Sunday, April 4, 2010

34th Post Mon. Mar 29 - Sunday April 4, 2010

Monday and the start of a new week in the mission field. I took a mattress up to an elder who called - his mattress had a "hole" in it. Well actually the mattress had no support at all in the middle. I also took our notice to that apartment complex that we would be moving when the lease runs out in a month or so. It is the most expensive apartment in the mission at just over $1000/month.
Suzanne and Allen Smith stopped by to say hello at the mission office. She is my cousin and they are visiting their kids in Houston. Leona and the other senior sisters worked on a quilt that Sister Lish is making this evening. I worked on our taxes, which is always a joy. The weather continues to get warmer but still is very nice.

Went to the mission president's home today and got two beds that were in his garage, also stopped by the store and bought two new mattress. Back to the mission office and loaded the truck and trailer up with sofas, beds and other furniture for the move in Conroe tomorrow. Leona went with me to buy cleaning supplies for the missionaries this afternoon.

I left the office early to drive to Conroe. One apartment in Conroe needed a sofa. The other apartment with four elders is being vacated. I met two of the elders at the new apartment. I signed the lease, picked up the keys and we moved the furniture that was in the truck and trailer into their new place. We then went back to pick up the other elders and the remaining apartment stuff. The elders worked hard cleaning up the old place as best as they could. The refrigerator, microwave and oven looked all most new when they finished. One of the elders went to get the assistant apartment manager so she could do the walk through before we left. Missionaries have lived in that apartment for several years so it was well worn. Anyway she looked things over and as she was leaving the kitchen I said "check out the fridg" which she did and then I said check out the microwave, which she did - I was proud of how the elders had cleaned them up. I said they look great, huh? Well then she opened the dishwasher, just stared in it and then said "who is going to take care of the mouse"!! I about died. We forgot to clean the dish washer. Oh well we got all loaded up and moved into their new place. It was about 1:30 when they finished (I do not lift furniture as instructed by the mission president). I asked what their schedule was like for the next hour and they all had not schedule anything until early afternoon not knowing how long the move would take. I then asked if they had time for lunch with me at Ryan's? Ryan's is a real good "all you can eat place" and there is one real close to their new apartment. I learned of Ryan's with Debbie and her family as there is one in the city next to them in Missiouri. It was a fun lunch with those elders. One elder gave out at least two pass along cards while we were there. He is such an on the ball missionary. This evening we had 4 elders that live real close to us for dinner. They are fun to be around and have such a good spirit. A great day to be in the mission field.

Thursday was another moving day. This time we moved one set of elders out of a real dump (missionaries have been there about 12 years I believe), into an apartment at a members home. The elders who had been living in the members home were moved into an apartment complex closer to their area. The clean up and move went a bit slow as one set of elders were not well versed in cleaning/moving (physical WORK) techniques. But I was there with lots of father type instructions (surprise). Both sets of elders were real excited about their new "homes". The day was spent by the time I got back to the office, unloaded the trash furniture and put the trailer away.

Friday morning was our regular interview with President Hansen. It is a real blessing to be associated with such good men. He is a real inspiration and a faithful servant. He shared with us a letter hand signed by the first presidency granting permission for a particular fellow on parole to be baptised. Pres. Hanson said he did not expect the letter to be positive because of all the circumstances in this case, but that it is a real testimony to him that the Lord is in charge and that the First Presidency are so mindful of the one.

I had my last BCG treatment today - that really takes the starch out of me. Leona went to MD Anderson with me and got me home, then went to the office for the rest of the afternoon.

We enjoyed so much the conference sessions today. Thankful for the Internet that allows us to see and hear conference at home. I felt well enough to go to the Priesthood session this evening. Elder Chesnut picked me up and we went together. Leona and the other senior sisters went to the book store up by the temple and had dinner together this evening.

We were invited over to Sisters Young and Billingsley's for breakfast this Easter Sunday morning. It was a real spread with ham, eggs, sausage, fried potatoes, muffins, cinnamon toast, juice, fresh fruit, chocolate milk, etc. We had a grand time visiting and reminiscing of the days when we were growing up. We came back to the apartment in time to watch conference.

We are so thankful for this wonderful blessing of serving a mission together. We are so grateful for our loving Savior, Jesus Christ, and for the atonement; to be able to repent and to be forgiven of those things that we do wrong and to try again to be more like our Father in Heaven. It has been a wonderful conference weekend. We are so thankful for the words of apostles and prophets. What a blessing to have their words to guide us. We love our mission and can not tell you how we are blessed to be here and how thankful we are for this service and His tender mercies. We know the things we heard and experienced in conference these past two days are true. We are thankful for this Easter day to be reminded of the Lord's sacrifice for each of us.

Each day we pray for your well being and for your continued service in the Lord's kingdom. What a blessing you are in our life.
We love you,
Dad and Mom.

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