Sunday, May 30, 2010

42nd Post Mon May 23 - Sun May 30, 2010

Another Monday already, can you believe it? I made several phone calls and follow ups with various apartments concerning lease renewals and renovations. I guess I am more inclined to get the apartment management to renovate the apartments (paint and re-carpet) rather than move. It is more "paper work" for me but moving and finding new apartments is lots of work also. I took two Elders with me this morning (their P-day) and we went out to a members home that called and wanted to know if the mission wanted their sectional sofa. It is really a big sofa/sleeper in an L shape so we decided to put it in our apartment. It really fills up the place but looks nice. This afternoon I had a follow up with the eye doctor and all is well from the bright light incident, but he said I have the very early stages of cataracts. He explained that cataracts are incident with getting older and that they are completely "curable" with surgery at some later date (I was worried that maybe there would be nothing else to whittle on in my more advanced years). The senior missionaries couples and Sister Billingsley went out for dinner this evening. We had a good visit with the Thomas' - they are really nice people.

Tuesday morning and I started the next round of apartment inspections. Many of the apartments that I checked today were much improved over last time (inspections about every 6 weeks). I drove into one apartment complex and thought "this does not look familiar", but there could not be two apartments on the same street with like a 1238 number. I found 1238 and knocked on the door. No one answered so I tried my key, it did not work. Then I knew I was in the wrong place. I was sure glad no one was home. I got back to the truck and called the elders, they answered so I asked why they did not answer the door - "No one knocked" was their reply. Now I knew I was all messed up. I told the elder to walk outside and tell me what color his apartment building is - "green" he said. I was parked in front of the white apartment complex. Oh well it was not the first time I have been lost. It was Elder Brady's birthday so we had a birthday pinata for him. Even Sister Walker took a swing!

Wednesday and another full day of checking apartments.

Thursday I went to College Station, Brenham, and Waller inspecting apartments. I am on the road for most all day but the country side is interesting with lots of wide open spaces and large ranches. Whenever there are missionaries in their apartments we talk a little about upkeep, but mostly I ask about the people they are teaching. The missionaries love to tell about their investigators. We went to the temple this evening after work. It is always a good experience to go to the Lord's house. We are thankful to have one so close.
Friday we had our office staff meeting. We enjoy so much meeting with President and Sister Hansen. President Hanson told the APs how much he appreciated their work and help. At the Zone Leaders Conference yesterday, apparently Pres. Hansen forgot his computer with the items he was going to discuss. So before the meeting he leaned over and told Elder Hiatt and Elder Brady to stand up and teach the zone leaders what the Spirit guided them to teach. President said without skipping a beat the two of them taught an inspired message, going back and forth between the two of them, for over 35 minutes. He said that no one in attendance(except for the APs and the President) knew that at the last minute the agenda had been changed. President Hansen then said, "I hope I never take for granted all that you two do for this mission". They are really fine missionaries and wonderful leaders and we are blessed to associate and serve with them.
Saturday we cleaned and did a bit of shopping as we had Elders Whittaker, Martin, Hiatt, & Brady over for dinner this evening. It is always a pleasure to have the elders for dinner and to visit with them and feel their wonderful spirit. After dinner, Leona and I went over to Sisters Billingsley and Young's apartment with the other seniors for ice cream and cookies and to meet Sister Young's two sons. They both came down to fix their mother's car AC. One is a bishop in Draper, Utah and the other lives in Bentonville and works for WalMart.

We attended the gospel essentials class today during Sunday School time. The teacher did not show up so Elder Hiatt just stood up and began the lesson just like it was his "turn". At the end he said during his individual study this morning he was prompted to read the lesson and prepare. He really did a very good job - the missionaries are great teachers - they follow the spirit.

We love our mission and count ourselves so blessed to be here at this time. We pray everyday for you and your family.
Dad & Mom

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