Sunday, August 15, 2010

53rd Post Monday Aug. 9 - Sunday Aug. 15, 2010

I have prayed often this past few days that we might find an appropriate apartment for the missionaries in Huntsville (we have to move out of the members place by Sept. 1). All the way up to Huntsville this morning I had a prayer in my heart that I would find a place. I had given the missionaries the name of a couple of places to drive past and just make sure they were in their "area". The missionaries had given me their first and second choices. I thought. maybe I should go to their second choice first as I thought that apartment might be a little larger and provide more room for the foursome (the outside appearance was not as modern looking). As I talked to the person at the reception desk she was having a bit of a hard time with the idea of a corporate lease and "missionaries" moving in and out frequently, etc. After a while the manager stepped out of her office and came over to the desk to help the lady fill out the forms we were working on. She then looked at me and said, "I am Lesa and I am a member of the church and attend the Conroe 1st ward and do not worry we will take care of the paper work and make this all happen". I thought this is it, we have found the place that the Elders can move into. I had a very strong feeling of thankfulness and gratitude to our Father in Heaven for his help in this part of his work, even the small "physical stuff" - what a blessing. The procedure is to leave your drivers licence with the apartment office while you go look at the apartment itself. Well. with all the paper work and needing to get back to the mission office I drove off without my drivers licence. It was not until they called me (just a couple of miles from home) that I realized I had forgotten my licence. After doing a few things in the office I decided I had best go back up to Huntsville to get my licence. I walked over to the employment office to see if Elder Thomas wanted to ride up with me. He thanked me for the invitation as he needed a "break" real bad. We had a delightful ride up and back (about 1 hour each way).
Leona had gone back to our apartment at lunch and put a pot of soup on and we invited Elder and Sister Stringfellow over for supper. They took Chesnuts place in the office and arrived at about 4 pm today. They are very nice people and we look forward to working with them.

Tuesday I drove out to Katy and Sealy to inspect apartments. We just moved into the newly renovated apartment in Sealy. As I talked to the Elders (foursome) I asked if there were any problems or issues with the apartment. They talked about a couple of items and then one elder said that one of the light switches was hot. I felt it and sure enough it was real hot. I asked if they had contacted the manager. They had called but only got the answering machine, which is the same experience I have had the past several days trying to contact the apartment manager. I told them to keep trying and to watch the switch. Well, I started for the door and thought you can not leave this apartment with that issue, so I turned around and asked for a screw driver, turned the power off and took the switch cover plate off. The switch and the hot wire to the switch were completely burned up and crumbled to "dust" as I pulled the switch out of the wall. Down to the hardware store I went for a new switch, piece of wire, and wire nuts. The elders seemed very interested in my "electrical wiring" skill - and asked if I was an electrician - no just a home owner - you learn a lot as a home owner, I told them.
We had Elders Hiatt, Haws and Elder Martin over for dinner this evening. They are sure good missionaries. We enjoy our association with them. Elder Martin is training the Stringfellows in their office responsibilities for the next week or so (the Chesnuts trained Elder Martin as a "fill in" until the Stringfellows arrived).

Wednesday I completed the apartment inspections for this transfer period. The apartments really looked good. It might have had something to do with the fact that I let it slip out each morning to the AP's where I was going that day - word can travel very fast among missionaries. We had one of those - "I never want that to happen again" experiences today. I had taken the car in for some work and went to pay for it, but our credit card would not work. The man ran the card a few times, but still not approved. I called the credit card company and they advised me the card was on hold, that someone in China had used our card to make a purchase this morning. They tried to make several other purchases but the card company caught it and would not approve the additional attempts. Well, the long and the short is Chase cancelled the card at our request and we will get new cards soon. What a scary deal!!!

Thursday, Leona rode with me up to Tomball and Magnolia to deliver some some book cases to the missionaries. The sisters in Tomball were so excited to see Sister Walker and that she had actually come to their apartment. We love the missionaries, they are so faithful and obedient.

Little Braydon is not so little, he turned one year old today! Luke started kindergarten today! The time passes so quickly, our grandchildren are growing up way too fast!

Friday we spent the day in the office and running errands. Elder and Sister Stringfellow are really picking up their duties quickly. They are both very computer literate; in fact, Elder Stringfellow is a computer programmer by training and experience. Our staff meeting with the Pres & Sister Hansen is always a wonderful experience. They are so positive and just full of the Spirit. We love being around them. Pres Hansen called on Leona to give our spiritual thought which she did without "blinking an eye" (she did not pass out) and did a wonderful job. The senior sisters, the Stringfellows and Leona and I all went to dinner this evening over to the Potato Patch. I think that is Sister Young's favorite place.

Saturday I got up early and washed the car (boy did it need it) and Leona cleaned the apartment. We fixed dinner for the senior missionaries here in the apartment complex. We had a great dinner and a good visit together. What a blessing to be associated with such good, dedicated folks.

Sunday we (senior missionaries) went to the Katy Stake Conference. We all rode together in the mission van. Elder Bednar was the visiting authority. We got down to the stake center in time for the new member and investigator meeting at 8:30am and then the 10am session. What a wonderful experience to listen and to feel Elder Bednar's powerful testimony. The choir sang "Beautiful Savior" the arrangement was wonderful and the music was beautiful, it surely set the tone for the meeting. Elder Bednar reminded us that we needed more than just a testimony, our actions needed to emulate our testimony.
He told a story about his friend who bought a pickup and drove to the mountain to cut firewood. When he arrived and drove off the road to cut firewood the truck got stuck. He thought no problem I will put it four-wheel drive but it did not help, only made it worse. He thought, well I am here so I might as well cut firewood. He did and loaded the truck and then he tried one last time to drive out and he was able to do so. The difference was the "load". The load helped him get "unstuck". He cautioned us to make sure the load we are each hauling is the right load. Get rid of the "stuff" that provides no "spiritual traction".
It is an exciting day for Christopher. He travels to school today and starts classes at the Northwest Missouri State University tomorrow. We are proud of him and pray for his safety and happiness. He is a fine young man and will be a great leader and friend to the many new teachers and students he will meet.

We are so thankful to be here and all of the missionaries we are serving with. We are loving every minute of our mission! We are so blest! Our prayers are with you. We love ya'll so very much!
Dad and Mom

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