Sunday, March 20, 2011

84th Post Monday Mar. 14 - Sunday Mar., 20, 2011

We went into the office early this Monday morning - lots to catch up on. Being out of the office Thursday and Friday put me a bit behind. I worked on photos for 7 new missionaries coming in the next several months, updated my apartment spreadsheet and distributed it and drove up to an apartment complex near the Temple to sign new leases for 2 - one bedroom apartments. The apartments are very nice. They are on the third floor, but the elders are young and strong and used to moving stuff up stairs.
Elder and Sister Thomas came to our place to eat dinner prior to FHE. The topic was on miracles and tender mercies we have experienced on our missions. Many great blessing we all shared as a result of being full time missionaries. My main contribution to the evening was refreshments (yes I made pumpkin cookies- under the careful supervision of Sister Walker, and root beer floats). We have a new Senior Sister, Sister Nance from Georgia. She is assigned in the employment office and replaces Sister Billingsley who went home in November.

Tuesday I hooked up the truck and trailer and drove up to move the Elders at the Cypresswood apartments near the Temple. The Mission President is having me slowly move out of the 4 man apartments, just to many "distractions", if you know what I mean. The Elders were boxed up and pretty much ready to go. They were excited to get into the new apartments.
After we completed moving their stuff I drove down to one of our apartments that missionaries no longer occupy. The last missionaries who had lived there met me there and we moved the furniture out and cleaned the place up. The elders had done a good job of getting the place ready to move out. There were only a few items worth keeping, a desk, table & chairs, bookcase and beds. There were two old sofas that we set down on the sidewalk and before you could turn around there were folks there wanting to know if they could have the stuff. It was great to get rid of many items not worth taking back to the mission office. When I first came to this apartment complex about a year ago it was nice for the area, but boy has it gone down hill fast. We were glad to move the missionaries out. When I did the walk through with the apartment manager she mentioned how much she missed seeing the sisters we had living there. Even the manager did not like the area and the sisters would come into her office and say hello and really brighten up her day. She missed that interaction. We moved the sisters out a few transfers ago and moved elders in. The elders were moved out two transfers ago and now we are out of that apartment all together It was a great moving day with very nice cool weather in the morning.

Wednesday more paper work. Seems like I am not as caught up as I normally am. I drove down to the Copperfield area to pick up Elder Stringfellow as he had to take a loaner car to some elders who got into an accident the other day. President Hansen was in today and asked Elder Stringfellow and I to meet with him. We have a couple of Senior sisters who are just not getting along at all and wanted our council on options.
I spent the rest of the afternoon with the help of Elders Gardner & Sorsenson arranging things in the garage, hauling a few things to NAM (like Deseret Industries) and unloading the truck and trailer. The elders are always good to help me when ever I ask.

Thursday we were up early for the drive to MD Anderson. Steven's appointment was at 8am but he wanted to be there early so we were there about 7:30am. After completing his check in stuff they told him that they would order the medication from the pharmacy and would call his name again but that it was going to be a wait - and it was, about two hours. When his name was called the second time he was finished very quickly and we were back to the apartment about noon. He spent the rest of the afternoon resting, drinking LOTS of water, and in the bathroom. Two treatments done and one to go!
Friday: I am not sure how much sleep Steven got last night. He said that he was feeling ok. He did not go to office. We had staff meeting and President Hansen shared an email that he had sent to Elder and Sister Kikuchi and their response back. Elder and Sister Kikuchi have children, grandchildren and siblings in different parts of Japan. After more than four days they had finally received word that everyone is safe. Elder Kikuchi said, "so many people have died, I feel so bad I am here and could not help them". President Hansen offered the closing prayer in staff meeting. It was filled with love and blessings for Elder Walker's health. Sister Stringfellow offered the opening paryer and she too poured out her heart for a blessing of health and speedy recovery for Elder Walker. With prayers like were offered today, no wonder Steven is doing so well. We are so thankful and so blessed.
After I got home from the mission office Steven did feel well enough to go for a short walk around the lake and to feed the ducks. He is doing much better this evening.
Saturday I felt better so we decided to go on the senior outing down to the Houston Ship Channel and San Jacinto Battleground Historic site. Most rode in the van, but we decided to drive in case I needed to leave early. President and Sister Hansen also drove down. This is a first time they have gone with the seniors on P-day. We enjoyed the boat tour of the shipping channel, the Battleship Texas, and the San Jacinto site (Leona and I did this same trip in early Feb). The Christensons and Nagels from Huntsville joined us, as well as the Thomas's from downtown (employment missionaries) and the Shipleys from the South Mission and of course the seniors from the mission office and employment office. It was a very enjoyable day, warm and a light breeze. Fun to be with the other seniors. I did fine and glad we went.
We enjoyed Sacrament meeting. Lots of babies and small children in the Olde Oaks Ward and some Sundays they are quite entertaining. It brings back "fond" memories as we watch the families. The talks were given by two high counselors and they both did well. We were reminded to look to Christ and the prophet and other church leaders for guidance - they are our lighthouses".
Elder and Sister Stringfellow invited us over after church to eat dinner with them. They are great people with strong testimonies and faith. We had a nice visit and we sure enjoy serving with them in the mission office.
We hope you each have a great week. Be careful in all you do.
We love you,
Dad and Mom

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