Sunday, July 11, 2010

48th Post Mon July 5- Sunday July 11, 2010

Monday morning we loaded up the mission van and drove down town with the other senior missionaries. We visited the Natural History Museum which was very interesting. They have an energy section/display that was very educational even for an old oil guy like me. The drilling display and crude oil display was very good. We also enjoyed the large mineral exhibit that had lots of beautiful "rocks". The dinosaur movie was not so great, so we will skip that next time. We then drove over to our old neighborhood to get a bite to eat at Jax's place. It is a Mexican grill that has good food. Then up the road to the Galleria, which is the very large covered shopping center with an ice skating rink in it. It was a fun day to be with the other seniors. Very hot and humid, so a good day to be mostly in doors.

Tuesday I started another round of apartment inspections and was gone most of the day. Leona found out today that there is going to be meetings for three days next week for our missionary zone leaders and district leaders with President and Sister Hansen. There are changes from SLC to be made in some of the mission procedures so it will be another busy week next week. Leona is thankful for her training in cooking for the masses at youth conference and girl's camp because it is coming in handy now!

Wednesday I drove up to Montgomery, Conroe, and the Woodlands to check our apartments in those cities. I got back in time to eat lunch with our office seniors and the office seniors from the Texas Houston East Mission. Apparently this has been a tradition to get together once in awhile. They are all church service missionaries except they have one senior full time sister. It was an enjoyable visit with them and to see how they do things. The one full time senior sister is from Soda Springs, ID and knows Kaye Chamberlain Kawallis (Leona's cousin). We spent the rest of the afternoon doing our paper work. When we left to go home we got caught in a real down pour. It can rain real hard at times here.

Thursday it was raining very hard so I put off my inspection trip to College Station. Lots of paper work to do in the office. We also helped the Chesnuts put together a CD set that the mission president is going to give to the stake presidents. Another wonderful day in the mission field.
Friday the sun was out so I drove to Waller, Brenham, and College Station to inspect apartments. The country side in south Texas is so green. It was a very pleasant drive. I signed another 12 month lease at one of our apartments. The manager told me how much she enjoyed our "boys"and how good they are. That always makes us happy when the apartment folks say those nice things about the missionaries. In our staff meeting this morning President Hansen said there are changes coming for future Zone Conferences and some of the teaching emphasis.

Saturday I had arranged with four elders to move Sister Lish out of her apartment and into Sisters Young and Billingsley's apartment. She goes home next Saturday so we have to get her place all cleaned out. After the move the elders came for breakfast at our place. Leona fixed a real nice breakfast casserole, pull apart bread and fresh fruit. The rest of the day we just did our normal P-day preparations (laundry, cleaning, shopping, and preparing for the evening BBQ). The senior missionaries invited all the elders who live close to the mission office for dinner. We grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, had salads, fresh fruit, and root beer floats. The 14 young elders really seemed to enjoy it a lot. We held it at the office as it is hot and humid and lots of mosquitoes. One of the new missionaries shared a spiritual thought and Elder Hiatt (AP) also took a few minutes to share a scripture. We then sang Call to Serve, lots of tears. A very wonderful day to be a missionary in the best mission in the world!

Today we attended our Olde Oaks Ward and enjoyed our day of rest.
We pray that each one of you will continue to be blessed and know of our love for you.
Thanks for your support.
Love Dad and Mom

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