Sunday, August 22, 2010

54th Post Monday Aug 16 - Sunday Aug 22, 2010

Monday and the start of another wonderful week. I went shopping this morning for apartment supplies for the missionaries. The mission provides cleaning stuff for the young missionaries, like Comet, carpet cleaner, brooms, garbage cans, 409, Windex, etc. I also spent time going through the "key box", where all the keys for the apartments are kept. I suppose no one has done that for a very long time. There were so many keys to apartments that we no longer have and duplicates. Lots of missionaries in the office today. Leona had some chocolate-mint ice cream desert and fudge brownies for them and of course that was all gone real quick. The missionaries like to come into the office to check for mail, get supplies and look for something to eat (which we normally have). I was reading in the book of Ether today about the 3 witness that would be allowed to see the record and how the brother of Jared's writings were not to be translated (sealed) until, as Moroni says, the people have faith like unto the brother of Jared. It just struck me how Moroni was really talking directly to Joseph Smith and how that must have been for the prophet Joseph. The Book of Mormon is true - I know that.
It rained a bit this afternoon and the storm cooled the air a bit but it is so humid I am not sure it feels any better after a storm or not!

Tuesday I worked on the new missionary binders for the ASL missionaries that arrive next month. Also ran out to Waller to take an overnight package containing medication to one of the elders. President Hansen asked someone in the office to "consolidate" data for Elder Kikuchi's visit next week, so we worked on that. Just when we think we are about "caught up" there is more to do - and we love it. It was very hot and humid today! At 5:30am when we went outside to exercise a little it was already 87 degrees

Wednesday we worked on paper work all day (apartments, tax status, phone calls, etc). We took Elder Martin to Alwadi's Mediterranean place for lunch. I'm not sure if the chicken shwarma was his favorite or not, but we sure enjoyed it. This evening we went to the temple. What a blessing to be so close and to sit and not feel rushed.

Thursday I drove down to Katy to turn in the keys to an apartment we moved out off a few months ago (we were obligated to pay rent to the end of the lease). I also worked on our map system where we have the apartment locations plotted. Leona took the crock pot and fixed meatball sandwiches for the missionaries. We got some rolls and cookies at Sam's Club, so the missionaries who were in the office today got a real treat. Some of the missionaries were talking about apartments and about getting new carpet, paint, etc when we renew the lease. I told them that it was not only for them, that we fixed up the apartments, but also for those who come after them. Then one of the elders started to say, "they built houses and planted crops that they would never use", speaking of the first pioneers at Winter Quarters. He then said that is what Elder Walker taught us last Zone Conference - that was the most spiritual talk about apartments I have ever heard". I was a bit taken back that he would remember and even more could quote much of what I had said. He said that he had used that analogy, I had taught many times in his teaching since that Zone Conference. I thanked him for his kind words - it really made my day.

Friday we had our staff meeting with President and Sister Hansen. It was very good as usual. President Hansen told us about a young man who has desired to be baptized and has attended church and even paid his tithing for the past two years. Because of something that he did in the past he needed to turn himself into the police. Last Sunday as President Hansen was seated on the stand at the Katy Stake Conference he noticed this investigator in the audience. President Hansen leaned over to the temple president, who was seated next to him, and said that there was a good man who was going to jail and really needed a good lawyer. President Bradshaw (temple president) said "I'll help him". He is a defense attorney and also two of his sons are lawyers and have a practice together. Well, the investigator turned himself in Monday morning and spent one night in jail but walked out a free man with no probation or fines. He has a baptism date in a few weeks! When he called to tell President Hansen of the miracle lawyer who came to his aide he said, "I probably should of spent one more night in jail because there is a man there that is interested in the gospel!" It is so wonderful how Heavenly Father places people in situations where than can help and serve others who desperately need their help. The church is true.
Today I contacted the two new senior couples that are coming to the mission. They are excited to get here. Both couples will be in Huntsville, one as the CES couple and one as member support and leadership.
This evening we went to dinner with the senior sisters and Elder and Sister Stringfellow. We sat and visited at the restaurant for quite a while. We enjoy our time with the other seniors.

Saturday we cleaned the apartment and went shopping. This evening we were all invited over to the Stringfellows for dinner. We enjoy visiting and being together no matter how often. And because we are seniors we can tell the same stories and not remember.

Today at church there was a good feeling during the sacrament. It was not so much that everyone was quiet but maybe because I was more in tune. What blessing the atonement is in our lives. We are so blessed to be members of this church.
We wish ya'll a great week. We love you and miss you and we are proud of you and all you are doing.
Love, Dad and Mom

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