Sunday, September 19, 2010

58th Post Monday Sept 13 - Sunday Sept 19, 2010

Monday, the beginning of another week, and missionaries were in an out of the mission office most of the day. We are right next to the Stake Center so they play basketball and soccer there and then come to the office to check on mail. Some stay and visit with one another so it gets busy and noisy at times. I took Leona and Sister Stringfellow down to Sam's Club to get them purchasing cards also. This way neither myself or Elder Stringfellow have to go with them when we need stuff for the mission. This evening we cooked 15 pounds of hamburger for the leadership lunch tomorrow. The Stringfellows and senior sisters came for family home evening. Elder Walker taught the lesson and Sister Walker was in charge of refreshments - ice cream and cookies. It is great to be a missionary!

Tuesday I started the next round of apartment inspections. The apartments look good for the most part. I did find in one apartment that elders were still in bed at 10:30 AM. There is a foursome in that apartment and one of the missionaries is the district leader but he is at the leadership training meeting. His new companion was up and dressed and reading when I knocked on the door. So as I looked around I went to the other bedroom and opened the door and the other two missionaries were just falling out of bed, I think I surprised them a bit. When I checked their bathroom they had lined the tub with plastic garbage bags and it was full of cans of soda. I asked if I was late for the party but they explained that they bought more soda than the fridge would hold so they thought they would "ice it down" in the tub! With apartment inspections you are never sure what you might find.
The office sisters served taco salad for the leadership training meeting today. They fed about 55 missionaries today and will do the same for the next two days.
Tuesday evening is the senior sisters sewing night so Leona went over to their apartment.

Wednesday morning we went early to the store to get more lunch supplies for today's leadership lunch. Today they served sub sandwiches and Sister Young made apple and peach pie in large cookie sheets. It was a real hit. I drove to Huntsville, Conroe, Montgomery and the Woodlands inspecting apartments. Huntsville is about one hour north of us. From Huntsville I took the back roads down to Montgomery, through the Sam Houston National Forest. It was a very beautiful drive and not much traffic at all. They were cleaning the office carpets this afternoon so we could not go back into the office. I went on down to the mattress store to purchase a couple of mattress and then to the second hand store to pick up a couple of desks, all for the new apartment we are opening next week.

Thursday we got up early to run, and it was actually nice out with low humidity. It is still in the 90's everyday however. I drove up to College Station (home of Texas A&M), Brenham and Waller inspecting apartments. We stayed late this evening to work in the office. One of the missionaries, who had been attending the leadership meetings, needed a ride up to the temple to catch a ride back to his area (Huntsville), so I took him up to catch his ride. Lunch today was a baked potato bar with all the trimmings and ice cream. Another busy day with lots to do, but we are grateful we can do what we are doing - what a blessing!

Friday morning Leona went into the office very early to work for a while and then came back to go with me down to MD Andersons' for another round of BCG treatments. They have me come in for blood, etc at 9 AM and then wait until 11:30 to start the treatments. The cystoscopy (6 o'clock news camera) is always fun. An intern started so he had a good old time showing me all around my bladder, "here is the inlet from one kidney and the inlet from the other one and here is the outlet - that is easy to spot because it has the TV camera cable coming through it, and the site of the tumor, etc". After killing time with the bladder tour my Dr came in and he has his tour through my bladder. He told me all my blood work came back normal, and my bladder looks just fine. I do have a slightly enlarged prostate (but what man over 50 does not), which they showed me protruding/pushing into my bladder during to tour. After the tour they put another gown (why is it called a gown? there is nothing elegant about them) on me, walled me down the hall to the room where I get the BCG treatment. We left the hospital about 2:30 pm. I did not feel very good the rest of the day and night.

Saturday we just stayed at home. I did not feel like doing much . We did go feed the ducks at the pond just before dark, but other than that pretty much laid low all day.
Today we enjoyed our church meetings. Steven is feeling better, he needs to drink lots of water all the time and sometimes forgets or doesn't feel like doing so but if he doesn't he pays for it later! The Stringfellows invited us over for dinner this evening and we had a nice visit with them. It is amazing to me how in just a short time of knowing the senior missionaries how close we become - makes me feel that we must of known each other in the pre-existance.
All is well in Texas and we pray all is well with each of you. Thank you for your prayers, you are in our prayers too. We love you and hope you have a wonderful week.
Living our dream,
Mom and Dad

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