Sunday, November 1, 2009

12th Post Sunday Oct 25 - Sat Oct 31, 2009

It has been another week of weather extremes. Hot, humid, wet and then a front moves in and the weather is really nice, just warm during the days and cool and no humidity in the evenings.

Last Sunday we drove west to the Sugar Land 1st Ward. It was their Primary Sacrament Meeting program. The kids really did well. They have a large primary and the kids liked to sing. They even had a couple of them who played the violin. Nice program. The Bishop gave me a few minutes before Priesthood to tell about our mission assignment, so that was nice to have folks know who we are and that they can get some help. The neighborhood around the church was really gearing up for Halloween.

Monday we were at the main employment office. We have our weekly staff meeting which normally takes the morning. I enjoy Mondays as it gives us a chance to see and talk with some of the other senior missionaries not only at the employment center but at the mission office, which is right next door.

Tuesday we had a couple come in to the Bering center that have been on the list for a couple of years. They are originally from east Africa, but have lived in the US for some time now. We have had a hard time getting in contact with them as they do not have email nor do they have a phone that always works and a car that apparently only works occasionally. Anyway they did make it to us. We sat them at the computer and got them signed up with an email account. Went online and found the nearest library to them and printed a map (so they would have access to a computer). Reviewed web sites that have job listings and helped him fill out and submit an online job application. It took awhile but they seem very thankful of the help. I just hope they will follow through. Later in the afternoon we had a fellow come in who is a lawyer. We reviewed his resume and career plan. I think he may be without work for awhile as his work experience is not real routine stuff. Hope we can help him find something.

Wednesday we only had one person come for the career workshop out of all those we had invited. We taught her the class, which was one of the most challenging for me thus far. This good sister is a nurse who's work experience does not include any job that lasted very long. She could be a poster child for ADD. Really had fun trying to keep on track.

On Thursday we had a young mother come into the Broadway building looking for work. She had just completed training as a medical receptionist and billing/coding. We really had a good visit with her. Her English was very good and her enthusiasm was great. She said things will work out for us, we are going to the temple tomorrow and we will pray.

It rained last night so the sidewalk out front was flooded this morning. Ankle deep water makes it a real challenge to get out of the apartment. Friday morning I had an appointment at MD Anderson with the dermatologist, as a followup to the stuff done in Delaware. He really checked me over good and decided to remove 4 more moles and will remove 4 more in 6 weeks and 4 more in another 6 weeks. I feel like I am being skinned a postage stamp size at a time! But I am grateful for the good care. The MD Anderson doctors reviewed the slides from the Delaware pathology and were of the opinion that what they call a melanoma in Delaware was not really a true melanoma, but what they in Delaware removed MD Anderson would have also removed. So good news sort of.

Saturday we drove to the Galleria not far from here. There are about 375 stores anchored by Neiman Marcus, Saks, Nordstroms, Macy's and two Westin hotels. The stores are in three levels with the center open from the bottom to the glass covered top floor. There is an ice skating rink in the bottom of the open area. The stores were having a special Halloween event. Some of the clerks were dress up and passing out candy to the kids who came dressed up trick or treating. It was fun to see the hoards of kids, some of which had bags of candy as big as they were. It was a real popular event. We only had a few kids come by our apartment for treats.

We are doing well. I am getting over a cold and seem to be getting better each day. Most days we wished we could do more for our candidates, but are very thankful to be called to do what we can at this time. What a blessing it is to serve. We are reading the Book of Mormon and how thankful we are for that wonderful treasure of truth. I have a testimony that it is true.
May the Lord bless you
Love Dad & Mom

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