Sunday, June 20, 2010

45th Post Monday June13 - Sun. June 20, 2010

This was one busy week. It is always busy during transfer week, with the new missionaries coming in, others going home and leadership changes. Monday I went down to the "Little York" apartments to sign a lease on a new apartment. After work we went shopping for food for tomorrows transfers. We cut fruit and got other things ready.

Tuesday we left early for the office as I had to be down to the Little York apartments to move the missionaries and Mom had to get the snacks and other goodies ready for the missionaries as they come in (all day long). The apartment move went well (considering there was no power until later in the day). We closed down the sisters apartment, moved one set of elders into the new 2 bedroom apartment and moved the sisters into the vacated elders 1 bedroom apartment. We now have 10 missionaries living in 3 apartments at this location (Two 2 bedroom apartments with elders and one 1 bedroom apartment with sisters). I got back to the office after the move in time to drive the "bus" (12 passenger van with trailer) with a load of missionaries and their belongings down to the Bear Creek Chapel. They were met by their new companions and rides to their new areas. I brought several elders back with me to the mission office so they could get to their new areas. I loaded up a few more elders and drove them up to their zone leaders apartment which is south of the Woodlands (not too far from the office). We left to go home early so I could change into my suit and a dry white shirt (boy, is it humid!). We loaded up stuff to take to the temple for the dinner this evening. The departing missionaries go through a session at the temple and then have dinner together in the temple cafeteria. Leona had arranged for a new person to provide the dinner but we supplied the desert, paper goods and set up. It was wonderful to be with these great missionaries before they depart. It was a long day, but the Lord really answered our prayers that the moves, and dinner would go well, which it all did (even the power got turned back on).

Wednesday morning the departing missionaries all came back to the office to get their luggage and say good bye. It was hard to see them go. We really got close to Elders Brady (AP) and Whittaker - excellent young men. President & Sister Hansen and the APs take the departing missionaries to the airport and stay to pick up the new missionaries. They got back to the office about 3 pm. This bunch of new elders and sisters really seemed to be excited and ready to serve. All the senior missionaries in the office take a few minutes with them to explain what we do and how we can help them. We then went over to the Hafer Building, just next door and helped Sister Young set up for dinner for the new missionaries (4 sisters and 6 elders), plus the APs, two Zone leaders, Pres & Sister Hansen, Sister Young and us. It is fun to visit with the them, just really good young people. We helped clean up and headed home to get ready for the next day.

Thursday Leona had ordered 14 pizzas for the training meeting at the church near the Temple. This meeting is for all the trainers and their new companions, plus the new district and zone leaders. We had about 50 people there. The pizzas were not ready when we went to pick them up, in fact they didn't even have one baked! Anyway I was headed out the door and Mom reminded me that we had little choice at this point so I asked to speak to the store manager. The snack bar folks were very short handed and unable to deal with the back log. The manager was very quick to get folks organized with three additional staff to help. Things really went fast then. They all were very apologetic and he in fact gave us 2 free pizzas. We were just a few minutes late getting set up to feed the missionaries, but it all worked out. We had a vegetable tray, cut up fresh fruit and cookies and brownies, etc. I thought 12 pizzas would be plenty with all the other stuff, but Mom knows what she is doing when it comes to feeding the masses (thank goodness - we only had a couple of slices of pizza left). The missionaries helped us clean up and we brought 3 sisters back to the office with us so the car was really loaded. We worked until 7 or so this evening in the office getting a bit caught up. What a busy day!

Friday morning in our staff meeting President Hansen asked Mom to give the thought. She had something in mind so was well prepared. The new AP is Elder Thomson from Hawaii. We do not know him very well, but that will change over the next week or so. They had a district meeting in the Hafer Building today so when that was over the office filled up with missionaries. They always stop by to check for mail and it was lunch time so we set out leftover fruit, cookies, etc - so much for the leftovers some of those elders had not eaten for a couple of hours so they were way hungry! Fun to be around them. I drove down to Home Depot later this afternoon to get some supplies to make a new missionary photo board for the office. I got it cut out and the first coat of paint applied. Another late night, but we love this work.

Saturday we went over to the office early as I wanted to work on the photo board and Mom had letters to send to parents, priesthood leaders, and the missionaries concerning the recent leadership calls (trainers, district & zone leaders and the new AP). We worked all day in the office and I did get the board made, but will hang it and transfer the photos next week. So thankful our little project went well.

Today, Sunday is Father's Day. They had a nice program including the primary kids singing. It is always fun to watch their facial expressions as they sing "I'm So Glad When Daddy Comes Home"!
It has been an exhausting week for us "seniors" but we have been blessed with energy to keep up. We return to our apartment tired each night and we are thankful for that blessing. You are each in our prayers. We love you and can feel the blessings that come to us from your prayers. Have a safe week,
Love Dad and Mom

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