Sunday, April 25, 2010

37th Post Mon. April 19 - Sunday April 25, 2010

Boy did this week go by fast! We went into the office early Monday morning as there is always lots to do. I took Elders Whitaker and Martin with me up to the mission home as the President has some furniture items in his garage that he wanted moved. We dropped the tread mill off at Sisters Young and Billingsley's apartment and put the rest of the stuff in the office garage. The Elders are always good to help when ever I ask. Seems like the missionaries have had a lot of bed bug problems of late. We have permethlin (sp) that we order from SLC which seems to help. P-day for the young missionaries today so the office was just buzzing. Happy Birthday to David today, 25 years old - how did he get to be that old already!

Tuesday I left right after prayer meeting to go do apartment inspections. I was gone most all day checking apartments in the south part of our mission. Only got lost one time today as the GPS just could not find the address on a certain road. I called the apartment complex and they gave me another address and I drove right to the place (close to where I was).

Wednesday I inspected apartments in the Montgomery and Conroe areas, which are towns in the north part of our mission. I got back in the mid afternoon in time to welcome a new Spanish speaking elder who just arrived. He seemed real excited to be back in the mission field. His original assignment was to the Dominican Republic, but had got so sick he had to go home for some time to recuperate. He will be with us for two years, so his total mission time is more than most. We were invited to the Johnson home this evening for dinner. The Chesnuts were also invited and the two sets of Elders in our Olde Oaks Ward. They had Texas BBQ, potato salad (Leona made), beans and all the trimmings. It was great. The Elders taught a real good object lesson on faith (using a tea bag!).

Thursday I drove to Brenham and Waller to inspect apartments. Brenham is about 1 1/2 hours away. There were lots of missionaries in the office late this afternoon as they had interviews with the mission president. Just before the Elders left (about 6 of them) started to sing Ye Elders of Israel, they really harmonized well. It was fun to listen to them (of course the Senior Missionary's had them sing more).

Friday I headed out west to the Sealy and Katy areas to inspect apartments. I spent some time in Sealy trying to find another apartment to move the elders into. Not much there in that little town. The apartment manager said he would try to get authorization to fix the old apartment up. I "explained" how important that would be for them to do that - I am sure it will all work out.

Saturday and we got up early to clean the apartment and do some shopping. Leona wanted to get some fabric to make a baby blanket so that was real exciting for me to help pick out the right colors, etc. Later in the afternoon the senior sisters all went shopping at the "big" fabric store but I got to stay home. When the Sisters got back we all got together for water melon and casserole. There are "picnic tables" out in front of the Sisters and the Chesnuts apartments. The evening was so pleasant we all walked over to the pond and fed the ducks (lots of baby ducks), the swan, and the fish. The fish would come right out of the water to get the bread. It was fun to watch.

The elders called us last night to see if we could pick up an investigator for church which we did. He was staying with his grandmother today so it was several miles from the church. Jeremy has cerebral palsy and is in a wheel chair. He is such a pleasant young man. He seemed to enjoy church. What beautiful weather we are having. The days are real warm now, but most evenings it cools down and with low humidity the weather has been great.

Melissa just called and there were lots of changes in the ward back home. Today they created the Newark 3rd Ward which is most of the Christiana Ward and part of the Newark 1st. There is no longer a Christiana Ward (it is the Newark 3rd of which we are now part). The Newark 1st ward Bishop is Karl Fails. The Rising Sun Branch is now the Bay View Ward. And there is a New Castle Ward. So six wards and two branches where there were 4 wards and 3 branches before. More details to follow.

It has been another wonderful week in the mission field. We pray that you all may have this blessing at some time in your married life. We are so grateful to be doing this at this time. The Lord has really blessed us.

We pray all is well with you,
Love Dad and Mom

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