Sunday, August 30, 2009

It is Sunday evening and all is well in Houston. We have had a wonderful week and thankful for the blessing of serving a full time mission together.

Last Sunday we visited the Rosenberg Ward, located in Richmond, Texas. While entering files into the computer we found a name of a sister who was a member of that ward so while we were there we had the chance to meet her and talk about her employment situation. She is still looking for work, a bit discouraged and depressed. I pray for all who are struggling and looking for jobs. While we were there I met a lady who was from Honeyville, Utah and she knows
Dave and Lois Cottle; in fact Dave was her bishop when he served as bishop. Small world!

I made cookies Sunday evening and two of the young Elders that live close by came to get some. What wonderful missionaries. They told us about a family they are teaching, the husband can not be baptized until he is divorced in Guatamala, so that he and his current wife can be legally married. (I think that David found this type of situation to be a real problem in Brazil on his mission.) Because it is impossible to obtain a divorce without being there in Guatamala and it is extremely expensive, they didn't see how they were ever going to be able to be baptized . Anyway, the missionaries had met with the stake presidency and others to discuss missionary efforts in the stake and when they told of this family's situation, a member of the stake presidency said that he had a brother who was a lawyer and living in the very city where this divorce needed to be taken care of. He said that he would contact his brother so this problem could be taken care of. The family is thrilled to think that in time they will be baptized and can go to the temple. The Lord is in charge and can put things into place when the time is right- nothing is impossible. It was a real testimony building experience; I am so thankful the Elders shared it with us. The missionaries were so excited and walking a "few inches" of the floor.

Work at the employment centers went well this week. On Mondays we are at the main center and I enjoy being able to see the other senior missionaries. It is P-day for the young elders and sisters so they come and use the computers to do their emails so it is fun to see and visit with them. (l to r Elder & Sister Walker, Alex LaMar, Steve Stotts, Sister Billingsley, Sister Lish).

On Tuesday we do not go to the Bering center (see photo on left) until noon and then we stay until 9pm. It is a long day but plenty to do to stay busy and time goes by very quickly. It is the Houston 1st ward (Spanish) night for mutual. They get there between 6:30 - 7pm and the place is "rockin". We left about 9:15 and the parking lot was full. I do not know what time their mutual ends. They have a fun time together!

On Wednesday I finished entering all the candidates names and information on the spreadsheet. It has been quite a project, hopefully it will help us better serve them.

On Thursday we had the Haywards for dinner. Their mission service ends tomorrow and they will leave to return home to Colorado. We haven't been able to get to know them too well but they are great people and have been very diligent in a project at the library putting records on line so that people can use these records for family history research.

Friday after work we were invited to Elder and Sister Childs home with the other senior missionaries who serve in the employment center and the mission office. It was a fun evening to visit and get to know everyone. This is the Childs' third mission - Africa, Jamaca and Houston. What great people.

Yesterday was our p-day so laundry and cleaning and shopping kept us busy. We have four Elders coming over for Sunday dinner so we picked up a few extra things for dinner. Steven got his first "Texas" hair cut and my what a handsome missionary! For fun we visited a "container store". It was a huge place with nothing but different kinds and sizes of containers. We didn't purchase anything but it was a fun place to just look around.

We are thankful for our call to serve and to be in the full time service of the Lord. We have truly been blessed to be able to serve.

Love Mom (Sister Walker)

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