Sunday, August 1, 2010

51st Post Monday July 26 - Sunday Aug 1, 2010

Monday I put the last of Sister Lish's stuff in a box and UPS'ed it to her today. Also ran a few errands, made some file labels for Sister Young, and put things in order for transfers tomorrow. Lots of missionaries in and out of the office today. It is always fun to visit with them. This evening we put a pot of soup on and had the Chesnuts over for dinner. After we cleaned up we went out shopping for snacks for the missionaries involved in transfers.

Tuesday was a busy day. We got into the office earlier than usual to set out snacks for the missionaries going and coming. I took 3 elders up to Conroe and their belongings in the truck. Then picked up more elders in Conroe and dropped some off at the Glen Loch building in the Woodlands and returned to the office with a couple of missionaries that will be going home tomorrow. There are 12 missionaries going home so the office gets real "busy". We have a scale that we hang from the garage so they can weigh their luggage and not have to pay over weight charges. Well, the scale broke so I spent a couple of hours trying to find a replacement. Finally found one down south of the I-610 North Loop. Lots of running around. Leona & I went over to the departing missionaries testimony meeting at the Hafer building. It is very sad to see the Chesnuts go. We have grown to love and appreciate their great service so much. We worked in the office for a while this afternoon then off to the temple to set up the catered diner for the departing missionaries. We cleaned up and took the warmer back to Sister Tamayo's home. By the time we got back home we were tired. What a wonderful day we had with the missionaries.

Wednesday was another very full day. The departing missionaries come in for a while in the morning before they all load up to go to the airport. The incoming missionaries were delayed about one hour so they thought they were starving to death by the time they got to the office. They actually might have been as they eat early early at the MTC and then they get to the office about 4pm or so. We had some light snack stuff for them and then start our orientation while Pres. Hansen interviews each one. As we greet the new missionaries we try to have memorized their names according to the pictures we receive. Well, we were doing fine until one elder came in that we had not seen before at least not with the July bunch. Turns out the MTC just sent him early to the field without telling SLC or us. We did a bit of scrambling behind the scenes to make sure he received a mission guide book, etc. Pres Hansen and the AP's had to huddle up real quick to get a companion lined up for him etc. After the orientation and interviews they all went over to the Hafer building for dinner. Sisters Young and Billingsley were responsible for that. We finally left the office about 6 pm and went home to cook 6 pounds of bacon, make some home made syrup and get ready for breakfast tomorrow. Jake (Elder Whittaker), his fiancee and his younger brother spent Tuesday and Wednesday night with us as they are on their way back to school in Virginia (he went home last transfer and is all ready engaged!). A long, but great day to be a missionary.

Thursday we were up early, gathered up our stuff and were up to the mission home before 7 AM. The Chesnuts were there to show us the breakfast routine. We put the bacon and sausage in the over to warm up, mixed up the french toast mix and started to turn 6 loaves of bread into french toast. The new sisters spent the night with the Hansen's so they are there, and then the new elders and all the missionaries who will be "new missionary" trainers come. We had about 34 for breakfast so it is fast and furious. Right after they eat we go outside and take pictures of Pres & Sister Hansen with each new missionary to send home to their parents. Then I take a group shot of all the new missionaries and the Hansens and then the same group with their new companions. It is real fun to see their reaction to their first companions. The President reads each new companionship just before we take pictures. That whole group then leaves to attend the 10 AM session at the temple and then out to their areas. We clean up and head back to the office. On the way we stop to get copies made of the pictures to mail to the parents. Back to the office to get the pictures and letters ready to mail, etc. We spent the rest of the day doing all the letters that go out to bishops, stake presidents, parents, and missionaries associated with transfers. Also worked on the new photos for the transfer board. I drove two missionaries up to Conroe this afternoon with their belongings. What a day.

Friday was a sad day for us. We moved the last of the furniture out of Chesnuts apartment and into the new apartment for the Stringfellows. Elder and Sister Chesnut came by the office just before they left town to say good bye. Lots of tears at their departure, we will miss them. I drove down to the apartment complex that wanted us to pay for the criminal background checks of the missionaries living there and any new ones in the future. I had refused to agree with that so they sent it to their corporate office and they agreed that if they do criminal background check they would pay for it. Anyway we were able to get the lease signed today. The apartment manager was not very happy that she had to back off her original position, which I can not blame her - her ego was hurt. She then wanted the social security numbers for the missionaries to which I had to explain that they have drivers licences and they can have copies of those, but the church is responsible for all the missionaries finances so the manager did not need SS numbers. The manager replied, "well OK you apparently are the Boss". What a day.

Saturday we went shopping up to the book store by the temple and then drove to a couple of fabric stores - WOW that was fun. Sister Lish's replacement came in this afternoon. Her name is Sister Young (Peggy Jo Young) and the office Sister Young is Betty Jo Young. Thank goodness one is in our office and one is in the employment office - 2 Sister Youngs. We went out to dinner with the senior sisters and Sister Young's daughter. I am sure the new Sister Young will fit right in at the employment office.

Sunday we enjoyed good testimonies in sacrament meeting. We started going to the Gospel Essentials class during Sunday School time. Elder Martin taught the class and did a good job. These young missionaries are so good. The elders have a baptism this evening, a nice young man in his mid to late 20's. We love the sabbath day.

We hope you have a good week. Thank you for your prayers. You are each in our prayers and thoughts always. We love you and so thankful for you.
Love, Dad and Mom

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