Sunday, November 28, 2010

68th Post Mon Nov 22 - Sunday, Nov. 28, 2010

Another Monday already. Elder Stringfellow picked me up at the apartment early this morning (7 AM) and we drove out to get the mission truck that was parked at a secure place. After we got back to the office I had some emails and phone calls to make. Later I drove down to Village in the Woods apartment complex. We moved the Elders out a few months ago, and it looks like we have no intention of moving back in anytime soon. I took a letter to them of our intention to vacate and talked to the manager about our options which are not many. At least they will let us turn the keys in as soon as we clean out the place. Arranged with the Zone Leaders to have a crew of Elders there a week from this Friday. We will continue to pay the rent until the lease is completed (end of March I believe). Later in the afternoon the senior missionaries got together at our office for a few minutes to plan Thanksgiving dinner and a road trip on Friday. I think they just kind of wait for us to tell them what we are going to do and where I am going to take them. Another wonderful day in the mission field. Today was more warm and humid than the past few days.

Tuesday I spent a lot of time on line and making phone calls to find an apartment in Navasota. Pres. Hansen is not sure if we are going to Navasota or if we will need another apartment in College Station so be prepared for both I guess. Also worked on the photos for the elders coming in April and May. Brother Hellewell for the FM group came by today to get my ideas for additional lighting and security at the mission office (Mission Pres told me to "handle it"). It was sort of fun to do a little project management again for a couple of hours. Brother Hellewell had his contractor come over and we walked down the ideas for additional exterior lights and security cameras for the office parking areas.
Yesterday, Leona received a phone call from one of our sister missionaries who is from the Philippines. She asked Leona if she could call her brother for her who lives in California and ask him to send her $100 cash in the mail. Leona said that she didn't think that would be very wise since sometimes letters are "lost". The missionary said she needed the money and that her brother had told her that he could help if she ever needed money. Leona made the phone call and left a message and asked him to call the mission office. Well, today this dear sister called Leona. She said "Sister Walker, it's a miracle! Last night when we went to our mailbox I received a letter from a friend and he had sent me $100. That is just the amount I needed. My companions could not believe it when I opened the letter. Heavenly Father does hear our prayers, it's a miracle. If my brother calls, please tell him that I do not need him to send me money." This dear sister was so excited and so thankful her prayers had been answered. It truly was a miracle.
We had Elders Lindsey and Struthers over for dinner this evening. Elder Lindsey goes home next week.
Leona spent some time this evening helping out at the bishop's storehouse. Tuesdays they are opened late and many come to fill orders for themselves or others. It was her first time doing this and she enjoyed her time there.

Wednesday I went to WalMart to get several plastic mattress protectors, then back to the office to hook up the truck and trailer. I had a couple of new bed sets still in the trailer but stopped by Mattress Giant to get 5 more sets. I then drove out to Tomball to deliver new beds to the 3'some there, and then down to Stone Mist Apartments to drop off 4 bed sets to elders there. The missionaries were excited about getting new beds - "this is like Christmas Elder Walker"!! Back to the office to work on binders for the new missionaries. A package came in today that was marked "perishables" so Leona had me drive it down to Sister Ferro. There was another package for another sister in that same complex so I took it also. The Sisters were very excited to get their packages so quickly. Worked on a bed bug problem with a local member who is an exterminator and wants to help out. I hope we can get rid of the bed bugs at Spring Shadows apt. Another very busy day, but so thankful we can serve.

Thursday - Thanksgiving Day. The Stringfellows, Thomas, and Sisters Marsh and P. Young came to our place to dinner. Leona cooked a 23 pound turkey, made a fruit salad, cheese ball, vegetable tray and cooked some corn. Everyone brought things, we had sweet and mashed potatoes, jello, dressing, ham, green bean casserole, cherry pie, pumpkin dump cake, rolls, etc. Lots of good food and good conversation. Sister Stringfellow brought over a DVD of their stake youth conference which was a stage play of the life of the Savior. The kids really did a great job.

Friday I picked everyone up in the van and we drove up to Washington on the Brazos, which is where the Texans declared their independence from Mexico. Davy Crockett came through the little town on his way to the Alamo (we walked down the same little "road" (path is more like it). We enjoyed the museums and tour of "independence hall". We walked down to the confluence of the Brazos and Navasota Rivers. We then drove up to College Station for lunch and to visit the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum and the bonfire memorial at Texas A&M university. It was a very nice outing, even though it was a bit windy and cold (yes cold for Texas)! We stopped by the sister missionaries apartment to leave some packages and mail.

Saturday we just did our cleaning, shopping and laundry. Leona did some sewing for grandchildren. Just a nice easy day.

Sunday was another very nice day. Lots of speakers in sacrament meeting so we did go over time a bit, but the last speaker was the stake president. He reminded everyone that we need to be generous with our fast offerings - lots of unemployed and under-employed.
Sisters Mash and Young came over for dinner today.

Thank you all for your prayers. We love you and are thankful you are part of our life.
Love Mom and Dad

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