Sunday, November 7, 2010

65th Post Mon Nov 1 - Sun Nov 7, 2010

Monday, November 1st, another month already, time is passing so quickly. I worked on the new missionary binders, ordered some office supplies and got apartment inspection forms ready for tomorrow. It was Sister Billingsley's birthday today so the employment folks had cake and ice cream for her at lunch time. They are good to invite Sister Walker and I to those functions. FHE was at our place this evening. Sister Marsh shared a CD with us called "Fishers of Men - The Greatest Brotherhood". It was statements by apostles and prophets about the Savior with a music background. Very inspirational. Sister Peggy Jo Young asked us to give her a blessing. She is doing much better, but is still feeling some effects of being mugged. She told us she felt very strongly that she should not turn around and "face down" the guy as he came up behind her and that as she was down on the ground, clinging to her purse she felt/heard the words "just let go", which she did. She feels she was blessed as it could have been much worse.

Tuesday I drove out to Sealy and Katy inspecting apartments. I got an early start so there were several of the missionaries at home when I arrived. I spend a bit of time visiting with them just to see how they are doing. We really do have some very faithful missionaries in this mission.
It rained a lot last night and early this morning, so it was a bit cool today. Tuesday is sewing night so Leona went over to the Senior Sister's apartment.

Wednesday I inspected apartments in Magnolia, Tomball and those around the mission office. It rained on and off today, but not while I was walking to or from the apartments so I stayed dry. Cypress Lake apartments (where we live), had the security man give a little presentation this evening on personal security and what we should be looking for. It was worth our time to be there.

Thursday was a beautiful day, in the 60's with warm sun shine. We had staff meeting today as Pres and Sister Hansen will not be around Friday morning. Sister Stringfellow gave the thought. She listed five things that would help us endure and become more like Christ. They were: faith, hope, love, gratitude and service; together they are charity. Those are the qualities we should strive for. She did a good job - lots to think about and work on.
I worked on updating inspection sheets, fixed a vacuum, and repaired a large picture frame. The elders use the picture at the Spanish flea markets to share the message of the restoration.
We went to the temple this evening. What a blessing it is to have a temple so close to us. We enjoy going to the temple, and feeling the good spirit that is there.

Friday I hooked up the trailer and took a desk to the sisters in Bear Creek area, a vacuum to the Zone Leaders in the Hollister area and picked up a table and floor lamp from the deaf elders. When I arrived at the sisters place and opened the trailer, the two pedestal legs were completely broken off the desk (cheap particle board!!). I could tell the sisters were disappointed, but I asked if they had a hammer or nails. They had nails, but no hammer so I found the apartment maintenance guy and borrowed his hammer. I was able to get the desk put back together well enough to set it up in their apartment, so not all was lost. I cleaned and repaired two vacuums today and completed more paper worked this afternoon. Anther wonderful day to be a missionary.
We had dinner with Perry and Celeste Dobson this evening and then back to their home to play a few games and catch up on our families. It was a fun evening and nice to get to know Celeste better.

Saturday we shopped, cleaned and ran a few errands. Leona went to to the fabric store with the senior sisters (I stayed home - darn it!). We drove up to the Woodlands this evening to attend the Spring Stake Conference. That is the stake that Kent Chamberlin lives in. It was a wonderful meeting. Much said about families and raising our children not just to be good adults, but to be good parents. After the meeting we were able to visit with Kent and Diane for a few minutes, it was good to see them again. Kent spoke (he is 1st counselor in the Stake presidency) and he did a fine job.

Today, Sunday, I went over to the office and got the van and we all loaded up and went up to the Spring Stake conference. The talks and testimonies were so good. The area authority from Gilbert, Arizona liked to call people to bear their testimonies extemporaneously. It was a wonderful experience. The stake choir did a good job.

This afternoon we (seniors) gathered at the Stringfellow's apartment for dinner. She had cooked a turkey and we each were assigned a dish. It was very tasty especially since we (Walkers) pretty much have apples, crackers and cheese for Sunday lunch! We had a nice visit.

It has been another week full of activity and testimony building experiences. We are so thankful to be here and serving together. We love our mission and the great missionaries we serve with. We become very close to the young missionaries and the seniors and we truely feel that we must of known each other in the pre-existence and we are thankful to meet again.

We are so thankful for our children and their spouses and the great adults they have become. One of the speakers at the stake conference said that as a parent he wanted his children to be obedient and good. He discovered later that what he really wanted was for his children to want to be obedient and good. How true that is. Our family is our greatest treasure.

Have a great safe week. You are always in our prayers.
Dad and Mom

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