Sunday, January 2, 2011

73rd Post Mon. Dec 27 - Sunday Jan. 2, 2011

Monday morning I delivered a couple of new beds to the sister's apartment at the Oaks of Wimbledon not to far from the mission office. I took Elders Austin and Sorsenson with me to do the heavy lifting as the sisters were not in their apartment. I drove Elder Stringfellow a couple of times today to pick up or drop off vehicles for repair and or service. Went to several WalMart stores today looking for more mattress protectors. I put the new box springs and mattress' in zipped plastic protectors to help with future bed bug issues. Later in the afternoon Elders Smith and Wood went with me to the mattress store to pick up eight more bed sets (that's all I can fit in the truck and trailer).
It was cold and windy today, in fact I turned on the heat at the apartment for the first time this evening, even against my senior companion's advise - I was freezing however!

Tueday we left right after our staff prayer meeting and drove to College Station to deliver beds. Leona went with me so it was a much more pleasant drive. She went with me to "keep me awake". I only saw her nod off 6 or 8 times during the trip, but I was awake the whole time. We dropped off 4 beds at the sister's apartment and two at Elders Trotter and Farnsworth's apartment. The sisters were more excited to see Sister Walker I believe than they were for the new beds (which I can understand). We got back to the office in the early afternoon so we made good time, the traffic was light today.
There are always missionaries in and out during the day so I took a couple of Elders and we went over to the mattress store and loaded up eight more beds. I worked on photos for the departing DVD this afternoon. Sisters B. Young and Billingsley never did get a departing DVD so I sent some pictures of them to the DVD "producer" so they can be included on this upcoming DVD.

Wednesday I delivered new beds to 4 elders at the Concord at Little York apartment and then drove out to Katy to deliver 4 more beds to the Kenwood Club apartment. I updated files and helped Leona put together new missionary binders. Pres. Hansen had Elder Stringfellow and I involved with a missionary matter this afternoon. Not one of those things that you like to do. It rained most of the day which we really needed, its been so dry this winter.

Thursday we held staff meeting with Pres and Sister Hansen as tomorrow we have the day off. Pres. Hansen made a point to come into my office and quietly thank me for my help yesterday. He told me he really appreciated my wisdom (I really do not have much of that) and counsel. I worked on apartment files and went looking for more mattress covers. I found a few at the WalMart down I-45 a few miles. I also "photo-shopped" the mission photo that was taken last Wednesday. I think it turned out OK.
David called and his last interview went well and Raquel has a job offer in Utah. I believe they will stay in Utah for now. It was very warm and windy today (turned the AC on - again).

Friday we closed the mission office for the day. Leona invited six of the sister missionaries that live fairly close to us over for breakfast. We fixed scrambled eggs, sausage, fruit, hash browns and pull apart bread. The sisters can eat almost as much as the elders! They seemed to really enjoy being with Sister Walker (so do I!) and having a hot breakfast for a change. They are good missionaries. They are so enthusiastic about all they do - it is fun to be around them. We cleaned up and went shopping and talked to our kids. It was a nice quiet day for us. We did not stay up to see the new year come, guess we are getting old!

Saturday we were invited over to Sisters Marsh and Young's apartment for sweet rolls and juice and to watch the Rose Bowl parade on their TV. The Stringfellows, Thomas and Shipleys (missionary couple from the South Mission) were also there so we really had a good time visiting. Later in the afternoon we went shopping to Walmart. We found great buys on Christmas treats for the young missionaries! Another nice quiet day.
Today is Luke's birthday, six years old already! Being able to skype and see our grandkids on the computer is the best!

Sunday our meeting time changed so we go a couple of hours later. Tessin and her husband came over after church and had dinner with us. They are a nice young couple, they are both originally from Ghana. Tessin is a member but her husband is not. Tessin works for an oil company so we always have lots to talk about. They have known each other for years and were married about a year ago.
We hope ya'll have a great week. You are always in our thoughts and prayers. Take care.
Dad and Mom

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