Sunday, April 11, 2010

35th Post Mon April 5 - Sun April 11,2010

Another new week in the Texas Houston Mission. Elder Chesnut and I went to WalMart to get cleaning and car supplies for Zone Conferences this week. Leona and I actually went to lunch today at a Mediterranean restaurant. It was fun to have a shurama and baklava. They made a mistake with our order so they made another complete order in a take home box for us and when I offered to pay they said no. It was warm and humid today.

Tuesday and 180 years ago today that the church was organized. We didn't get up and run today as we had to be in College Station (1 3/4 hours away) for Zone Conference. I had to give a short speech on apartments. President Hansen said that was the first time he had heard the "doctrine" of apartments before. He said thank you for not just talking about a cleaning list. The subject for zone conference was repentance. Pres Hansen had ask the missionaries a couple of weeks ago to read Alma 5 and a couple of pages in "Preach My Gospel" - to come prepared to discuss what they learned and what they felt. The mission president is very good at setting the tone and inviting the spirit to the meetings. The missionaries really responded with great insights about their feelings and what they learned. The blue bonnets (Texas state flower) and other wild flowers were out along the road side - sure were pretty.

Wednesday and the zone conference was at the Hafer Road building, which is right next to the mission office. Another wonderful meeting and testimonies. Pres Hansen asked Sister Walker and I and Sister Young to bear our testimonies today. That was a good experience for us. David and Raquel got here about 8 pm or so.

Thursday and the zone conference today was in a church building about 45 or 50 minutes away. David and Raquel came about half way through the training session. They had lunch with the missionaries and met Pres and Sister Hansen. The agenda after lunch is to have the missionaries who arrived since last conference and those who will depart before next conference to bear their testimonies. Pres Hansen also asked Raquel to bear her testimony - she did a good job (we had warned them he might call on one or both of them). Alex, the assistant employment manager asked me last week to teach a class for ward and stake employment specialists again this month - which I agreed to do. During the presentation I pointed something out on the screen and when I turned to face the group I was looking right into the projector light. I did that two different times and thought - boy that light is bright!
Friday we did not go into the office as we spent the day with David and Raquel. It was another very nice day, cool and low humidity so we decided to go to the zoo. It was fun to walk around and see the animals and to visit with the kids. A 4 pm we loaded the mission van up with the other senior missionaries and David and Raquel and I drove us all down to Minute Maid Park to watch the Phillies and the Astros baseball game. The other seniors had not been to a major league game before so that was real fun. We really enjoyed the game (Phillies won!) and just being in the stadium. It was Friday night fireworks so that was even more excitement. A real fun day and evening. Getting out of the parking lot and on to the freeway is a piece of cake in Houston compared to Philadelphia. By evening I could tell that my eyes had been "burned" by the projector last night. It felt like there was a bucket of sand in both eyes. Just the same as a welding or arc flash. My eyes hurt real bad.

Saturday I got up real early and went to the drug store to see if I could get something for my eyes. The pharmacist advised me to go to the doctor as they did not have what I needed except by prescription. I went to the emergency room of the hospital just a couple of blocks from our apartment, seen the doctor, got my prescription, back to the drug store and home all by 8:30 am. By late morning we decided to go to the flea market for awhile, it is about 45 minutes away and boy is it huge. It covers a very large area, much bigger that Cow Town in NJ. We came back home and played a few games with the kids. It was cool and nice again today (I even had a light jacket on).

My eyes feel much better this morning (the drops really help), but Leona says my eyes look like I have been on the 3 day drunk. We went to church, but I tried not to look too many people in the eye - didn't want them to ask how the "party" was. We sure have enjoyed having the kids with us hate to see them go (they leave in the morning).
We are thankful for our family. This week it was Grandpa Pack's (April 6th) and Grandpa Walker's (April 10th) birthday we thought of them and spoke of what great fathers they were and the blessing of being born of goodly parents.
Have a safe and happy week. We love ya'll
Mom & Dad

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