Sunday, September 12, 2010

57th Post Mon Sept. 6 - Sunday Sept 12, 2010

I drove up to the temple early Monday to pick up some carpet remnants for the missionary apartments. The temple engineer did not want me to take any of the carpet just removed or any of the new carpet, but he had a large roll of carpet in the storage building that I could cut pieces from. It worked out real well except I managed to lock the keys in the van with the motor running! Not sure how that is even possible with new vehicles, but I did it. Thank goodness the mission office is only a few minutes away. Elder Stringfellow brought a spare set of keys to bail me out. Back at the office, we had two elders come in who could not find their car this morning! I told them to go back to their apartment (the other companionship in the same apartment complex also has a car) and to look for signs posted about towing cars and the towing company's phone number. Sure enough the elder had doubled parked (over the white line) and got towed sometime during the night. Elder Stringfellow drove out to the impound yard and retrieved their car (it cost the elder $208!). This after noon Leona and I drove down to the Dunning's apartment (Houston South Mission) for a Labor Day BBQ. Sisters Oborn and Gibbs are going home soon so we wanted to see them before they left. They lived in the apartment complex with us when we lived down town. It was fun to visit with them and the other Seniors from that mission.

Tuesday was a busy transfer day. We got to the office at 7 AM as I had to drive 3 missionaries north to Conroe and then bring back 3 missionaries to the office. Got back in time to take the van and trailer to Bear Creek with other missionaries involved in transfers. It rained hard most of the day so it was fun loading and unloading the missionaries, their bikes, and luggage. Elder Hiatt left for the College Station area this morning. We will miss him and Elder Martin. Elder Anderson is the new AP, a great young man. The departing missionaries had a testimony meeting at the Hafer building and then a dinner. The Stringfellows help us with the dinner feeding about 30 people. After we cleaned up we went back to the office to work. It was late by the time we got home.

Wednesday was another very busy day. President and Sister Hansen fixed breakfast for the departing missionaries at the mission home and then took them to the airport. Usually the AP's help with transporting missionaries but everything "fit" in the van. Anyway the AP's needed to run some errands so they went with me to deliver some beds, and stop by and sign a lease at one of our apartments. As we were out and about the Elders from Sealy called - their power was turned off. What a mess that apartment manager and owner have been. I spent most of the rest of the day trying in vain to get the power on. Promises from the power company and the apartment owner were not fulfilled. I offered to put the Elders (4some) up in a hotel for the night but they said no big deal they would camp out in the apartment. I also got a call from the Sisters in the Redwood Heights apartment that they got an eviction notice on their door, some unpaid bill. We called and discovered the apartment had not received this months rent check sent by SLC. The sisters were all worried they would have to pack up and leave. Sister Walker got everyone calmed down and the apartment folks got a check so all was well. 14 new missionaries arrived this afternoon. They are excited and anxious to go to work and we love them already! We went home late from the office and cooked bacon and sausage for breakfast tomorrow morning.

Thursday we got up early and were at the mission home before 7 AM cooking french toast, etc for the new missionaries and their trainers. That is a real production for us, but it went well. After breakfast, President Hansen announces the new companionships and then I take photos of each new missionary with President & Sister Hansen to send to the parents. Leona drove our car and I drove the truck to the mission home as I needed to take missionaries and their belongings to Conroe after breakfast. We stopped at the drug store to get copies of the pictures made and then off to Conroe. We stayed late again this evening (10:30 or so) doing letters for the newly called mission leaders and for the new missionaries parents, etc. Boy am I way tired, but so thankful to be able to serve.

Friday we had our staff meeting. It is always a boost to meet with President and Sister Hansen, they are such good people. We just feel better being with them. We worked on letters, photos and apartment updates all day. We had another cleaning assignment at the temple this evening. The AP's went with us again this week. Stopped the Mexican place for an early dinner and then to the temple. They had us clean the back stairs up to the ordinance rooms and also the nursery. All the carpet is installed and the furniture back in place. Just a matter of general and detailed cleaning. We enjoyed our time at the temple with the elders.

Saturday morning the Stringfellows, the Christensons and Leona and I went in the van down to the Space Center. The other two couples had not been before. We enjoyed a couple of the movies about the space station and training to be an astronaut. It was a fun day and we enjoyed visiting with the other seniors on the way down and back.

Sunday we needed to sleep in a bit (I cannot keep up with Leona and her long working hours all week), so thank goodness our ward starts at 10:30. We had a couple from Nigeria over for dinner this evening. We met Tosin (wife) at church, she is a geologist for Exxon. They got married this past May and he is waiting on "his papers" so that he can enroll in school. He is an accountant but needs to get more education in the USA in order to work here. He is not a member of the church - yet! They are both very nice and we enjoyed our visit and of course invited him to church. He has attended in the past but I think three hours is a bit long for him and they only have one car so I think that is why he hasn't attended for awhile.
It has been a very busy week. President Hansen said that this has been the biggest transfer week since he has been mission president. We love it. We love the missionaries and we cry when they leave to return home; but we are thankful that we now have 14 new ones to get to know and love!
We pray that you are well. We know our Father in Heaven is watching over you. We pray that each of our grandsons will serve a mission and it will be wonderful if our granddaughters, who desire to, will too. We truely are thankful to be here, we wouldn't trade this experience for anything.
We love ya'll so very much,
Dad and Mom

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