300 the past two months.
It is sewing night so Leona went over to the senior sister's apartment and I stayed home to work on a talk for tomorrow. Pres. Hansen asked me to take 20 minutes in Zone Leaders Council tomorrow. It is Spencer's birthday today - 6 years old! He has been looking forward to his birthday for a long time; lots of cake and ice cream at the Pratt home this week.

Wednesday, I took Leona into work early and I drove on out to the Glen Loch Farms building for Zone Leaders Council. I enjoy being with the missionaries. President Hansen was very complimentary about my remarks as were many of the missionaries. I left during one of the breaks to go back to the office as Leona was there by herself. Another wonderful day to be a full time missionary - how blessed we are. It is Donnie Johnson's birthday today and NOW he is older than I am! We had a nice visit with him and Linda. Good friends are such a blessing!

Thursday morning I updated apartment files. There are several bits of information on several different spreadsheets (leasing info, missionary companionship's, utility info, etc). I am sure there is a better system, but this is the one I inherited, and so far it works for me. I went back to the apartment at lunch time and changed into my "working" cloths. The elders dropped one of the desks during the move on Tuesday and broke it up pretty bad. I reattached the leg panels and reinforced them to the top and to each other. When I got through it was very sturdy and secure. Leona had me go get some contact paper and we put that on the desk top. It turned out well, all things considered. I worked on the desk in the shade of the big oak trees by the mission office garage - very pleasant.

Friday I went to Wal Mart to get more cleaning supplies for the missionaries. Worked on incoming missionaries photos for the tracking sheets, tracking board, and office photo board. Sister Young, the mission president's secretary, goes home in about three weeks and Sister Marsh, from Nebraska, will be coming as her replacement. We look forward to meeting her.
The senior missionaries all went out to dinner this evening - we do like to eat and to visit.

Saturday Elder Costa of the Presidency of the Seventy held a meeting for the missionaries in the three Houston Missions at the Hafer building. We invited the Dunnings and the Rogers from the Houston South Mission to eat lunch with us before the meeting. Elder Rogers had polo as a child, but seemed there were no bad effects in his youth. However the past few years it has returned and he is very bent over and has to walk with a cane. It is hard for him to get around but get around he does to get his mission office work done. He is a real inspiration.

Elder Costa had all the missionaries come up and shake his hand (Elder Gifford Nielson, an Area 70 was also there - yes the BYU quarterback). It was a great experience and wonderful meeting. We got to see Elder Braithwaite, Anna Timothy's son, at the meeting. This evening we had Elders Thomson, Anderson, Sorenson, and Austin over for dinner. Elder Sorenson came out the first transfer after we got to the office and Elder Austin came out the very next transfer. All good missionaries, such a joy to be associated with them.
Today we went to the Westfield Ward. One of our missionaries, Elder Logan Hansen, was speaking and he invited us to attend. He is a great missionary and will be going home next transfer. We will miss him. We get real close to the missionaries and it is hard for us when they leave to return home. The time is passing so quickly, the weeks just fly by.
We are so thankful to be here and we are loving every minute; this is truely a dream come true for us. We have such good neighbors and dear friends who are caring for our home and we are so thankful for their love and service.
Thank you for your prayers and love and support.
We love ya'll. Have a great week,
Dad and Mom

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DJW said...

Uncle Steven and Aunt Leona,

We are enjoying your blog. Our new ward we are attending has an Elder serving in Houston--his name is Marc Stone. We don't know him since we are brand new in our ward, but noticed it on our flyer. Your blog is really interesting and we gather that you work out of the mission office doing a lot of logistic work with the missionaries. Very neat!

Best to you,

Darin and Diane and Sons