Sunday, June 27, 2010

46st Post Monday June 21 - Sun. June 27,2010

Another Sunday afternoon and time to fill you in on this weeks activities. Monday I worked on apartment paper work all day. Mondays are also the young missionaries P-day so there are many who come to the office and today it seemed they had lots of questions for me. It is fun to visit with them, they are such good young men and women. We enjoy them so much. This evening the seniors all got together over at Chesnuts apartment for dinner. We had "hay stacks" with all kinds of toppings. It was really good! We enjoy getting together and visiting - they are wonderful people.

Tuesday I signed leases at three of our existing apartments and also hauled some furniture. Spent the rest of the day with office paper work. The days go by so fast it is amazing. We love what we are doing and count it a real blessing to be able to be here at this time.

Wednesday we took the old picture board down and put up the new one and transferred the pictures. It looks nice if I don't mind saying so myself. We had Elders Worthington and Galbraith over for dinner this evening. They are Zone Leaders in the Houston North Zone and really fine young men. Elder Worthington's Dad is in Afghanistan and returns this fall about the time Elder Worthington goes home. What a happy reunion for his family, his father has been in Afghanistan for a year. Elder Galbraith's Dad teaches at BYUI. His Dad was about 12 years old when the dam broke and flooded Sugar City. He said that his dad wanted to go fishing on the dam that morning but his mother (Elder Galbraith's grandmother) said that he could go just as soon as the lawn was mowed. When he tried to start the mower it wouldn't work so he had to use the push mower. It took him much longer and just as he was finishing their neighbor came by and said that the dam had broke. His life was saved by his mother having him cut the grass and the regular lawn mower not starting.

Thursday Leona went with me to WalMart to purchase cleaning supplies for the missionaries. It is Zone Conferences next week so they request things from the office and Elder and Sister Chesnut put together their "orders". We stopped on the way back to the office at a second hand store and purchased a couple of desks for less than $25 total. When we got back to the office I had a couple of the missionaries help load up other furniture in the trailer so I could make a "furniture run" tomorrow. We went to the temple this evening. There were about 10 or so on the session. It is so nice to be only 20 to 30 minutes from the temple. We enjoyed our time there a lot.

Friday morning we did not have our regular staff meeting as the Hansens have family in town for a few days. I left early to take furniture down to Little York Apartments, then out to Katy. The missionaries were all ready for me and so the unloading went real quick, but the driving time was a bit long as the distances between the two places is almost across the whole mission. This afternoon I went up just north of the office about 20 minutes to take a bed to an elder who is having some back problems. This afternoon as we left the office to go home I asked if anyone wanted to go out to dinner with us - all the office and employment office seniors wanted to go. It does not take much to get us all together. We sat at the restaurant and visited long after we finished eating. Then we stopped to get a raspberry smoothie and sat there and visited some more. Just one one big party when you are a senior missionary. We do have fun together.

Saturday we did our P-day stuff and then drove out to Traders Village. That is just a really big flea marked (Cow Town times 5!!). It was so hot and humid that we did not last long. Even in the shade we were dripping wet. We ran into the other senior missionaries there also. I was glad to get back to the car and home where it was cool.

Sunday we enjoyed our church services. The priesthood and RS lesson was a talk given by Sister Beck. I enjoyed the topic. We sure enjoy your phone calls each week. Thanks for keeping in touch with us.

We love this work and are so blessed to be here and to be associated with such good missionaries. Thanks for your love and support. May Heavenly Father bless you.
Dad & Mom

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