Saturday, August 15, 2009

1st Post

P-day again, and all is well in Texas. We had a good week at the employment center. We received training all week, went through the employment work shop again. It is a very good program and will give skills that will help anyone obtain a job or a better job quicker; I suggest that everyone should take it. They even have a work shop for those who are self employed or are thinking about starting their business. They video taped us doing a pretend job interview. Man, I was so excited to do that I could hardly contain myself. We had to write a "power" statement about one of our "skills" so that is what I used when he asked me what I had to offer to his company. After I met the "boss" he asked me what position I was applying for and I said "The cook". Then I proceeded to tell him about my organizational skills and how I could purchase and prepare food for 160 people for five days; the meals were "delicious", served on time and under budget $800. When I finished he said "you're hired!" Here I come McDonalds!
We met Elder Chapman this week. He is the son of Gary and Becky Chapman that we knew in Saudi Arabia. He is serving a church service mission at the Bishop's storehouse. He was only a few months old when we left Saudi. Christine took violin lessons from Sister Chapman. They had a little going away party for him and another Elder that was finishing their missions at the storehouse. Elder Chapman had brought some candy to share that his mother had made. It tasted like a butterfinger bar but only better, he also shared the recipe and it had Georgia McCurry's name on it so it was like a little "Saudi reunion" for me.

We were so excited to hear from Michael on Wednesday. So thankful that everything went well and Niki and Braydon (not sure of the spelling) are home. Another new grandson, we are truely blessed. Thank you Michael and Niki, he is beautiful/handsome.

We attended the Memorial Park ward last Sunday. It was a very diverse ward - older people and quite a few young marrieds, many are here for school or interships. In their program, on one side of the page, they had very small pictures of the ward leaders. I thought that was a good idea, you could recognize the auxillary presidents and ward mission leader, etc.

On Monday at the center, Steve Stotts (He is the employment manager) had us all weigh in! I believe that is to motivate us to take better care of ourselves. Every Monday that is what he does; he uses some wii computer program so it is up on a big screen. It also has you balance on one foot for 30 seconds and gives your BMI. It was alot of FUN, can't wait for Monday to get here again!

Also on Monday Brother LaMar (assistant employment specialist) helped us move a small dresser and two chairs from a missionary apartment that they are closing. I think that we are pretty much set up now with furniture. We just need a bed for the other bedroom.

On Monday we began our running again. We get up at 5:15am and run until about 6am. It is sure hot even early in the morning.

Tuesday we had to stay at the apt. to wait for Comcast to hook up the internet for us. Of course he didn't show up in the time frame promised and we had to call. We now have the service but comcast had problems and will have to return in a couple of weeks to fix the connections. We did some reading and wrote some letters.

What a night we had on Wednesday night! Our neighbors, who we didn't even know were there because it was so quiet, came home and had a party! We could "feel" the walls of our bedroom and livingroom vibrate with the beat of the drums! This went on until about 4am; we tried to call the after hours apt security but no one answered. We talked to the apt. office on Thursday morning and things have been good since. Living in an apartment complex is a new experience for us - very interesting!

On Thursday I got ear plugs! We had a extra long day on Thursday because there was a meeting for ward and stake employment people. Steven had to teach a class to the newly called people and Bro LaMar taught a class (at the same time) to those who had been before. They have these meetings once a month at the employment center. Steven did a good job, it was like he had been doing it forever.

On Friday I checked alot of what are called CAP papers to see that they were entered in the computer correctly. More training and getting familiar with computer things. Next Tuesday we will be begin at the Berring Building but Brother LaMar will be with us to help. Alot to learn - hopefully we will know what we are doing soon so that we can be of help to someone.

Before we returned to the apt last night we stopped at a mattress store and bought a queen size one for our other bedroom. The mission gave us permission because they didn't have one for us. It was delivered this morning so now we are ready for any party; whichever of our neighbor has it we will just move to the other bedroom!

Yes Debbie, shopping for teenagers can be "fun"! I finally learned, as I am sure you have, that you might as well let them pick it out because if you do they for sure will not wear it! I remember when I was a teenager going shopping with my cousins. My dad dropped us off some place in south SLC with our berry picking money and we had a great time. You'll have to try that.

Sorry about Christopher's math class program. I don't understand what age has to do with getting college credit. If someone can understand and do well why hold him back or not give him credit because of his age. Good luck. Big seminary class, too bad all the students aren't at the same high school. Way to go Jessica! Grandma could never play volleyball so I am glad you are! Wish we could see Debbie and Truman playing softball, keep your head away from the bat DEBBIE! Thankful that your business is doing so well and that you are very busy.

We love everyone and so thankful for each of you. Take care of each other. Be kind and loving to your spouses. Plan and prepare to serve a senior couple mission when you are old - it is wonderful! I love my companion (transfers are this week but we get to stay together! Thankgoodness!)

Love, Mom

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Jessica said...

Congratulations on your first post! Everything looks great. Keep up the updates and the good work. We love you. (PS- Shawn made some minor changes, if you don't like it or you're confused about why things look different, call him)