Sunday, February 14, 2010

27th Post Monday Feb 8 - Sunday Feb 14, 2010

Monday and our day at the Hafer Road office. We had a couple of people call today and want to attend the Career Workshop this week which was great. They were both from our units so we scheduled a work shop for Wednesday and Friday. Not sure if we have ever had anyone ever call and want to come to a Career Workshop (CWS) without our initial invitation. We sent out several invitations to those who have expressed interest in a CWS in the past and some job postings. Our staff meeting was this morning, but Alex did not come in today, something about his car broke down. There was a bit a tension in the office today as Pres. Hansen talked to Steve again this morning about our moving to the mission office. I know Steve is not a happy camper (can't blame him). It rained all day and most of the evening. We had to wade through the flooded sidewalks to get into our apartment this evening.

Tuesday we were back to our regular 12 noon to 9 pm schedule at the Bering Building. Alex comes to the Bering center on Tuesday mornings so we got to visit with him a bit. One fellow came in who was not a member and who's English was not very good. I attempted to do the intake interview but we were not communicating very well so I got Alex to handle it. We sent lots of job postings and made phone calls to some of our candidates. Our one lawyer did send us a nice email. He has found a job with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. He was very excited as it seems to be as "close to a dream job" as he could expect. He was very thankful for our help and encouragement these past few months - that really made our day. A counselor in the Deaf Branch Presidency came by late this afternoon to just see if there were some suggestions and help we could offer. After he reviewed the concerns we talked a lot about welfare principles and employment principles. I think he got some good suggestions. Very windy and cold (not like Delaware however).

We had three people come to our CWS today. A stay at home mom who's kids are all grown, a public relations specialist from Nigeria and graduate from BYU, and a lawyer. The class went really well with lot of participation. The sister was a full time missionary with her husband in SLC and knew the Greenwoods at the genealogy library there, small world. A young engaged couple came in this afternoon. He is working on his GED. We spent time getting him registered on the job website and reviewed job search skills. We gave him a job lead and other information. Today really zoomed by.

Alex did not come to the Broadway Building today to train Sister Rios, our church service missionary. He called and wanted me to go over a few things with her. We spent most of the morning helping her on the new job website and how to deal with those who register online. She left before lunch time but she did get some good hands on experience. She is very concerned about our not being at the Broadway building next week as I believe she gets good practical experience with us. A fellow came in this afternoon who said he was an American citizen and that he had lived in the USA for about 8 years (from West Africa). His English was OK so we could mostly figure out what he was saying. We talked about job search skills, and gave him some helpful information and a couple of job leads. He left immediately after he got the job leads. I hope he is successful.

Friday and our one sister did not make the CWS today, but the lawyer brought a member of this Elder Quorum, who took the first half of the CWS several weeks ago. The workshop went well, the fellows said they really got a lot out of the course. It really is good stuff. Leona had graduation certificates for them at the end of the workshop. What a great week we have had with lots our folks coming in for help. Sister Gibbs a senior sister missionary in our apartment complex, called this afternoon and wanted us to bring our "train game" over this evening. We said we would. Even though it takes "hours" to complete a game we enjoy visiting with Sisters' Gibbs and Oborn.

Saturday we did our normal missionary P-day stuff. Leona did not feel to good so we took her temperature and it was about 101 degrees. She went to bed early.

Sunday, Sister Walker is still not feeling good so she stayed in bed and rested. Another beautiful day. Lots of warm sun shine. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY.

We talked to all the kids this week. Michael is in Bahrain, and Shawn was finally on his way home from San Diego after airport closures, etc. We love our wonderful family and are thankful for your concern and support. Be careful and may Heavenly Father blessings be yours.
Love Dad and Mom

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Jessica said...

I've been thinking about you guys today. Hope your first day of training is going well. We love you.