Sunday, September 5, 2010

56th Post Monday Aug 30 - Sunday Sept. 5, 2010

Monday morning we went into the office earlier than normal to load up some furniture to take to Huntsville. Elder and Sister Christensen will arrive sometime tomorrow so I thought it would be good to have a bed, table, chairs, sofa, and kitchen stuff in their apartment before they arrive. The Huntsville Elders, who live just a couple of apartments away unloaded the furniture when I arrived. It did not take too long so I was back to the office by mid morning. I drove down to the Concord at Little York apartment complex to sign a new lease (we have 3 apartments with 10 missionaries there). One apartment has a bed bug problem so I had to discuss with the manager some things that I needed them to do for us - it was good to get us on the same page. I had the elders stop by the office to tell him first hand what was going on. I believe things will improve.

Tuesday, I made another fast trip up to Huntsville (about 50 minutes north of us); I left in such a hurry yesterday that I forgot the bed frame so Leona went with me to help get the bed set up before the Christensen's arrive. When we got back President Hansen was in the office interviewing missionaries. When he finished he asked if he could talk with me. The AP's had given me a heads up so I was not completely worried. Any way he asked me to take 15 minutes in Zone Leaders Council tomorrow and talk about faith. He also asked me about apartments and up coming transfers. I told him my feeling about one particular situation and that we should find a new apartment. He agreed with my suggestions and told me to proceed. Tuesday is the Senior Sisters' sewing night, so I worked on some thoughts for tomorrow.

Wednesday was Zone Leaders Council meeting. Elder Stringfellow and I both shared our thoughts on our assigned subjects. It was a real experience to be in that meeting. The Zone Leaders are real fine young men who really have the spirit of the work. President Hansen shared with us all an interesting experience. Last week Elder Kikuchi promised that baptisms would double if all the missionaries would be 100%. President Hansen felt he should make some phone calls last Thursday evening, which he did to all the Zone leaders. He asked them to think of the investigators who were not on track or who had not committed to a baptism date and to go back and visit them and to teach and commit them as Elder Kikuchi had taught us. Well, Thursday morning (before the phone call) there were 8 people who had committed to baptism that weekend, but by Sunday night the mission had 14 baptisms. President Hansen then said, do you see the miracle. Do you see the promise? We are so blessed to see the Lord's hand in this mighty work.

Thursday I went to visit with one of our apartment managers about getting an additional apartment in that same complex. She is new to this apartment and new as a manager so she had all the "rules" that MUST be followed, especially on criminal background checks. I thought here we go again. She just kept going and going, saying the same thing over and over. I explained our position and then they could decide if they wanted to proceed with an additional apartment for us. After she left, the assistant manager who was sitting there the whole time and whom we have dealt with in the past, apologized for her caring on so. He said do not worry "nothing" has changed and that we will be able to get the apartment and that the paper work would be taken care off. That is one of the fun parts of my job - dealing with apartment managers.

Friday morning was our turn for an interview with the mission president. President Hansen is always very kind. He told me how much he appreciated my teaching on Wednesday. He said Elder Walker always teaches from the scriptures and is a natural teacher (I don't know about all that - but I do enjoy being with the missionaries). In our staff meeting he asked Leona to pray. He told her after that he always feels closer to the Lord when I here Sister Walker pray.

We took Elder Haitt, Thomson, and Martin out for an early dinner this evening. The five of us were scheduled to work in the temple from 5 to 8 pm. They are re-carpeting the temple. Most of the old carpet has been removed and the crew is starting to install the new. It was a bit sad to see the temple in such a "mess", but it will be put right in a week or so. We (the three elders and us) cleaned the lockers in the men's room. They really make sure that very thing is clean! Another wonderful day to be in the Texas Houston Mission.

Saturday is a special day, a day to get ready for Sunday - which we did. Leona did some sewing and I read and checked emails this evening.

Sunday we had a very nice testimony meeting. The bishop reminded everyone what a testimony really is. Everyone was brief and to the point, so lots got to share. We had Elders Hiatt, Thomson and Martin over for dinner. This coming week is transfers and Elder Hiatt is going back out to the field, he has been an AP for about 10 months so he is excited about going back to more proselyting. Elder Martin has been in this ward for a long time also. He is being transferred to Tomball and will be the new district leader. He is a good young man, we will miss him and Elder Hiatt. We went over to the Stringfellows for FHE this evening. Always fun to be with the senior missionaries. We love so much those we serve with and are thankful to be here in Texas at this time.

We love you and are proud of all you are doing with your families.
Dad and Mom

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