Saturday, October 17, 2009

10 Post Sunday Oct11 - Sat. Oct 17,2009

We drove west to the Katy 2 ward on Sunday. It is about 40 minutes away. We talked with the bishop about some of our candidates from his ward, but was only able to talk with one of them. It is nice to visit a different ward each Sunday but we miss getting to know ward members better. The weather was nice today.

Monday is our day at the main employment office. It is always good to be with the other senior missionaries, not only at the mission office, but also the two senior sisters at our employment center. Traffic was bad this evening so we were late getting home. It rained hard today and the sidewalk out in front of our apartment had about 2 or 3 inches of water on it when we got home (it sits in a low spot).

Tuesday and Wednesday were sorta slow days for us. We did not have anyone come in to the Bering center. We made phone calls, and sent emails to our candidates to encourage them and in some cases provide job leads for them to follow up on. Not many get back with us on their status.

Thursday we had a young man (37 or 38) come into the center looking for help with his employment search. He just got out of the Army after 9 or so years. He has served in Iraq and Afghanistan, and is married with a small daughter. We had a good visit and I believe he will attend our next Career Workshop which I know will help him. He was a medic so I am sure he will be able to find something. I pray we can help him.

Friday we were back at the Bering building. Three of our candidates had found jobs so that was great news for them and for us. It is uplifting for us to know of their success. They are so excited when they tell us they have a job! We had a sister come in this afternoon who wants to work overseas as a nurse. To say it was a challenge to keep her on subject would be an under statement. She is in her 50's and could be a poster child for ADD. Anyway if she will attend the Career Workshop I am sure it will help her. This was a great Friday no BCG treatment.

Today, Saturday after we cleaned up the apartment and did the laundry we decided to go for a ride as the weather was so nice, high 60's with very little humidity. We drove down to Kemah. It is a very small town south of Houston on the way to Galveston. There is a small boardwalk with lots of restaurants, shops and some carnival type rides, including a roller coaster. Landry's Restaurants owns the Boardwalk and all the many restaurants on it. We just walked around and enjoyed the sights. There were a couple of wedding parties walking around getting pictures taken. They were all deck out in their very brightest of wedding clothes. I guess Kemah is the place for wedding pictures?? On the way home I had to pull of the freeway to check out these two large heavy lift cranes I see on our way to the Broadway Center every week. Note the size of the lifting block compared to the "conex" box next to it! It was interesting for me anyway and I am sure Leona really enjoyed it (about like me in the Kemah Christmas shop!). We had a fun day!

We enjoy serving together and doing what we can to help folks. The Lord continues to bless us with good health and energy to do the work.
Thanks for your love and prayers

Love, Mom & Dad (Leona and Steven)

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Jessica said...

I always enjoy reading about your weeks. Shawn says that the talking is a professional hazard when it comes to nurses! Hope everything continues to go well. We love you.