Sunday, August 29, 2010

55th Post Mon Aug 23 - Sunday Aug 29, 2010

Monday morning I had an appointment with the dermatologist. He "froze" 4 or 5 spots on my face and ear, but no cutting this time. He said to come back in 3 months, then another 3 months and then every 6 months for four years. I guess it is just a matter of seeing if the remaining spots change over time. Anyway I thought that was good news moving forward. We got back to the office after lunch time. I ran some errands and worked on the some paper work and photos that Sister Hansen requested.

It was a typical P-day Monday, with lots of missionaries and noise. They like to hang out together and usually play basketball or soccer after lunch - we love them all.

It is Camille's birthday today, seven years old already! They called this evening and we were able to sing Happy Birthday and watch Camille blow out her candles! Modern technology is great, it is such a blessing for us to be able to see and visit with our grandchildren and children.

Tuesday I drove up to Huntsville, about 1 hour north on I-45, to get the elders moved into their new apartment. The apartment complex folks were suppose to be ready at noon but they still had not installed the new carpet. We did get the paper work completed, then I took the 4 elders to lunch while we waited. A member from the Huntsville ward who has a big trailer met us to help move the missionaries. We went to their old place and loaded up the trailer and drove back to the new apartment. They had installed the carpet but were cleaning and changing the door on the new refrigerator and installing the new stove. The apartment manager came by and was very apologetic for the delay. I had my "you have to take care of this new apartment" talk with the elders and then left to come back to the office. They did get all moved in and settled this afternoon. I helped Elder Stringfellow load up the truck for Zone Conference tomorrow.

When Steven got back from Huntsville the APs were working on folders with nice covers for zone conference schedules and outlines. Steven was teasing them and saying "this is President Hansen's and Elder Kikuchi's name is on this one - I wonder where Elder Walker's is?" A little while later the AP's, Elder Hiatt and Elder Thomson, went to Steven with smiles on their faces and handed him a folder they had put together with his name on it! They are great. I hope and pray our granddaughters marry someone just like those two elders. Another busy but wonderful day to be a missionary.

Wednesday we had a very wonderful morning with Elder Kikuchi of the Seventy. The meeting was scheduled to start at 10, we started at 9:25. He talked about the simplified curriculum, the doctrine of Christ, the role of the Holy Ghost in conversion, the process of revelation through: prayer, the Book of Mormon, and church attendance. He taught us how these things must be followed by not only full time missionaries but also when we go home, by the families of the church, and by individuals, if we are to live with Heavenly Father.

He talked about a "sacred grove" of our own. Not going out to the trees or expecting to see a vision, but that every morning we should pray, even pour out our hearts to our Father. Read and ponder the Book of Mormon. He promised the missionaries, as one of Christ's witnesses, if we would follow the counsel he gave, our lives would be changed. It is not just about a testimony, but more about the change that must come over us. We must have His countenance upon us and become new creatures in Him. He taught so many wonderful things, and with such a strong spirit. When he bore his testimony or spoke of very scared things it was so very reverent in the room, what a wonderful experience. This evening all the senior missionaries had dinner at the mission home with the Hansen's and the Kikuchi's. Just a really wonderful day.

Thursday we drove up to College Station for that Zone Conference. Elder Kikuchi taught many of the same things, with no notes and with the Spirit guiding him there was much new to hear. He taught us how to teach the First Vision in a very powerful way. He asked Leona and I to come up front and sit and then had a sister 3'some come up and teach the First Vision as he had taught it. The Spirit was so strong even though we all had heard this scared story many times before. It is a rare thing to have that many people so reverent and so in tune and the Spirit so strong. What an experience. He talked about tithing for the young missionaries. They of course are not earning money right now but their tithing is 100% obedience.

Sister Kikuchi spoke yesterday and again today for just about five minutes. She told five things that we should do: love the people, be humble (when we are humble we are in the hands of God), work hard, read the scriptures (especially the Book of Mormon), and pray. She is a very sweet lady and her English is good. We noticed that when she and Elder Kikuchi spoke to each other at lunch, etc they spoke in their native tongue - Japanese.

Elder Kikuchi also taught an interesting concept. He said think of the morning time as like the resurrection (renewal, beginning, etc). He said that our real resurrection and kingdom of glory will very much depend on what we do during the mornings of our lives. What do we spend our time doing? Do we spend time reading and preparing ourselves for the day? I asked him after the meeting if this concept was for all members or just mostly the full time missionaries. He said very emphatically that it was for all members, even though most members do not have "hours" in the morning to study, we all must make some time for study. Again we were so blessed to be missionaries this day.

Elena's birthday today and it is hard to believe that she is five years old! Again, we were able to sing Happy Birthday and watch her blow out her birthday candles. What a girl! We are thankful for her.

Friday we enjoyed another wonder day of learning. Elder and Sister Kikuchi had a 3:45 pm flight to catch to a Stake Conference in east Texas/west Louisiana. His time in this Zone Conference was limited but still taught with such power. He did teach this Zone how to tell the First Vision story. The elders he picked to do that did a most marvelous job, with the very minimum of instruction. In fact Elder Kikuchi said a couple of times they did as good as he has ever seen it done in all the missions he has visited. He paid them a very high compliment. They really did do a tremendous job and again we all just really felt the Spirit so strong, even though some of us knew what was coming. As the time went by (way to quickly) President Hansen stepped out of the meeting with me and said Elder Kikuchi wants you and Sister Walker to drive them to the airport so the Hansen's could stay for a while longer to practice and teach with the missionaries. He asked if I knew the way to the airport which I did and that I should take his van. The Kikuchi's itinerary did not have the departing terminal listed so I hurried over to the office to look up the information. When I put in their flight number the computer said "no such flight" for Continental. I tried to call the airlines but could not get through to a person. By now I was getting a bit nervous, so I called SLC and asked to speak to the travel department and then to someone who would know the Kikuchi's travel arrangements. A very nice sister come on the phone and we got the problem solved. She provided all the personal information I needed to print boarding passes. I went back to the church just about the same time Elder Kikuchi was finishing up. Again he blessed the missionaries and made marvelous promises on behalf of the Lord if we were all obedient. We enjoyed visiting with the Kikuchi's on our way to the airport. It turns out he knows Sid and Joyce Henderson very well as he stayed with them several times when Sid was mission president. They also knew the Polcocks for the same reason. Another wonderful day to be a full time missionary.

Saturday we got our P-day stuff done and then visited the National Museum of Funeral History! It is close by and was rather interesting with lots of memorabilia from famous people's funerals including some US Presidents. In the evening we went to dinner with the other senior missionaries at Rudy's BBQ not far from here. A fun evening talking and just enjoying each others company.

Sunday the talks in sacrament meeting were about the family, home, and the Proclamation. The talks were all very good, really made me want to improve my life. We love each of you and thankful that we are an eternal family. We are thankful for your goodness and the good parents that you are and how you are loving and teaching our grandchildren by your example! We enjoy going to church in our ward here in Texas.

We hope ya'll have a good week. Be safe, be good, and be happy. We love you.
Living our dream,
Mom and Dad

Sunday, August 22, 2010

54th Post Monday Aug 16 - Sunday Aug 22, 2010

Monday and the start of another wonderful week. I went shopping this morning for apartment supplies for the missionaries. The mission provides cleaning stuff for the young missionaries, like Comet, carpet cleaner, brooms, garbage cans, 409, Windex, etc. I also spent time going through the "key box", where all the keys for the apartments are kept. I suppose no one has done that for a very long time. There were so many keys to apartments that we no longer have and duplicates. Lots of missionaries in the office today. Leona had some chocolate-mint ice cream desert and fudge brownies for them and of course that was all gone real quick. The missionaries like to come into the office to check for mail, get supplies and look for something to eat (which we normally have). I was reading in the book of Ether today about the 3 witness that would be allowed to see the record and how the brother of Jared's writings were not to be translated (sealed) until, as Moroni says, the people have faith like unto the brother of Jared. It just struck me how Moroni was really talking directly to Joseph Smith and how that must have been for the prophet Joseph. The Book of Mormon is true - I know that.
It rained a bit this afternoon and the storm cooled the air a bit but it is so humid I am not sure it feels any better after a storm or not!

Tuesday I worked on the new missionary binders for the ASL missionaries that arrive next month. Also ran out to Waller to take an overnight package containing medication to one of the elders. President Hansen asked someone in the office to "consolidate" data for Elder Kikuchi's visit next week, so we worked on that. Just when we think we are about "caught up" there is more to do - and we love it. It was very hot and humid today! At 5:30am when we went outside to exercise a little it was already 87 degrees

Wednesday we worked on paper work all day (apartments, tax status, phone calls, etc). We took Elder Martin to Alwadi's Mediterranean place for lunch. I'm not sure if the chicken shwarma was his favorite or not, but we sure enjoyed it. This evening we went to the temple. What a blessing to be so close and to sit and not feel rushed.

Thursday I drove down to Katy to turn in the keys to an apartment we moved out off a few months ago (we were obligated to pay rent to the end of the lease). I also worked on our map system where we have the apartment locations plotted. Leona took the crock pot and fixed meatball sandwiches for the missionaries. We got some rolls and cookies at Sam's Club, so the missionaries who were in the office today got a real treat. Some of the missionaries were talking about apartments and about getting new carpet, paint, etc when we renew the lease. I told them that it was not only for them, that we fixed up the apartments, but also for those who come after them. Then one of the elders started to say, "they built houses and planted crops that they would never use", speaking of the first pioneers at Winter Quarters. He then said that is what Elder Walker taught us last Zone Conference - that was the most spiritual talk about apartments I have ever heard". I was a bit taken back that he would remember and even more could quote much of what I had said. He said that he had used that analogy, I had taught many times in his teaching since that Zone Conference. I thanked him for his kind words - it really made my day.

Friday we had our staff meeting with President and Sister Hansen. It was very good as usual. President Hansen told us about a young man who has desired to be baptized and has attended church and even paid his tithing for the past two years. Because of something that he did in the past he needed to turn himself into the police. Last Sunday as President Hansen was seated on the stand at the Katy Stake Conference he noticed this investigator in the audience. President Hansen leaned over to the temple president, who was seated next to him, and said that there was a good man who was going to jail and really needed a good lawyer. President Bradshaw (temple president) said "I'll help him". He is a defense attorney and also two of his sons are lawyers and have a practice together. Well, the investigator turned himself in Monday morning and spent one night in jail but walked out a free man with no probation or fines. He has a baptism date in a few weeks! When he called to tell President Hansen of the miracle lawyer who came to his aide he said, "I probably should of spent one more night in jail because there is a man there that is interested in the gospel!" It is so wonderful how Heavenly Father places people in situations where than can help and serve others who desperately need their help. The church is true.
Today I contacted the two new senior couples that are coming to the mission. They are excited to get here. Both couples will be in Huntsville, one as the CES couple and one as member support and leadership.
This evening we went to dinner with the senior sisters and Elder and Sister Stringfellow. We sat and visited at the restaurant for quite a while. We enjoy our time with the other seniors.

Saturday we cleaned the apartment and went shopping. This evening we were all invited over to the Stringfellows for dinner. We enjoy visiting and being together no matter how often. And because we are seniors we can tell the same stories and not remember.

Today at church there was a good feeling during the sacrament. It was not so much that everyone was quiet but maybe because I was more in tune. What blessing the atonement is in our lives. We are so blessed to be members of this church.
We wish ya'll a great week. We love you and miss you and we are proud of you and all you are doing.
Love, Dad and Mom

Sunday, August 15, 2010

53rd Post Monday Aug. 9 - Sunday Aug. 15, 2010

I have prayed often this past few days that we might find an appropriate apartment for the missionaries in Huntsville (we have to move out of the members place by Sept. 1). All the way up to Huntsville this morning I had a prayer in my heart that I would find a place. I had given the missionaries the name of a couple of places to drive past and just make sure they were in their "area". The missionaries had given me their first and second choices. I thought. maybe I should go to their second choice first as I thought that apartment might be a little larger and provide more room for the foursome (the outside appearance was not as modern looking). As I talked to the person at the reception desk she was having a bit of a hard time with the idea of a corporate lease and "missionaries" moving in and out frequently, etc. After a while the manager stepped out of her office and came over to the desk to help the lady fill out the forms we were working on. She then looked at me and said, "I am Lesa and I am a member of the church and attend the Conroe 1st ward and do not worry we will take care of the paper work and make this all happen". I thought this is it, we have found the place that the Elders can move into. I had a very strong feeling of thankfulness and gratitude to our Father in Heaven for his help in this part of his work, even the small "physical stuff" - what a blessing. The procedure is to leave your drivers licence with the apartment office while you go look at the apartment itself. Well. with all the paper work and needing to get back to the mission office I drove off without my drivers licence. It was not until they called me (just a couple of miles from home) that I realized I had forgotten my licence. After doing a few things in the office I decided I had best go back up to Huntsville to get my licence. I walked over to the employment office to see if Elder Thomas wanted to ride up with me. He thanked me for the invitation as he needed a "break" real bad. We had a delightful ride up and back (about 1 hour each way).
Leona had gone back to our apartment at lunch and put a pot of soup on and we invited Elder and Sister Stringfellow over for supper. They took Chesnuts place in the office and arrived at about 4 pm today. They are very nice people and we look forward to working with them.

Tuesday I drove out to Katy and Sealy to inspect apartments. We just moved into the newly renovated apartment in Sealy. As I talked to the Elders (foursome) I asked if there were any problems or issues with the apartment. They talked about a couple of items and then one elder said that one of the light switches was hot. I felt it and sure enough it was real hot. I asked if they had contacted the manager. They had called but only got the answering machine, which is the same experience I have had the past several days trying to contact the apartment manager. I told them to keep trying and to watch the switch. Well, I started for the door and thought you can not leave this apartment with that issue, so I turned around and asked for a screw driver, turned the power off and took the switch cover plate off. The switch and the hot wire to the switch were completely burned up and crumbled to "dust" as I pulled the switch out of the wall. Down to the hardware store I went for a new switch, piece of wire, and wire nuts. The elders seemed very interested in my "electrical wiring" skill - and asked if I was an electrician - no just a home owner - you learn a lot as a home owner, I told them.
We had Elders Hiatt, Haws and Elder Martin over for dinner this evening. They are sure good missionaries. We enjoy our association with them. Elder Martin is training the Stringfellows in their office responsibilities for the next week or so (the Chesnuts trained Elder Martin as a "fill in" until the Stringfellows arrived).

Wednesday I completed the apartment inspections for this transfer period. The apartments really looked good. It might have had something to do with the fact that I let it slip out each morning to the AP's where I was going that day - word can travel very fast among missionaries. We had one of those - "I never want that to happen again" experiences today. I had taken the car in for some work and went to pay for it, but our credit card would not work. The man ran the card a few times, but still not approved. I called the credit card company and they advised me the card was on hold, that someone in China had used our card to make a purchase this morning. They tried to make several other purchases but the card company caught it and would not approve the additional attempts. Well, the long and the short is Chase cancelled the card at our request and we will get new cards soon. What a scary deal!!!

Thursday, Leona rode with me up to Tomball and Magnolia to deliver some some book cases to the missionaries. The sisters in Tomball were so excited to see Sister Walker and that she had actually come to their apartment. We love the missionaries, they are so faithful and obedient.

Little Braydon is not so little, he turned one year old today! Luke started kindergarten today! The time passes so quickly, our grandchildren are growing up way too fast!

Friday we spent the day in the office and running errands. Elder and Sister Stringfellow are really picking up their duties quickly. They are both very computer literate; in fact, Elder Stringfellow is a computer programmer by training and experience. Our staff meeting with the Pres & Sister Hansen is always a wonderful experience. They are so positive and just full of the Spirit. We love being around them. Pres Hansen called on Leona to give our spiritual thought which she did without "blinking an eye" (she did not pass out) and did a wonderful job. The senior sisters, the Stringfellows and Leona and I all went to dinner this evening over to the Potato Patch. I think that is Sister Young's favorite place.

Saturday I got up early and washed the car (boy did it need it) and Leona cleaned the apartment. We fixed dinner for the senior missionaries here in the apartment complex. We had a great dinner and a good visit together. What a blessing to be associated with such good, dedicated folks.

Sunday we (senior missionaries) went to the Katy Stake Conference. We all rode together in the mission van. Elder Bednar was the visiting authority. We got down to the stake center in time for the new member and investigator meeting at 8:30am and then the 10am session. What a wonderful experience to listen and to feel Elder Bednar's powerful testimony. The choir sang "Beautiful Savior" the arrangement was wonderful and the music was beautiful, it surely set the tone for the meeting. Elder Bednar reminded us that we needed more than just a testimony, our actions needed to emulate our testimony.
He told a story about his friend who bought a pickup and drove to the mountain to cut firewood. When he arrived and drove off the road to cut firewood the truck got stuck. He thought no problem I will put it four-wheel drive but it did not help, only made it worse. He thought, well I am here so I might as well cut firewood. He did and loaded the truck and then he tried one last time to drive out and he was able to do so. The difference was the "load". The load helped him get "unstuck". He cautioned us to make sure the load we are each hauling is the right load. Get rid of the "stuff" that provides no "spiritual traction".
It is an exciting day for Christopher. He travels to school today and starts classes at the Northwest Missouri State University tomorrow. We are proud of him and pray for his safety and happiness. He is a fine young man and will be a great leader and friend to the many new teachers and students he will meet.

We are so thankful to be here and all of the missionaries we are serving with. We are loving every minute of our mission! We are so blest! Our prayers are with you. We love ya'll so very much!
Dad and Mom

Sunday, August 8, 2010

52nd Post Mon Aug. 2 - Sunday Aug. 8, 2010

Another wonderful week in the mission field. Monday I finished updating all the apartment spreadsheets, including the inspection forms with the new companionship's. Also printed tracking board photos for all the senior missionaries including the new couples yet to arrive. The missionaries have to move out of the members home in Huntsville so I made several phone calls to apartment complexes in the Huntsville area looking for a place. We had the senior missionaries over for dinner this evening so we could all get to know the new Sister Young better. We spent a wonderful evening together visiting. They are all very faithful folks and a great example for us. We arrived in Houston a year ago today, the year has gone by quickly!

Tuesday I ran out to LMC, which is a car repair shop that does a lot of work for the mission. The Magnolia Elders had to bring their car in for some body work, so I drove them back to their apartment. It was about lunch time before I was able to start inspecting apartments again. I got back to the office about 5 pm. There were a few "bed bug problems", but I have a good supply of Permithlin, which does a good job IF the elders will follow the instructions.

Wednesday I drove up to Montgomery, Conroe and the Woodlands inspecting apartments and ran a few errands. Also still looking for a suitable place in Huntsville to house the 4 elders there. Sam Houston State College is in Huntsville so there are lots of apartments but not all of them would be the OK to put missionaries in. As we were ready to leave the office Elder Martin got a call from the AP's that their car would not start at a teaching appointment not far from the office. Leona followed Elder Martin and I in our car and we left the mission truck with the elders to get around in this evening. The Chevy dealer will come and pick up the car as it is new (just a few months old). Elder Chesnut told me before he left that they have had lots of electrical problems with these new Malibu's. The days go by so fast we can not keep up.

Thursday I drove up I-45 on my way to College Station, and got stuck in a traffic jam. Oh well, that is the way it is in this area. I always enjoy driving to College Station, as once out of the "city" the country side is really nice. There are lots of big ranches and wide open spaces. On the way home I stopped in Waller and Brenham to check the apartments in those towns. I told the AP's last night where I was going next and hinted that if the missionaries knew Elder Walker was coming to do apartment inspections that would be OK. Well, all the apartments were really very well cleaned up and ready - amazing how that works. I tipped the AP's off as to where I would be tomorrow! Leona wanted to go over to the apartment that the Stringfellows will move into next week to do a bit of cleaning and to put some kitchen stuff away. We spent a little time there this evening.

Friday in our staff meeting Pres. Hansen asked me to give a spiritual thought. I had been thinking of 2 Cor. 4: 8-9; we may have troubles and persecutions, etc but as Paul says we will not be be "destroyed or overcome" with the worries of the day - all because of Jesus Christ. Pres. Hansen thanked me for that scripture and insight. He said, "that is an anwer to my prayer and I will leave it at that". He has so many things on his plate. Today was another apartment inspection day. Again all the apartments were in very good shape except one (they did not get the heads up). The senior sisters wanted to go out to dinner this evening so we went over to the Red Lobster. We all loaded in our car as it is just down the road from the apartment. It is fun to visit with the sisters. The new Sister Young is a real fun person with lots of energy.

Saturday I went out to go get my hair cut and the car would not start, the battery was dead. We called AAA and they sent the tech out. He tested the battery once we jumped it and got the car going and told me the battery should be fine for another year or so. We did do our shopping and running around and the car started fine. We went back out this evening and the car just about did not start. We drove straight down to NTB and got a new battery installed. I hope that solves the problem.

Today (Sunday) the young man that was baptized last week was comfirmed. The father of his girl friend sure gave him a wonderful blessing. The Gift of the Holy Ghost is a priceless gift that each of us as members of the church have. It was a blessing to witness that ordinance and to feel the Spirit.
There was a long distance truck driver at church today from Utah. He had walked most of the way to church from the truck stop on I-45 which is about a mile or so from the church. We gave him a ride back after the meetings. It is so hot today!! They held Stake Priesthood meeting this evening at the Hafer Building.

Another wonder week here in Texas. We are well and enjoying our mission very much. It is truly a great blessing for us to be here. We are thankful for family and friends for their love and support. Our children and grandchildren are wonderful, they are the best!
We love ya'll,
Dad and Mom

Sunday, August 1, 2010

51st Post Monday July 26 - Sunday Aug 1, 2010

Monday I put the last of Sister Lish's stuff in a box and UPS'ed it to her today. Also ran a few errands, made some file labels for Sister Young, and put things in order for transfers tomorrow. Lots of missionaries in and out of the office today. It is always fun to visit with them. This evening we put a pot of soup on and had the Chesnuts over for dinner. After we cleaned up we went out shopping for snacks for the missionaries involved in transfers.

Tuesday was a busy day. We got into the office earlier than usual to set out snacks for the missionaries going and coming. I took 3 elders up to Conroe and their belongings in the truck. Then picked up more elders in Conroe and dropped some off at the Glen Loch building in the Woodlands and returned to the office with a couple of missionaries that will be going home tomorrow. There are 12 missionaries going home so the office gets real "busy". We have a scale that we hang from the garage so they can weigh their luggage and not have to pay over weight charges. Well, the scale broke so I spent a couple of hours trying to find a replacement. Finally found one down south of the I-610 North Loop. Lots of running around. Leona & I went over to the departing missionaries testimony meeting at the Hafer building. It is very sad to see the Chesnuts go. We have grown to love and appreciate their great service so much. We worked in the office for a while this afternoon then off to the temple to set up the catered diner for the departing missionaries. We cleaned up and took the warmer back to Sister Tamayo's home. By the time we got back home we were tired. What a wonderful day we had with the missionaries.

Wednesday was another very full day. The departing missionaries come in for a while in the morning before they all load up to go to the airport. The incoming missionaries were delayed about one hour so they thought they were starving to death by the time they got to the office. They actually might have been as they eat early early at the MTC and then they get to the office about 4pm or so. We had some light snack stuff for them and then start our orientation while Pres. Hansen interviews each one. As we greet the new missionaries we try to have memorized their names according to the pictures we receive. Well, we were doing fine until one elder came in that we had not seen before at least not with the July bunch. Turns out the MTC just sent him early to the field without telling SLC or us. We did a bit of scrambling behind the scenes to make sure he received a mission guide book, etc. Pres Hansen and the AP's had to huddle up real quick to get a companion lined up for him etc. After the orientation and interviews they all went over to the Hafer building for dinner. Sisters Young and Billingsley were responsible for that. We finally left the office about 6 pm and went home to cook 6 pounds of bacon, make some home made syrup and get ready for breakfast tomorrow. Jake (Elder Whittaker), his fiancee and his younger brother spent Tuesday and Wednesday night with us as they are on their way back to school in Virginia (he went home last transfer and is all ready engaged!). A long, but great day to be a missionary.

Thursday we were up early, gathered up our stuff and were up to the mission home before 7 AM. The Chesnuts were there to show us the breakfast routine. We put the bacon and sausage in the over to warm up, mixed up the french toast mix and started to turn 6 loaves of bread into french toast. The new sisters spent the night with the Hansen's so they are there, and then the new elders and all the missionaries who will be "new missionary" trainers come. We had about 34 for breakfast so it is fast and furious. Right after they eat we go outside and take pictures of Pres & Sister Hansen with each new missionary to send home to their parents. Then I take a group shot of all the new missionaries and the Hansens and then the same group with their new companions. It is real fun to see their reaction to their first companions. The President reads each new companionship just before we take pictures. That whole group then leaves to attend the 10 AM session at the temple and then out to their areas. We clean up and head back to the office. On the way we stop to get copies made of the pictures to mail to the parents. Back to the office to get the pictures and letters ready to mail, etc. We spent the rest of the day doing all the letters that go out to bishops, stake presidents, parents, and missionaries associated with transfers. Also worked on the new photos for the transfer board. I drove two missionaries up to Conroe this afternoon with their belongings. What a day.

Friday was a sad day for us. We moved the last of the furniture out of Chesnuts apartment and into the new apartment for the Stringfellows. Elder and Sister Chesnut came by the office just before they left town to say good bye. Lots of tears at their departure, we will miss them. I drove down to the apartment complex that wanted us to pay for the criminal background checks of the missionaries living there and any new ones in the future. I had refused to agree with that so they sent it to their corporate office and they agreed that if they do criminal background check they would pay for it. Anyway we were able to get the lease signed today. The apartment manager was not very happy that she had to back off her original position, which I can not blame her - her ego was hurt. She then wanted the social security numbers for the missionaries to which I had to explain that they have drivers licences and they can have copies of those, but the church is responsible for all the missionaries finances so the manager did not need SS numbers. The manager replied, "well OK you apparently are the Boss". What a day.

Saturday we went shopping up to the book store by the temple and then drove to a couple of fabric stores - WOW that was fun. Sister Lish's replacement came in this afternoon. Her name is Sister Young (Peggy Jo Young) and the office Sister Young is Betty Jo Young. Thank goodness one is in our office and one is in the employment office - 2 Sister Youngs. We went out to dinner with the senior sisters and Sister Young's daughter. I am sure the new Sister Young will fit right in at the employment office.

Sunday we enjoyed good testimonies in sacrament meeting. We started going to the Gospel Essentials class during Sunday School time. Elder Martin taught the class and did a good job. These young missionaries are so good. The elders have a baptism this evening, a nice young man in his mid to late 20's. We love the sabbath day.

We hope you have a good week. Thank you for your prayers. You are each in our prayers and thoughts always. We love you and so thankful for you.
Love, Dad and Mom