Sunday, January 9, 2011

74th Post Mon Jan 3 - Sunday Jan 9, 2011

We continue to be so blessed it is hard to articulate the tender mercies of our Father in Heaven. Our family and friends continue to be a great support to us.
Monday I helped Leona a bit with new file space for the 2010 apartments' utility files in preparation for the annual audit. We took down the Christmas decorations and tree in the office today. I took Elder Wood with me over to the mattress store and loaded up six more beds for the missionaries. Elder and Sister Thomas had dinner with us this evening, then the other seniors came to our place for FHE. Elder Thomas taught the lesson centered on Mosiah 2:1-9 and compared that with this past general conference and Pres. Monson's opening remarks. Very good thoughts. Leona fixed hot chocolate and cookies for refreshments. A very enjoyable evening.

Tuesday I delivered the six new beds to the 4 elders and 2 sisters that live in the Kempwood Place apartments. Well, actually only one of the sisters wanted a new bed. Back at the office I had Elders Atwood and Smith help unload the truck/trailer and then go with me to the mattress store to get the last three beds of our order. (There is a danger for the elders if they hang around the office -Elder Walker will find some work for them to do). They are all very willing to help whenever asked. The rest of the day was spent working on apartment files and following up with the 5 or 6 apartments that have leases due the end of this month.
They have started roasting peanuts at the peanut butter factory (Bishop's storehouse). They are working hard trying to get all the new equipment in place. We took a bucket over and they had some freshly roasted peanuts for us to take back to the office. The plan is that the peanut butter factory will be finished and dedicated in March.

Wednesday there was a missionary leadership meeting at the Hafer Building, (the church building next to the office), so we had lots of missionaries in the office both before the meeting and after. It is always fun to visit with the young missionaries. They are really "good people" (Eastern Shore expression).
I got tired of the rags, buckets and other car washing paraphernalia on the driveway at the office - it just looked a mess all the time. The young missionaries have a hard time putting stuff away sometimes (all you parents find that hard to believe I am sure). I mounted a 2x8 to the side of the garage, and fixed small spring clamps and a hook to hang the rags and the bucket from. At least the "pile" is gone and the rags will not blow around all over the yard. We enjoy so much our mission call and to be able to do what we do - it is a real blessing.

Thursday Leona rode down to the Copperfield Apartments with me to sign the lease renewal. We stopped at a couple of places to pick up supplies, including some lace for a sewing repair job that Leona is doing for one of the sisters. She also had several white shirts that need repaired. Good thing she brought her sewing machine. One of the elders, short and a very small frame had her repair white shirts that were size 16 1/2, he is lucky to fit in a 15 or 15 1/2. Must have been a hand me down from his last companion.
I spent a lot of time this afternoon trying to find a couple of one bedroom apartments in a certain apartment complex. Pres. Hansen wants me to slowly get out of the 4 man apartments (there is to much "fun" in many of the 4 man apts). We enjoyed a really nice day - cool, in the 60's and lots of sun shine).

Friday after staff meeting Pres. Hansen asked the senior sisters to stay behind. He asked Sisters Walker, Stringfellow and Marsh to take 10 minutes each and speak on faith at the Zone Leaders Council the week after next. Needles to say Leona was doing back flips - she was so excited (or was it heart attacks). I worked on more apartment leases and files and photos for the May and June arriving missionaries. Leona and I made a bank run (deposit office funds) and a post office run to mail some bills. The AP's, Elders Anderson and Galbraith came over for dinner this evening. They brought a copy of the transfer sheet for us. Elder Anderson is going back out to the field - we will miss him in the office, what a great missionary and person he is. We will be getting several new zone leaders and district leaders. The missionaries will all be informed about transfers tomorrow night.

Saturday we had Elders Smith, Atwood, Struthers and Wood over for breakfast. We fixed scrambled eggs, sausage, home made hash browns, fruit, and pull a part sweet bread. The elders really enjoyed the food! We feel it a blessing spending a few minutes with them in our home. They always have a good spiritual thought before they leave. The missionaries are good teachers, they know their stuff. We cleaned up the apartment, went out shopping for groceries for next weeks transfer meals, came back to the apartment and made two double batches of sloppy Joe's and cookies - a busy P-day for us.
David called and on his way to work (first day on the new job) a lady rear ended him at a stop light. Everyone was fine but her car had to be towed, and David was able to drive his car. That was a blessing as it could have been a whole lot worse.

Sunday morning it rained a lot. We attended church at Old Oaks Ward which starts at 12:30. There was a young family sitting in front of us with five young children and they were all struggling a bit. It's tough not getting a nap when it is needed! After church we drove to the Glenlock Farms building because that is the church building that zone leader council will be held in next week. I was given the assignment to check out the wireless internet and to make sure the signal is available in the RS room. There is direction from SLC that the missionaries are to familiarize theirselves with so they know what is available and as they are teaching they can tell people about it. President Hansen has asked me if I will go over the website with the zone leaders at zone council. It's great to be busy!

We love each of you. Thank you for your prayers. Have a good week and be safe in all you do.
Dad and Mom

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