Sunday, April 3, 2011

86th Post Monday Mar 28 - Sunday April 3,2011

Can it be Monday again so soon? Where does the time go? We are so blessed to be here at this place and time. We love our mission. I updated the ever present apartment files, bought apartment cleaning supplies and signed another 12 month lease down at the Concord at Little York apartments. The new management there really seems to be trying to clean the place up and it does show. I went over to the employment office for a few minutes to chat with Elder & Sister Thomas and just for fun compare our old employment list with their current one. There were not many candidates from our list that are still on the current list. The Thomas now use the new employment computer system to track all their candidates. We were going in that direction when we were transferred to the office.

I drove the van and the senior missionaries up to the mission home for FHE. All the senior missionaries were there except Sister Marsh. We had a wonderful dinner and visit. The Thomas are completing their mission next week and we welcomed Sister Nance. What a wonderful day and it was even cool (I opened the apartment windows this morning it was so nice).

Tuesday I got my apartment inspection forms updated, worked on tracking board photos for the new senior missionaries, ran some errands and bought what I needed to repair an all wood dinning table. The base (round table) had split and one of the legs was broken off. A couple of elders came by as I was out in front of the office garage fixing the table and after watching me for awhile asked if I was a "handy man" back in my employment days. I ran a bed down to the elders in the Copperfield area and made other apartment stops along the way. President Hansen was in the office for a short time today so we spent some time reviewing up coming apartment leases, apartment issues and what to do with the 3 bedroom apartment that the senior sisters are in. Sister Marsh has been transferred to the Family History Center in SLC. She leaves this Thursday.

We went out for dinner this evening with the Stringfellows, Sisters Nance and Young, also Sister Young's daughter who is visiting from SLC. We all came back to our place for ice cream (St. Patrick's Day dessert).

Wednesday I loaded up a washer and dryer, stopped at the hardware store for washer hose gaskets and dryer vent hose and hauled them all down to the ZL's in the Seasons Apartment Complex. I took our hand truck as the elders live on the 3rd floor. They were very excited to get a washer and dryer. The missionaries do not like having to use their support money for laundry. Went back to the garage and had some elders help load up several items to haul to NAM (similar to Deseret Industries). I needed to get the garage cleaned out a bit. Elder and Sister Buckway from Utah came in this afternoon. President Hansen met with them, they will be going to the Bryan/College Station area as member support missionaries. They seem like great folks (this is their 2nd mission).

This evening we walked over and fed the ducks and stopped by the senior sisters apartment to say goodbye to Sister Marsh. What a beautiful day the weather was so nice, did not get to 70 which is great. A wonderful day to be a missionary.

Thursday I left the office right after our staff prayer meeting. We are moving the English elders in Conroe out of the 2 bedroom apartment into 2 - one bedroom apartments. For the most part they were ready to move, but they had a lot of clean up to do. This apartment was one I moved the elders into almost a year ago to the day. The first few sets of elders were really hard on the place. The carpet was stained and had not been cleaned, one of the bathrooms was just filthy. After all the stuff was moved the elders spent a lot of time cleaning their apartment. One set of elders had never cleaned the tub or toilet. They got a real lesson on how to clean. They had a washer and dryer but the new apartments do not have laundry hook ups. We took the washer and dryer over to the Conroe Spanish elders place. In as much as I had to do my "dad speech" concerning keeping the new apartment cleaned up and cleaning up the old apartment, I thought "reproving at times with sharpness - showing an increase of love less he esteem thee as an enemy" - I took the 4 of them to Ryan's for lunch. The elders love Ryan's all you can eat and good food. Anyway it was a good move to get completed.

President and Sister Hansen took Sister Marsh to the airport this morning. She will serve in the Family History Center in SLC and we pray she will enjoy her new assignment.

We went shopping this evening for fresh fruit and then spent the evening cutting it all up for a BBQ the Hansen's are having at the mission home tomorrow. The West Zone missionaries are weeding, trimming and spreading new mulch at the mission home and then having lunch afterwards - the BBQ. On the run all day and into the night, but what a blessing to be a missionary.

Friday -The Stringfellows and us met with President Hansen this morning since he did not have an interview scheduled. He wanted to go over Sister Marsh's responsibilities and how we could divide them until a replacement for her could be found. Sometimes I wonder how we can do more but I have found all works out; the Lord always provides a way. Staff meeting was good, there is always a good feeling when we are together. Pres Hansen called on Steven for the spiritural thought and he did a good job as usual. President Hansen announced that Elder Miller (one of the APs) was going back to the field. He said that he was planning on keeping Elder Miller as an AP until he went home (Elder Miller) in June. There was a problem and Elder Miller said "maybe I could help" so the President is sending him. We will miss Elder Miller - he is a fine dedicated missionary.

Derek drove over from his meetings in San Antonio this evening. It was great to see him and spend the evening visiting.

The APs stopped by this evening with the new "bunny sheet" (transfer sheet). We will have a new AP, four new zone leaders, four new distict leaders and nine great trainers. I pray that each of the missionaries adjust to their new areas and companions next Tuesday. The missionaries are wonderful - the future of the church is in good hands!

Saturday - Derek left early to fly back to SLC. We are glad he was able to come even for a short time. We did our P-day jobs today and enjoyed General Conference on the Internet. The quality was so much better today than it has been in the past. We really enjoy seeing and hearing from apostles and prophets - how blessed we are. Elder Stringfellow rode over to General Priesthood meeting with me this evening. President Monson really was very direct in his counsel to young single adult men and marriage.

Sunday -We enjoyed both sessions of conference today and the music was inspiring and beautiful. One quote that struck me was "Preach the gospel at all times and if necessary use words". Our examples are so important. I am so thankful for good parents, brothers and sisters, for our children and grandchildren and for my eternal sweetheart. I have so many wonderful righteous examples to follow. We are so blessed.

We love you and pray you each have a wonderful safe week.


Mom and Dad

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