Sunday, February 20, 2011

80th Post Mon Feb 14 - Sunday Feb 20, 2011

A wonderful Monday Valentine's Day. I worked on the missionary photo's for the new mission president as requested by President Hansen. There are so many packages in the office and the local post office is giving us a bit of a hard time about forwarding them, I decided to run out to the Katy area and take a bunch of packages to the missionaries. It was P-day so the office had lots of missionaries in and out most of the day. We had made frozen fruit cups and cupcakes with a train engine on them made from Tootsie rolls and red hots. The train "smoke stack" had a little cloud above it that said "We choo-choose You" and a red heart. Needless to say the treats were a real hit.
The seniors met at the sisters apartment for dinner and FHE. We ordered our dinner from the sister that cooks the food for our departing missionary temple dinner. She fixed stuffed pork chops (stuffed with fruit and nuts - its was very good), broccoli, and rice. Sister Marsh made pecan and chocolate pies. We had a wonderful visit and meal together.

Tuesday I continued to work on the missionaries photos. I got a call from the sister missionaries in Montgomery and they believe they have bed bugs. I loaded up some "supplies" and drove up to their apartment. When I arrived they were not home so I waited for their return as they wanted me to take a table back to the garage; also I wanted to make sure they understood what they needed to do for bed bug treatment. On my way from Montgomery I stopped in Conroe and dropped more packages off at the elders apartments. While at the Forest Creek apartments I talked to the manager about moving out of the 2 bedroom and into two, one bedroom apartments. Looks like that will happen the end of next month. It was in the mid 70's today and a bit of humidity (OH NO!).
A former missionary stopped by the office today. Elder Hackett came back for a baptism. A member was taking him to the airport to return to California. Anyway, the baptism was for a young 16 year old boy that they said was amazing. There were over 180 people at his baptism - what a great support group he has!

Wednesday we left the office a bit early and when to the temple. It sure is nice to have a temple close. I saw several temple workers that we know, Randy the peanut butter factory manager, and the former bishop of the Olde Oakes Ward. The councilor in the temple presidency saw my name tag and came over and talked to me for a few minutes about our mission. It is great to be a missionary.

Thursday was another busy day. I delivered a table to the elders at Cypress Wood Crossing apts, worked on missionary photos and hauled a load of clothes down to NAM (like the DI). When the missionaries depart their luggage is usually over weight. We have bags of stuff left at the office, which I go through and either hang up for other missionaries to use or haul to NAM. The sisters, especially like to go through the "garage clothes rack" looking for a new outfit. There is a good turn over of stuff so it is worth the effort. I ran errands to the post office, the bank and to WalMart.
The local church auditor came in to do the annual audit this afternoon. Leona's financial stuff is always up to snuff so by the time he got to the rest of us he was dazzled with our files and paper work (or something like that). Anyway, after the mission president met with the auditor, he mentioned none of us would be going to jail - I was pretty worried about that.
We had an elder go home early. President Hansen took him to the airport, but the elder was at the wrong gate and missed his flight, so back to the airport to pick him up and then back the next morning for a 6 AM fight home. There is so much mental health and just emotional issues with many missionaries. The article in the March 2011 Ensign, "Preparing Emotionally for Missionary Service" is right on the money. Every parent of prospective missionaries should really read that article.

Friday in our office staff meeting President Hansen officially told us who his replacement would be. It is President Pingree, a just released stake president in the SLC area. He will be coming with 5 of their 6 children. It looks like we will miss meeting him by about a week or so. I fixed all the missionary photos in a book and mailed them to Pres. Pingree, and also ordered some maps of the mission for him.
It was Sister Rodriguez's birthday today so Leona had me run over to the store for some ice cream sandwiches. Her district has district meeting in the Hafer building so we knew they would be in the office some time today. Anyway when they all got to the office we sang happy birthday and had ice cream. Sister Rodriguez is such a sweet soul and a good missionary. Her family has only been in the USA for a couple of years.
Mike and Veloy Nelson were in town to see their newest grandchild so they called and came by to take us to lunch. It was great to catch up on their family and see them again.

Saturday Leona made sloppy joes and cookies for transfer activities this coming week. Did the washing and cleaned the apartment, ran some errands and got ready for a birthday dinner at Olive Garden for Sister Marsh. We enjoyed another dinner and visit together. The weather continues to warm up with more humidity. The AP's came by this evening for some ice cream and cookies and to drop of the transfer list for next week. There will be several new zone leaders and lots of missionaries moving. Elder Austin has been close to the office for a long time and we see him often but he is being transferred - we will miss him lots. We find ourselves getting very attached to the missionaries and when they are transferred or their mission ends it is hard for us.
Sunday, a beautiful sunny day today. We went for an early morning walk to the pond to feed the ducks. No more baby ducks! The six that were there last week must of been "lunch" for something.
The sacrament meeting talks were good, they each talked about FHE. Alot of good thoughts shared. Sometimes when you think that FHE isn't working just think again and keep trying. Time spent together, memories made and loved shared so important.
After church we ran an errand for the AP's, picked up pictures at one missionary apt. about 30 minutes away and took them to missionaries in the opposite direction 30 minutes away, we had a nice drive.
We hope you each have a good week. Be careful and express your love to your families often!
We love you,
Mom and Dad

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