Sunday, August 8, 2010

52nd Post Mon Aug. 2 - Sunday Aug. 8, 2010

Another wonderful week in the mission field. Monday I finished updating all the apartment spreadsheets, including the inspection forms with the new companionship's. Also printed tracking board photos for all the senior missionaries including the new couples yet to arrive. The missionaries have to move out of the members home in Huntsville so I made several phone calls to apartment complexes in the Huntsville area looking for a place. We had the senior missionaries over for dinner this evening so we could all get to know the new Sister Young better. We spent a wonderful evening together visiting. They are all very faithful folks and a great example for us. We arrived in Houston a year ago today, the year has gone by quickly!

Tuesday I ran out to LMC, which is a car repair shop that does a lot of work for the mission. The Magnolia Elders had to bring their car in for some body work, so I drove them back to their apartment. It was about lunch time before I was able to start inspecting apartments again. I got back to the office about 5 pm. There were a few "bed bug problems", but I have a good supply of Permithlin, which does a good job IF the elders will follow the instructions.

Wednesday I drove up to Montgomery, Conroe and the Woodlands inspecting apartments and ran a few errands. Also still looking for a suitable place in Huntsville to house the 4 elders there. Sam Houston State College is in Huntsville so there are lots of apartments but not all of them would be the OK to put missionaries in. As we were ready to leave the office Elder Martin got a call from the AP's that their car would not start at a teaching appointment not far from the office. Leona followed Elder Martin and I in our car and we left the mission truck with the elders to get around in this evening. The Chevy dealer will come and pick up the car as it is new (just a few months old). Elder Chesnut told me before he left that they have had lots of electrical problems with these new Malibu's. The days go by so fast we can not keep up.

Thursday I drove up I-45 on my way to College Station, and got stuck in a traffic jam. Oh well, that is the way it is in this area. I always enjoy driving to College Station, as once out of the "city" the country side is really nice. There are lots of big ranches and wide open spaces. On the way home I stopped in Waller and Brenham to check the apartments in those towns. I told the AP's last night where I was going next and hinted that if the missionaries knew Elder Walker was coming to do apartment inspections that would be OK. Well, all the apartments were really very well cleaned up and ready - amazing how that works. I tipped the AP's off as to where I would be tomorrow! Leona wanted to go over to the apartment that the Stringfellows will move into next week to do a bit of cleaning and to put some kitchen stuff away. We spent a little time there this evening.

Friday in our staff meeting Pres. Hansen asked me to give a spiritual thought. I had been thinking of 2 Cor. 4: 8-9; we may have troubles and persecutions, etc but as Paul says we will not be be "destroyed or overcome" with the worries of the day - all because of Jesus Christ. Pres. Hansen thanked me for that scripture and insight. He said, "that is an anwer to my prayer and I will leave it at that". He has so many things on his plate. Today was another apartment inspection day. Again all the apartments were in very good shape except one (they did not get the heads up). The senior sisters wanted to go out to dinner this evening so we went over to the Red Lobster. We all loaded in our car as it is just down the road from the apartment. It is fun to visit with the sisters. The new Sister Young is a real fun person with lots of energy.

Saturday I went out to go get my hair cut and the car would not start, the battery was dead. We called AAA and they sent the tech out. He tested the battery once we jumped it and got the car going and told me the battery should be fine for another year or so. We did do our shopping and running around and the car started fine. We went back out this evening and the car just about did not start. We drove straight down to NTB and got a new battery installed. I hope that solves the problem.

Today (Sunday) the young man that was baptized last week was comfirmed. The father of his girl friend sure gave him a wonderful blessing. The Gift of the Holy Ghost is a priceless gift that each of us as members of the church have. It was a blessing to witness that ordinance and to feel the Spirit.
There was a long distance truck driver at church today from Utah. He had walked most of the way to church from the truck stop on I-45 which is about a mile or so from the church. We gave him a ride back after the meetings. It is so hot today!! They held Stake Priesthood meeting this evening at the Hafer Building.

Another wonder week here in Texas. We are well and enjoying our mission very much. It is truly a great blessing for us to be here. We are thankful for family and friends for their love and support. Our children and grandchildren are wonderful, they are the best!
We love ya'll,
Dad and Mom

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