Sunday, July 25, 2010

50th Post July 19th - July 25, 2010

Monday and the start of another week in the Houston Texas Mission. I spent time cleaning up and putting stuff away in the office garage. Missionaries sometimes just leave things so I sort and keep the good stuff and pitch the rest. We store paper goods and 6 electronic key boards in the office closet so I rearranged that so we could find stuff. No one really takes ownership of things so I just jump in and do stuff, then it is the way I want it. We spent some time over at Sister Lish's apartment this evening cleaning out the frig, etc.

Tuesday I took the truck over and hauled a load of boxes from Sister Lish's apartment. She was the last of several single Sisters to live there so lots of stuff just kind of accumulated. I talked to the new couple coming to replace the Chesnuts and finalized with them and Cypress Lake an apartment for them. I spent the rest of the day working apartment and utility items. This evening was sewing night for the senior sisters so I went shopping with a list of items for dinner tomorrow. We entered the MTC one year ago today. What a wonderful year it has been. We have been so blessed and would not trade this experience for anything. The time really has gone way too fast!!

Wednesday Elder Chesnut and I drove a missionary to the airport. He is leaving a week early to get into school. What a nice person and good missionary. Elder Wood is from Blue Bell Utah. As we were waiting for him to get through security and on his way an airline employee came up to us and asked if we were waiting for or sending off missionaries. Her son is in Spain and was just transferred so we talked for awhile about him. This afternoon I make a fast trip to Sealy to drop off a desk to the elders, their old one had completely fallen apart. We had Elders Thomson, Hiatt, and Martin over for dinner this evening. Elder Martin's companion had to go home for an operation so he goes with the AP's for now. We really enjoy having the elders in our home.

Thursday following our prayer meeting I drove the truck and trailer down to Katy to move elders out of an apartment we have been in for several years. The apartment was well worn to say the least. There were 4 other elders and two sisters that came to help, things went real well. When we got to the new apartment complex and started to unload the sisters took an arm load of stuff and then I did not see them again. I suspected what they were doing and sure enough when I got up to the apartment the sisters were putting things away in the new kitchen and organizing it. Bless their hearts, it must come natural. Most of the time you sort of have to remind the elders what to do next, but not the sisters, they just keep working on the next thing. The ZL's came part way through the move so we got all the things moved into the new apartment pretty quickly. I asked them about their schedules and no one had any appointments for a few hours so I asked if they wanted to go to lunch with me. They were way excited about that, especially the part about "my treat". As we were leaving the apartment one of the sisters began to instruct Elder Stone where to put this pot or pan and in which cupboard this box should go, I just had to smile. We enjoy being with the missionaries so much, they really are great examples. It was so hot and humid today, I was wringing wet and I did not do any lifting.
Friday we thought that the mission office would be closed as it is the 24th and all the offices in SLC are closed but transfers are next week and lots to do to be ready. In our staff meeting President Hansen asked the Chesnuts to bear their testimonies. It was hard for all of us to keep our emotions in check. We will really miss them. We went out with Sisters Billingsley and Young this evening to get a shake and pick one up for the Chesnuts. We then went back to the Chesnut's apartment to visit with them. They are about done organizing their stuff to move.

Saturday I drove the truck and trailer over to the Chesnuts apartment and with the help of the elders we moved some of the big furniture into the new apartment where their replacements will stay. The missionaries are so good to help whenever they are asked. We spent the afternoon making sloppy Joe's for transfer week (next week). Got cleaned up and took Chesnuts out to dinner. It is always fun to visit with them. They want to go home yet do not want to leave.

Sunday we attended church and enjoyed the good talks and lessons at the Olde Oaks Ward. All the seniors are going to the sisters apartment this evening for dinner. A real Sunday dinner is a treat for us since we usually have our traditional - popcorn and apples!

It has been another wonderful week. They just get better and better and go by faster and faster! We are so thankful for this blessing. We pray that you are well and that you are safe. Give all our beautiful grandchildren a kiss from us. May our Father in Heaven's Spirit and love always abide in your homes. We love ya'll.
Mom & Dad

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