Sunday, February 13, 2011

79th Post Mon Feb 7 - Sunday Feb 13, 2011

We enjoy Mondays as there are always lots of missionaries in and out of the office on their P-day. We love each of them and feel priviledged to serve with them. Elder Vehrs and Harris brought a loaf of whole wheat bread to the office that they had made. They said, "we want to say thank you to the senior missionaries for all you do for us". Bless their hearts, it was very kind of them to make bread on their P-day to share with us - it was very tasty! We ran some errands , worked on apartment files and even went back to the apartment for lunch, which we rarely do. We had FHE evening at the Mission Home. We enjoy being with the Hansens and the other senior missionaries. Sister Hansen said it was so nice just to sit and not worry about having to talk or "be in charge". The seniors rotate FHE assignments each week (conducting, hymns, thoughts, lesson, treats, etc) just like a real FHE!

Tuesday I went back to Cypresswood Apts to change the new apartment locations. The manager had called late Friday and moved the two 1 bedroom apartments right next door to each other. Anyway I spent some time and got the proposed locations changed to different buildings. That will be a better arrangement. The North Zone arranged to have 8 elders come by the office to do some yard clean up. The missionaries are very willing to work, but some are not real familiar with the tools of the trade, ie shovels, pruners, ax, etc. We only had one injury, an elder pulled a limb onto his head and scraped his scalp pretty good. They trimmed some branches, weeded the flower beds in front, pulled out old abandoned fence posts, and picked up trash along Hafer Road in front of the office, welfare complex, and the church. A very nice day to do outside work - cool with lots of sunshine.
This evening Leona did some baking for lunch that will be tomorrow after zone leader council.

Wednesday morning I hooked up the trailer and went over to the four man apartment at the Preakness Apt. complex, which is just across the road from where we live. The elders are getting new carpet so we needed to move the furniture. We put the large items, sofa and beds in the trailer. I had just got to their apt when the carpet guys arrived. They looked at all the stuff in the living room and just shook their heads. I told them to start in the back bedroom, which was ready, and we would get the other rooms cleaned out by the time they finished that one room. Well, we were ready, but not by much. Those two guys really worked fast, no wasted motion at all. The carpet was laid, vacuumed and cleaned up in about 2 hours (two bedrooms, walk in closets, short hall way and closet, and living room. The elders were excited to get the new carpet. We also had their apt painted yesterday. The only bad news was the elders had to listen to my "father speech" about wiping their shoes and taking them off before coming in the apt, and cleaning up spills right a way. During the move a leg got broken off the sofa so I got the office "tool kit" and fixed the leg - not a bad job for a senior missionary.
Elder & Sister Nagle, CES missionaries assigned to Sam Houston State University in Huntsville drove down and had dinner with us and spent the night. Elder Nagle had an appointment at MD Anderson at 6:30 AM Thursday morning.
It was very cold, with a little freezing rain today.

Thursday I went to Walmart to get apartment cleaning supplies as we were out of several items for the missionaries. I helped Leona and Sister Marsh with some handouts the president wanted each missionary to have. The original copy was poor and almost unreadable but Leona retyped it and the final product looked very nice. We made the handout "pocket size" and laminated it. I worked on the transfer board pictures. The space on the back was never large enough for all the transfers that an elder will have in two years. I am not the best at that type of thing but by trial and error (mostly error) I got the revision made for the future photos.
We had Elders Wood, Steagal, Parker and Allbee over for dinner this evening. They really liked the funeral potatoes Leona made - ate the whole thing so we think they liked it! We sure enjoy having the missionaries for dinner. It was very cold and windy today even though there was lots of sunshine.

Our Friday morning staff meeting with the Hansens and the AP's is always a good experience. They are such good people, you just feel better for being in their presence. President Hansen shared a scripture on unity Psalms 133:1. Sister Hansen told two separate stories of missionaries who were at the right place at the right time to help recently relocated members who were not successful in finding the church, and how good the elders felt after a whole day of tracting with no positive responses. Heavenly Father is certainly aware of each and everyone of His children and just what they need. Leona spent time today going through the apartment changes and getting ready to pay the rents, what a job. Pres Hansen wanted missionary photos and names ready to send to the new mission president when that announcement is made. I worked on that for the rest of the day. Lots of sunshine today, but still cool.

Saturday we got up early so Leona could go up to the TC Jester building as they were hosting a MD Anderson blood drive. After she got back we worked on valentine treats for the office on Monday. We went out to Itch-a-Stitch, a fabric store and I got a very nice l o n g nap in the warm car as Leona got to touch every piece of fabric in the store (I believe). We then drove over to Al Wadi's for dinner. They have very good Middle Eastern/Mediterranean food. When we got back to the apartment we walked over to feed the ducks and low and behold there are new baby duck all ready (just one batch so far). They are pretty cute when they are little!
We enjoyed sacrament meeting in the Olde Oaks Ward. Three fine talks. The youth speaker, probably about 13 years old, spoke with few notes about controling the natural man and following the spirit in our lives. Tosin, she is from Africa, and her husband (who is not a member) have been a couple of times to our apt for dinner - a very nice couple anyway she spoke on anger and the harm those feelings can have. The Bishop spoke on the blessings of tithing. A lot of good thoughts and words of wisdom to apply in our lives.
We took another loaf of bread and fed the ducks this morning and all six babies were right with the big ducks. They are fun to watch.
We love you and thankful you are each our Valentines! Have a great week. Be safe and careful in all you do.
Dad and Mom

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