Sunday, February 28, 2010

29 Post Monday Feb. 22 - Sunday Feb. 28, 2010

A very special event happened this week, the birth of Renae Ennis. What a beautiful granddaughter she is (just like her mother). She was born Monday, Feb. 22. and weighed 7#5oz and was 21 inches long. Everyone is doing well. Her brothers thinks she is real neat.

Another very busy week for us. We spent the week with Elder & Sister Dorius getting training on our new responsibilities. Not much to say about that other than there is a lot to know and the Dorius leave at the end of the week. We have our staff meeting on Monday mornings with Pres. Hansen. He also interviews the senior couples and it was our turn. He is really a great person and is very excited to have us in the office - we pray he will feel that way in a few weeks! We are really out of our comfort zone with this new assignment. There is so much to learn and remember. Our computer skills will really improve if we survive it all.

The Dorius did not come in on Friday so we left after lunch to go home and start packing. We had arranged to have the big delivery truck from the Bishop's store house come to move us. Thank goodness we had the truck. Brother Rogers, one of the volunteer drivers drove for us. He got to the apartment about 10:15 and four of the elders living in our apartment complex came over to load us up. We had most everything boxed up and beds broken down and ready to go. It took about two hours to load and get on the road. Missionaries from our mission met at our new apartment, Cypress Lake, and helped unload. Elder and Sister Chesnut, the other mission office couple, also came over and helped unload. They and 3 senior sister missionaries all live in our new apartment complex. They all had fixed dinner for us at the Chesnut's place last night. It was great, as we had not eaten all day and we were worn out. We still have our colds and coughs, and the week of training (worrying) had taken a toll on us I believe. The weather was very nice with lots of sunshine, but not hot - a good day to move.

Our new apartment has two bedrooms and two full baths, and is much nicer and more modern than our old place (bottom floor, corner).We have a one or two minute drive to the office on a little back road. I will not miss the freeway commute at all.

We will make this a short note, but want you to know all is well with us. We really do love our mission and are very thankful we can serve.
Lord bless you,
Dad & Mom

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Hi Grandma and Grandpa!, It's me Garrett. I love your blog. Love ya!!