Sunday, February 6, 2011

78th Post Mon Jan 31 - Sunday Feb 6, 2011

Another busy Monday updating apartment files following my inspections. I also had some help getting furniture loaded in the trailer to take to Conroe tomorrow. Leona made bread bowls and broccoli soup and a large green salad for FHE this evening. We had all the seniors come over for supper. Leona told them it was an activity night and the activity was cutting the top off their bread bowls, scooping out the bread ready for soup. We enjoyed a wonderful meal together and a good visit. Elder Thomas is not reserved like me and has a real sense of humor. We had more than a few good laughs.

Tuesday I drove up to Conroe to move the 4 elders out of their apartment into two separate, one bedroom apartments in the same complex. They were not as ready as I had hoped, so it took us a while to get moved, the old apartment cleaned up, the keys turned in and the walk through completed. The mission will have to pay for a couple of mini blinds that were broken some time in the past but that should be all the damage. The elders did a good job of cleaning, but you have to stay right with them or they get distracted. It was after lunch time when we finished so I took the four of them to Ryan's to eat. They really enjoyed that part of the "move". It was so cold today. The wind was blowing and it never got much above the high 30's. When we went over early this morning to run on the tread mills it was almost 70, but by 7:30 when we went into the office it was 43 and kept dropping the rest of the day.

Wednesday I had to go back up to Conroe to get the washer and dryer hooked up. The apartment people were suppose to fixed the broken water supply taps before we moved in. Anyway I purchased the hoses, dryer vent hose and went to the apartment to get the washer and dryer installed. The taps were still not fixed so I got the dryer hooked up. What a job that turned out to be. The wall connection for the vent was in such bad shape it really took me a lot of time and one more trip to the store to make it all work (almost like home - every project takes at least two trips to the hardware store). I went by the apartment office and told them they would have to hook up the washer as their work was still not completed, which they agreed to do. The water supply to the mission office was frozen this morning, so I had called the FM group before I left for Conroe. One of the FM guys was there when I got back thawing the outside supply line. It had frozen where it comes into the office from underground. Elder Stringfellow was installing a new computer for me and was just about done when I got back. I spent the next few hours getting things set up and "re-programed" so I could do my thing.

Thursday I went to the apartment complex near the temple, Lodge at Cypresswood, to discuss moving the 4 elders into two, one bedroom apartments. President Hansen wants us to move most of the elders out of the 4'somes and into one bedroom apartments. It looked like the apartment complex has some available apartments, but I needed to give a 30 day notice and secure the transfer with deposit money. I went back to the office and Leona started the check process for me. We got the checks approved and printed, so I took them back to the apartment office. We should be good to move about the 2nd week in March. I was just about back to the office when one of the elders, who lives in the same apt complex I had just been to, twice before, call and said he thought he had bed bugs. "How long have you had bed bugs?" I asked. Well his companion who was transferred a couple of weeks ago had a problem. Why didn't you all call before now - no answer. I got the permethlin and spray bottle and drove back to their apartment. Thank goodness it is only 7 or so miles away, but lots of traffic. Oh well, that is my mission to help with apartments and I am thankful I can do what I do. Another very cold day.

Friday the big ice and snow storm never happened, well almost never happened. We did get just enough freezing rain to close the major freeways as the overpasses and bridges were very bad. Lots of accidents. President Hansen made it into the office so we held our staff meeting. We enjoy so much meeting with him and the other office staff on Friday mornings. He is still hurting following his knee surgery, but is still trying to "get around". All the district and zone meetings were postponed until 1 pm today, because of the bad roads. The weather did warm up and the roads were fine by lunch time. Elder Harris, the North Zone leader, asked me to take time in their zone meeting to talk about the Word of Wisdom as part of their health training. It was a good experience for me, we enjoy being with the young elders every chance we get. The training concentrated on the "do's" of the WofW and not the "don'ts". The opening hymn was "Ye Elders of Israel" which reminded me so much of my first companion in England. We memorized that hymn and use to sing it often. Great memories and tender feelings to start the meeting. The seniors had planned a big outing for tomorrow, but some wanted to cancel as the weather was so cold and bad, even though the forecast was for a nice day.
The Stringfellows, us and Sisters Young & Marsh went over to the Potato Patch for dinner this evening. They have great rolls and the food is not bad. Cloudy and cold all day.

Saturday morning Leona and I decided that we would go ahead with the planned outing as the sun was shinning yet cold. What a wonderful day we had. We went on a boat tour of the Houston Ship channel, which was very interesting. The tour boat was very nice and there was lots of room as many cancelled their reservations as the weather was cold. The boat trip lasted over an hour. Lots of interesting industrial operations, including oil refineries, chemical plants, bulk cargo facilities, scrap metal operations and of course lots and lots of big ships. We then drove over to the Battleship Texas Historic Site. The Battleship Texas is the only remaining Navy ship that was involved in both WW I & II. It has a rather distinguished history and was the most powerful "weapon" in the world when commissioned in early 1914. The 10, 14" main guns are very impressive. We enjoyed climbing and exploring from the bottom to the top of the wheel house. The battleship is located next to the San Jacinto Battleground historic site. This is the place where General Sam Houston defeated the larger Mexican force following the great lose at the Alamo and where Texas won its independence as a separated nation from Mexico. We went through the museum, rode the elevator up the 480 feet or so to the observation room at the top of the monument and enjoyed the great views from that vantage point. We drove all around the site to the various markers that interpret the battle details. All very interesting history. There are protected wetlands and marsh's in that same park so we watched the pelicans, spoonbills, egrets, and all kinds of other birds. We really enjoyed the day together. It was cool, yet very pleasant.

Sunday was a special stake conference that was transmitted from SLC. Elder Jensen of the 70 spoke and conducted, Sister Dibbs of the General YW's Presidency spoke, as did Elder Ballard and then Pres. Monson. What a great blessing that was. We enjoyed the counsel we received, so wonderful to have a living prophet and modern technology that allows us to see and hear him speak. There were 75 stakes, 2 or 3 Districts, and about 11 missions from Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico invited.

We have had another great week. We love working with the young Elders and Sisters they are an inspiration to us. We love each of you and pray that you will have a good and safe week and you each are well and happy.
We love you,
Mom and Dad

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