Saturday, January 9, 2010

22nd Post Monday Jan. 4 to Sunday Jan.10, 2010

After our staff meeting at the Hafer Road office today we worked on our list of candidates. With the new LDS employment web site it is even harder now to keep up with those in our assigned units. They register on line but do not fill out their profile enough to know what their experience and education is. That makes it real tough to try and help them find work. We do enjoy being at the main office as we get to see the other staff members and to also walk over to the mission office and say hello to the senior missionaries working there. It was another cool day in Houston.

Our Tuesday morning run was real cold. The wind was blowing a bit and the temperature was in the high 20's or so. It is our day to go into the Bering building at noon. When we got to the office Alex was helping a couple with their resumes. We spend most all our time going through job leads and sending them to our candidates. We also contacted those whom we invited to the career workshop as a reminder. We have invited 18 folks. The phones in our office are still not working so we have to go to the other side of the building and use the stake clerk's phone. We did get in touch with several people today so hopefully some will come tomorrow and others will find the job postings we sent helpful.

We only had one person show up today to the Career Workshop. We did get emails from two others stating they either had part time work or they were on interviews this morning - that is a good thing! It is a bit tough to teach the CW with only one person, but he seemed to enjoy the class and the information he received. It was cold again today. On the way home we drive through a very upscale neighborhood and it looked like a hurricane had hit a laundromat - there were sheets, blankets and any type of material folks could find covering their plants to keep them from freezing.

Thursday morning's run was a real cool experience. The wind was blowing and the rain was coming sideways, but out we went. Needless to say we were cold and soaked when we got back to the apartment. No one came into the Broadway building today, which was not too much of a surprise - it was very cold and wet today.
We got all set up with our tables, materials, video camera, TV, etc for day two of the career workshop and our one candidate send an email saying his wife told him not to come in as the weather was to bad (very cold, sunshine and dry roads). Oh well, we were at the right place, doing the right thing, prepared to help those who are looking for help. I have really not been discouraged about the lack of activity with some of our candidates because we are doing about all we can to help them, the rest is up to them.

Saturday and our day to clean, do laundry and shop. After we got our jobs done we went out to a soup and salad place for an early dinner. The place is always packed but we enjoyed the outing. It is still very cold for Houston, but the sun was shining bright today.

Today we visited the Memorial Ward in the Richmond Stake. Many greeted us before sacrament meeting started and made us feel very welcome. It was a very diverse ward, South Africa, Central and South America. A young sister taught the RS lesson and she did an excellent job. The young church members are just a lot better than we were at that age. Our children are great members too. We are proud of them and the good parents and people that they are. They each do their best in serving in their wards and communitees. They are teaching their children by example and we are so thankful for them.

We are so grateful for this mission experience. For the many blessings that we have received throughout our life that have allowed us to serve at this time. We continue to enjoy good health and wonderful experiences that bring us much happiness and many blessings.
May the Lord bless you,
Love, Mom & Dad

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