Sunday, April 24, 2011

89th Post Monday April 18 - Sunday April 24, 2011

Good Monday morning. We pray that all is well with you and your family. We are doing great here in the Texas Houston Mission. The new mission secretary, Sister Sulski came today. She is a church service missionary and lives in our ward, the Olde Oaks Ward. She will be great and seems to fit right in. I spent the day on apartment issues, leases & updates, straighten up the garage, ran some errands and visited with the many missionaries that came in the office today. For FHE we went over to the Sister's apartment. I had the lesson so we talked about the parables in Luke 15, the poem read in General Conference by Elder Maynes by CC Miller, "The Echo" about the sheep and the lambs and then one of my favorite poems by Joseph Malines, "The Fence or the Ambulance". We had a good discussion.

Tuesday, we talked to David and wished him a happy birthday. He is twenty six today - the years have gone by quickly, we are thankful for him.

I drove out west to Katy and Sealy inspecting apartments. I also stopped by and signed another 12 month lease at the Platinum Apartments. Those folks are very nice and enjoy the missionaries (we have sisters at that location).

This evening we were invited over to Perry and Celeste Dobson's home for dinner. They had also invited Becky and Gary Chapman (Perry and the Chapmans were in Arabia with us). We had a great time catching up on their families, remembering friends and Arabia.

It has turned of warm and humid so I guess our cool weather is gone.

Wednesday I inspected apartments in Magnolia, Tomball, and the area around the office. The apartments looked good for the most part. Some missionaries just have never had to do much cleaning up after themselves, but they are learning now. I signed two more leases today. That is always a good experience as the managers have such good things to say about the missionaries.

The Houston Zone missionaries came and did service at the mission office this morning. They weeded, raked, filled many large black bags with yard waste, picked up fallen limbs, planted flowers, and spread mulch. They worked hard and the mission office grounds sure look alot nicer!

Seems like we were running all day so we were ready to call it a day at 5 pm. Tired but another wonderful day in the mission field.

Jessica called and said Renae had pulled herself up and climbed up one stair today! It will sure be good to see our kids and grandkids-we look forward to our reunion in August.

Thursday I drove up to Conroe, Huntsville, Montgomery, and the Woodlands inspecting apartments. At the last apartment the sisters had left us an Easter Basket and a note thanking us for all we do for them - very thoughtful. It was late in the afternoon when I got back, but I did get some files updated and Sister Sulski's picture taken and formatted for the photo and tracking boards. What a blessing to be able to serve this mission - we love it!! Hot and humid today.

Friday I spent most of the day updating my apartment inspection files, apartment spreadsheets and lease information. Lots of details to worry about, there must be a easier way, but I am use to the current method and it "works" - I think! Lots of missionaries in the office today as it is their district meetings over at the church. They stop by the office to check on the mail and to make sure we are working. We left early today to go to the temple. For me the temple is such a peaceful place. Particularly today I found it very peaceful and uplifting to be there. What a blessing to have the temple so close. We did not have staff meeting this morning as President and Sister Hanson's kids are in town to celebrate Sister Hanson's birthday.

We enjoyed our p-day, doing the laundry, shopping (a couple of times - one can never shop enough!), cleaning the apartment and feeding the ducks. Something must be eating the baby ducks as there are not very many left. We also fixed dinner for four elders this evening, Elders Scoresby, Galbraith (AP's), Sorenson (DL), and Vehers (ZL). They are really good young men and wonderful missionaries. We enjoy them so much. They always have a very spiritual message to leave with us.

Sunday, Happy Easter! Attending church is the highlight of the week. The Sacrament meeting talks were very good. Each spoke of our Savior and His willingness to atone for our sins. What a great blessing that is, the chance to repent and try to become more like Him.

The Stringfellows and Sister's Young and Nance came and ate dinner with us this evening. I should say, Sister Nance came late because she was napping at 5:00pm and was too tired - would rather sleep than eat - that is hard to imagine! Anyway, we had a nice evening and a nice Easter dinner.

Have a great week. We love you and you are always in our prayers. Be safe.


Mom and Dad

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