Saturday, January 30, 2010

25th Post Monday Jan. 25 - Sunday Jan. 31, 2010

It was busy at the Hafer Road Office today. There were several who came in while the Sister's were at lunch, so we were able to help them get registered on the new web site. The center has 6 computers that are available for candidates to use. We just had the three who came in together sit down next to each other and we started the process to get them registered. There was one member, one non-member and a ward employment specialist. So each one was just a bit different. Very cool running this morning, in the low 40's.

Tuesday was a slow day no one came into the Bering center. Alex did not come in this morning as he as back to the Broadway center training the new church service missionary. That means we go in at 8 AM and leave at 5 PM, instead of 12 to 9 PM. We phoned and emailed our candidates with job postings and just trying to stay in touch. Beautiful day with lots of sun shine.

Wednesday we had planned a Career Workshop and had invited 14 people to come. Three or four contacted us at least, but no one showed for the class. It was another slow day with no one coming into the center. We did find out that two of our candidates have full time jobs this week, so that was very good news.

Thursday we went into the Broadway center about an hour late as Alex has our keys and he called and said he would be late. Sister Rios, our new church service missionary was not able to make it today either. Again no one showed up today. Sure makes the days long. We keep busy with our phone calls and emails to candidates.

Friday it rained hard during the night and most of the morning so we decided not to run. There were a few of our candidates who will contact us but not very many. Another day with no one coming into the center. The first week that I can remember when no one at all came into the center (Bering and Broadway). We had the senior sisters who live in this apartment complex over for dinner this evening. It was fun to visit and get to know them better. We even played a game of Ticket to Ride. They really seemed to enjoy that. The dermatologist called this evening and the lab results on the five spots that were removed last week - all was fine. We have been so blessed.

Today, Saturday, was Susan Taber's funeral. We sure have been thinking about her and Doug and their family over these past several weeks. As we returned home from work last night and went to get our mail, Doug had sent us a program of Susan's services for today. It was another "tender mercy" from heaven because we were wishing that we could be there and Doug, bless his heart, had sent us a program. What a great lady she was, an example of motherhood and service to all. She will be dearly missed. Our lives have truly been touched by her friendship and good example.

Saturday is our washing, cleaning and shopping day. It really turned cold and windy yesterday afternoon and all day today. It did not get out of the mid 40's. We made a fast trip to Costco, purchased three items and had a great time sampling their samples! We took down Christmas cards that have been on our dining room wall, sorted paper work and tried to get a bit more organized in that area.

Today, Sunday, we visited the Copperfield Ward. They have a new building, in fact it was dedicated last October. We enjoyed all of their meetings. The Sacrament Meeting talks were good, there were a lot of good thoughts on the subject of service. We spent some time with the ward employment specialist in the clerk's office on the computer. He was having trouble and unfortunately we couldn't answer all of his questions but we told him that we will get answers tomorrow from the employment manager. He is excited about his calling and wants to help the people in his ward.

We have had a good week. We are loving our time serving together. We are so thankful to be missionaries, for this great blessing in our lives. We love each of you. We have the best children(our daughters-in-law and sons-in-law are our children too) and grandchildren in the world!! Thank you for your prayers and support.
Love Mom & Dad

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