Sunday, December 19, 2010

71st Post Monday Dec 13 - Sunday, Dec 19, 2010

Monday we went into the office early, I got apartment inspection forms ready for tomorrow, updated some files, helped missionaries with vacuum issues (how to clean filters, etc) and with cleaning supplies. Leona and I went to Sam's Club to get paper goods for next weeks mission activities. The seniors had FHE at the Stringfellow's apartment. Sister Marsh taught the lesson on scriptures that prove the Book of Mormon is true.

Tuesday I inspected apartments in Sealy and Katy. Most of the apartments were in good shape. The Ashley House apartment had re-carpeted and painted so it looked real good. I am able to find most of the apartments with almost no help (GPS or maps) so I am learning something. I usually get back to the office in the mid afternoon. Worked on file updates and ordered some pictures for President Cue (2nd coun. in the mission presidency). The time goes by very fast, but we enjoy so much our work. It was warmer today, in the mid 60's with lots of sunshine.

Wednesday I inspected apartments in Tomball, Magnolia, and the area around the mission office. Even though I am on the road a lot I do enjoy the work I am assigned to perform. Talking with the missionaries in their apartments and getting to know them better is a real plus. Later in the day I went to the mattress store and ordered 25 more beds for the mission, then to Walmart for mattress covers, and Home Depot for padlocks for the new fence/gates that was recently completed behind the office.

Thursday I was back out to the Katy area delivering a bed for the Sisters and getting a drivers licence form to an Elder before his licence expires (his companion currently does not have a licence). Leona made carmel, chocolate covered pretzels for all the missionaries so I left a little treat bag for each missionary in their apartment. Elder Stringfellow called me on my way back to the office so I arranged to meet him at one of the apartments so he could drop off a car following repairs. This afternoon we left work early, about 4 pm and went to the temple. Just 7 of us on the session, but still a good experience. It is a real blessing for us to have a temple in our mission.

Friday, a great day, David will graduate this evening with a BA in accounting. Our thoughts and hearts are with him and Raquel in Idaho. We are proud of him and all his hard work. Way to go David!
In our office staff meeting President Hansen read 1 Nephi 11, Nephi's vision of the nativity 600 years before Christ's birth. What a sacred event that Nephi was able to see. How thankful we are for our saviour, Jesus Christ, for his life and love and willingness to atone for our sins.
During staff meeting we planned some of the details for next week's mission wide Christmas activity and devotional on Wednesday Dec. 22. Lots for the seniors to get ready. Leona said that she is going to keep tylenol on hand for the day and maybe some of the "special medicine" that was used at girls camp!
I ran several errands, went shopping for more supplies with Leona, and took Elder Stringfellow down to pick up a missionary car.
Much cooler this evening as the wind was coming out of the north.

Saturday, another great day, it is Jessica's 30th birthday today! My how fast the years have gone by. We are so thankful for Jessica. She is so lucky; she gets to spend her birthday preparing for and probably cleaning up their ward Christmas dinner!!
We did our P-day thing - shopping, cleaning and I even got the car washed. Leona sent me out with a long lists of items to get. She made treats for the ward Christmas party this evening. The party was fun, even though I thought it was way unorganized. The high priests did the 12 days of Christmas. They had 3 sisters sing the song and then each of us had one of the days we represented. I had 5 large "gold" rings, Elder Stringfellow was the 1st day. It was fun and seemed to be a big hit with the ward. Lots of people came out. The organizers had set up a table with large glass containers with all sorts of different candy and treats in them. By the time the evening was over the kids were "wired" big time. It was a hoot to sit back and watch the parents chase them!

Sunday, sacrament meeting was very inspirational. We enjoyed the speakers a lot, even the high councilor did a really good job of speaking with the spirit. He talked about service and "good will to all man kind" not just those we know or we think deserve our help; a very uplifting meeting. The teacher in the high priest quorum taught the exact same lesson he taught last week. About half way through I thought I was having an old age attack, but I noticed I was not the only one in the group having the same attack!

We continue to be blessed so much to be on this mission. It is really a grand experience, one we are so thankful for.
Have a wonderful week. We wish ya'll a very Merry Christmas. Be safe.
We love you,
Dad and Mom

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