Sunday, May 9, 2010

39th Post Monday May 3 - Sunday May 9, 2010

Early Monday morning we drove Jessica and Renae down to the Hobby Airport for their flight home - we sure have enjoyed their visit - hate to see it end. I then drove back up to College Station to take a bed for a new Sister that will be arriving tomorrow. The Sisters are moving to a new apartment in the same complex so I reviewed and signed the lease, and did the new apartment walk through and got the bed set up. The Sisters will begin the move with the help of the Elders. I got a call later in the day from Elders who's bath tub was cracked and leaking - the problem has been going on for some weeks now and has not be resolved. The apartment complex gave the Elders keys to the "show apartment" next door so they could shower, but still had not fixed the problem. I called and asked what their repair schedule was. The manager did not have a real good answer so I told them they should just allow the missionaries to move into the show apartment as it is all fixed up. Well the manager said we could not do that and even if we could it would cost a lot of additional money. I told her to call her boss and confirm that and oh by the way our lease is due the end of the month and I "hoped we could stay put". A couple of hours later she called back and said we have great news you can move into the show apartment at no additional cost and no increase in rent! Another tender mercy from our loving Heavenly Father. I went down and signed the new lease and got the elders starting to move. It worked out great - the missionaries were sure exicited to move.

Tuesday is transfer day. Lots of missionaries at the mission office. Leona and I prepare the snacks for the departing missionaries and those who come into the office who are going to new areas or waiting for missionaries coming from other areas. We had fresh fruit, muffins, bagels, cream cheese, etc. It all goes fast so I'm glad we always have extra. I took an elder up to Conroe to his new area as the APs were out with the van taking other missionaries to new areas and bringing others back to the mission office. In the evening, Leona and I went up to the temple to set up and to make sure the dinner was ready for the those departing missionaries and any family who came to take them home. The place where we get the Texas BBQ has one fellow who has a temple recommend so he always comes to bring and set up the meal. What a busy day.

Leona and the other senior sisters have been working with Sister Lish to help her make a "Texas quilt". Looks real nice so far.
Wednesday morning we set up snacks again for the departing missionaries and get ready for the new missionaries. President and Sister Hansen and the APs take the missionaries to the airport and get them on their way and then meet the newly arriving missionaries and bring them back to the mission office. We have a short orientation for them and the President interviews each one. I take photos of the new missionaries for the transferr board and mission office picture board. We stayed late this evening getting those photos prepared, printed and mounted. In my spare time I repaired a bed frame. Another busy day.

Thursday morning Elder Chesnut called and wanted me to take him over to an impound yard as a set of elders had their car towed. After we got that taken care of I drove a bed and the mail up to Montgomery for the sisters. The sister will be training a new sister that will be staying with them. Also dropped of a bed frame and other items to the Elders in Conroe.

Friday morning things were very quiet in the office as the new missionaries are in their new areas. Our ten new missionaries are enthused and excited. They are an interesting group and will be great. We are thankful to be able to serve with them and feel the spirit that they bring. We have two deaf elders now and boy was the one that was serving in our mission excited as he traveled to the airport with the AP's to pick up his new companion. I watched as they returned to the office, those two were signing back and forth so quickly and smiling from ear to ear. The companionship is a three some and the third elder can hear, it needs to be that way for obvious safety reasons.

Lots of paper work and apartment items to take care of today. I had a follow up appointment with the eye doctor late this afternoon. All seems well with my eyes, at least there appears to be no current effects of the incident of a couple of weeks ago.

This evening we did a 4 hour shift at the peanut butter factory. It was interesting to see the process up close and personnel. We sorted, packed full jars in boxes, put lids of jars, etc. It was a good experience to have at least once. Makes you thankful for the welfare system of the church.

Saturday we did preparation day stuff. We were invited to the Chesnuts to visit and have some fresh fruit this evening. It is always fun to spend time with the other senior missionaries.

Today is the Spring stake conference so we decided to go. This is the stake that Leona's cousin, Kent Chamberlain, is in the stake presidency. Conference was very nice. President and Sister Hansen, President and Sister Bradshaw (temple president and matron) and the stake presidency all spoke. It was a very uplifting conference the music and speakers all did well.

It has been a wonderful week to be missionaries - what a blessing!
Take care and may the Lord bless you all,
Love Dad and Mom

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