Sunday, February 21, 2010

28th Post Mon. Feb. 15 - Sunday, Feb. 21, 2010

What a week - it has been a blur. We started our new assignment at the mission office on Monday. Leona has responsibility for fiances, and I have apartments. This blog will be shorter than usual because Monday through Friday we spent being trained by Elder & Sister Dorius whom we are replacing. Leona has been learning the Church's iMOS computer system for mission offices. Her head is spinning trying to remember all the different responsibilities that will be hers. She is in charge of bill paying, meals at the temple for out going and in coming missionaries, bank deposits and other things that she doesn't even know about yet! This will be a humbling experience, Sister Walker is definately out of her "comfort" zone.
Elder Dorius and I did apartment inspections and located a new apartment in an area where we are moving the Elders. I got some experience with new apartment leases, etc. I am also learning the process to create the photos for the "transfer board" in the mission president's office, the photos for the "mission office board", and for the tracking sheets. It is all good, but there is so much to keep track of and details to handle.

The apartment inspections were interesting to say the least. We inspected a two bedroom apartment where there are 4 elders. One bedroom had 2 twin beds, check; clothes mostly picked up, check; and nothing on the walls that is not allowed, check. Next bedroom, clothes mostly picked up, check; nothing on the walls that is not allowed, check; and no beds - ?? We were a bit taken back, where have the elders been sleeping and what happened to the beds that were there last inspection?? We finally got a hold of the elders and it was...."we found bed bugs in those two beds and we threw the mattresses in the dumpster". That was not a bad move, all things considered, but what had they been sleeping on? They were in the living room sleeping on an old couch and a large easy chair with an ottoman. If only they would have told us we could have brought them mattresses. In another apartment the elders were home so as we went down the check list there were many deficiencies that the elders agreed needed attention. In the course of the conversation, one elder was explaining how he was a "perfectionist" in all that he did. Well you know Elder Walker, I could not resist that lead in. I took the check list and said, "would a perfectionist let these items become a problem??" Well, he agreed that he was a perfectionist, but not in apartment cleaning and appearance. Love the elders!! The two or three sister's apartments we checked were in very good shape as would be expected. I am sure I will have lots of fun inspecting the elder's apartments. Elder Dorius is very reserved and quiet and is all business with the missionaries, kind of reminds me of me, huh!

Friday we spent a half a day at the mission office, mostly to get more training time and also the mission president has the mission office staff meeting that morning. After Elder and Sister Dorius depart there will be two senior couples and one senior sister in the office.
Friday afternoon I had another slice and dice appointment with the dermatologist. He removed more dysplastic nevus and mild cytologic atypia of melanocytes, I just call them lehi-nephi's as it is easier to say and to remember and sorta sounds the same. I have been very blessed with the medical treatment received thus far. The Lord really did know what He was doing sending us to Houston. Leona has had a bad cough all week, but seems to be getting better each day. We did go to the Maplewood 2nd ward today. There were some who remembered us from our visit of a few months ago and there were questions about employment in priesthood meeting.

We sent an email to all our employment candidates who have email addresses and let them know of our change of assignment. Many sent very kind notes back. We will miss many that we worked closely with. We will not miss lugging around our employment office on wheels however (the "wheelie").

We were informed by our apartment complex that they will let us out of our one year lease, assuming that the church will renew the 3 elders apartments that are due the 31st of March, which the South Mission said they would. All things worked out for which we are very grateful. We hope to move the first week in March.

Be careful in all that you do. Remember the Lord in all thy doings.
Love Dad & Mom

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