Sunday, October 25, 2009

11th Post Sunday Oct.18 - Sat. Oct. 24, 2009

This past week we have enjoyed rather warm weather and cool weather and I prefer the cool by far! A couple of mornings when the weather feels really good to us, we have to smile at the people we pass by on our way to work. They are bundled up in coats, scarves, gloves and knitted hats. I guess they are truly used to the heat (don't understand how that could ever happen) and they are really cold!
We have had a good week and a busy one. We are in the fourth month of our mission already, the weeks are passing by quickly. It was transfers this past week and we are so thankful that our mission president left us together again!

Last Sunday we visited a small branch - Sunny Side Branch. It brought back memories of our days in Anacortes. They meet in a house that has been converted into a church and it is also where institute is taught. A very diverse group of people, Hispanics, Blacks, our kind, old and young. There were four or five young families that are really helping to carry this branch. The husbands are either in school or doing an internship at the medical center. They are a blessing to the branch. It was a nice meeting and the talks were good. I was able to meet one of our candidates that I have talked to on the phone several times. She is an interesting sister. Steven & I went for a walk in the late afternoon - one block the homes are very modest and the next block they are very spacious.

Monday we were at the employment center, it is nice to spend the day working there with the other senior missionaries at the center and the mission office. We started training for the new church employment website. There are a few "bugs" that need to be worked out and change is always hard so one of the managers was having a hard time. When it gets up and running it will be a great asset for the members

Tuesday is our late night at work so getting home at about 9:30 pm makes it a long day for us old people. They have been refinishing the cultural hall floor at the church so there was a very strong smell, at times I thought that I was for sure going to get a headache but we made it. A couple came in for help with a resume and to use the computer. They were there for about three hours it was nice to visit with them, she is a member but he is not. I guess their computer at home isn't the best so they appreciated using ours. It is Michael's birthday today! It sure doesn't seem that he is as old as he is, the years have passed by so quickly. I remember very well that Sunday he was born. We were excited to have a baby boy. After he was born the nurse said, "now you have a girl and a boy - you can quit". I am glad we didn't and that the Lord blessed us with three more! I am thankful for our children and for their spouses and families, they truly are our greatest treasure.

On Wednesday we sent many, many emails trying to get information from our candidates and inviting them to the CWS (career workshop). We did receive positive response from three and hopefully there will be more later.

We had a lot of rain through the night and early morning. Elder Walker is getting a cold so wasn't feeling up to exercise this morning and Sister Walker celebrated! (The no exercise part) Because it was raining so hard we didn't leave the apartment until after 8am, hoping that it would slow down a bit. We were quite a sight, even the Hispanic lady upstairs was smiling at us. We walked to the car barefoot, the water in front of the apt. was up to our ankles. I held my dress up and Steven rolled up his pant legs and of course our arms were loaded with bags (computer, etc). It would of been a good picture. We get this water problem in front of the apt. every time it rains hard for long periods. Thank goodness by the time we returned in the evening the sidewalk was dry. Today we received a couple of emails from candidates that had never responded to our emails before. They thanked us for the job leads and said they were still looking for work. It is nice when we hear back so we know that they are getting our emails and what help they need. Today we received fun notes from a family in Delaware. One of the notes made us smile, it said "My dad is making me write this letter". Family Home Evening lessons and "activities" are great!

Friday was pretty quiet at work. We kept busy on the computer and phone. Two of our candidates are now employed so that makes it a great day for us too! Elder Walker is still dragging a bit but his cold hasn't gotten as bad as they usually get so he has been blessed.

Saturday is our p-day so that means - cleaning, shopping, shining our shoes and get the work done day. The apartment complex had a Halloween party in the evening so we went for a bit so we could see the kids in costume. It was fun to sit back and watch them run around and adults try to get them in one line to judge the costumes!! The adults were more fun to watch than the kids.
We have had a good week, so thankful for this blessing of being missionaries, for our great kids and all the many good things they are doing and the great people that they are. Our grandchildren are wonderful even better than their parents. Life is good.
Love, Mom & Dad

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