Sunday, July 18, 2010

49th Post Monday July 12 - Sun. July 18, 2010

Monday I spent the day doing paper work. Mostly sorting out the many duplicate e-files that senior missionaries have set up over the years. Lots of missionaries in and out all day. They are fun to chat with and a real inspiration to be around. We had dinner with the other senior missionaries at President & Sister Hansens; a going home dinner for the Chesnuts who leave the 30th and for Sister Lish who leaves the 17th. It is always a wonderful time when we get together.

Tuesday we went over to the Hafer building as the mission leadership (AP's, ZLs &
DLs) are in meetings for the next three days. Pres Hansen is introducing the new simplified curriculum. The bases for all teaching is still Preach My Gospel, just some areas emphasised more. We stayed for the introduction then back to the office. The office staff is in charge of the lunch and dinners for the next three days for about 50 people. I went out inspecting apartments again today.

Wednesday I drove out to the west area of our mission to Sealey and Katy to inspect apartments. I stopped by one apartment to sign a new 12 month lease but the new apartment manager got all side tracked on doing criminal background checks on the missionaries. She said she was required to do that, which I said fine go for it, just do not expect the mission to pay for it - we do not send criminals on missions. We have two apartments in that complex and one of them is an old lease (7 years) so we are paying a "high" rate compared to current rates, but she could not see past her rules so she was going to have the regional manager call me - no phone call yet. I got back in time to help Leona and the other office staff set up dinner for those in the leadership meetings and clean up afterwards. It makes for a long day but we enjoy very much what we are doing and love being around the other missionaries. It is wonderful to come home tired each night.
Thursday and another apartment inspection day. I drove up to Magnolia and Tomball and then to the apartments in the mission office area. I drove to the apartments without the GPS system today so I am getting to know my way around some areas. Sister Lish is going home Saturday and her replacement in the employment office will be living in the 3 bedroom apartment with Sisters Billingsley and Young. We are moving out of Sister Lish's apartment. Leona and I took a pickup load of boxes to the office garage (kitchen and cupboard stuff). There have been several senior sisters in that apartment over a few years so there was lots of stuff. It is such "pleasant" weather to move - Leona loved it! The lunches and dinners for the missionaries attending the leadership training for the past three days have been good. The missionaries seemed to enjoy them and we enjoyed feeding them. Leona is thankful for her training as a "lunch lady" and youth conference and girl camps - it all came in handy this week!

Friday Elder Chesnut rode up to Huntsville with me to check on a member missionary apartment. Apparently there was some damage done to the floor some time in the past so I went up to see what the facts were. The current missionaries did not know anything about the damage. Anyway, the couple are selling their home so they would like the missionaries out of the apartment by Sept 1. Huntsville is where there are several prisons for the state of Texas. We drove past one prison and there were several guards on horses watching the prisoners (dressed in white) as they worked along the side of the frontage road. It was hot and humid, but I have to applaud the system that requires some work. This evening the seniors all loaded into the van and drove up to the temple (about 20 minutes away). We then went out to dinner. Lots of tears knowing that Sister Lish was leaving in the morning. It was great to be in the temple with the senior missionaries.

Saturday we went into the office for the morning. Leona worked on bills and I got several vacuums working. We came back and cleaned the apartment and then got ready to go out to dinner. We picked up Elders Hinckley and Maughan at their apartment and then out to dinner. Elder Hinckley was a ZL in the zone around the office when we first got here. He is really a great missionary, really on the ball and so mature. He goes home this next transfer, we had a fun visit with him and his companion. We enjoyed the Tabernacle Choir pioneer program this evening. We were able to watch it on the computer.

The tradition in this stake seems to be to have two members of the high council speak in sacrament meeting. It is good, and so far they both have always had time to deliver their message. We enjoy the Sunday School lessons from the Old Testament, the instructor is always well prepared.
We have had another wonderful week. We are so thankful to be able to serve a mission together. We are eternally thankful to Heavenly Father for this blessing of being here living "our dream"!
Thank you for your prayers, love and support. You are in our prayers too! Be careful and have a good week.
Love Ya'll
Mom and Dad

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