Sunday, June 5, 2011

95th Post Monday May 31 - Sunday June 5,2011

Memorial Day and the Salt Lake offices were closed today so we had the day off. I am thankful to be an American. I am grateful for the freedoms I enjoy and so appreciate those who are preserving our freedoms and those who have given their lives doing so. We got up and did our normal exercise routine, then got ready, picked up Sisters Nance and Young and went to IHop for breakfast. I do not remember the last time I ate at IHop. We enjoyed our visit with the sisters and breakfast was rather tasty. 
I completed my on line defensive driving course today. We fixed dinner for Sister Young, Nance, Elder & Sister Stringfellow and her mother and niece who are visiting. The sisters wanted us to come over and watch a video with them. It was a documentary of the Lewis and Clark expedition - very interesting. Just a nice easy going day today.
Tuesday I drove out to Sealy and Katy inspecting apartments. I stopped back at the Concord at Little York apartment complex to sign leases for two, one bedroom apartments. Hot and humid today.
Wednesday I was back down to the Little York apartments moving the elders. Actually it was an easy move as the one apartment was just across the hall and the other apartment was down stairs. When I first arrived one elder said we just about got it done Elder Walker! I looked around and told them maybe 3 more hours. They could not believe it. About 3 hours later we were done. I took the 4 elders to lunch which they enjoyed. They asked me lots of questions about going to college and finding jobs, being a senior missionary and family. It was a rewarding experience being with those elders. The power was turned on, but one apartment's A/C and frig were not working. I talked to the manager about it and they said they would take care of it. They had things running by late afternoon. A long but wonderful day to be a missionary.
Thursday was probably my last apartment inspecting day before we go home. I checked apartments in Magnolia, Tomball and the area around the Temple and mission office. All were in pretty good shape. Lots of ZL's in the office this afternoon following their ZL council. We sure have some fine missionaries.
Friday we drove down to MD Anderson as Leona had an appointment with the dermatologist. It was afternoon before we got back to the office. We were told that Elders Morgan and Struthers had been in an automobile accident and were in the hospital. I called President Hansen just before we left the office to see if I could do anything. Pres Hansen said they were taking the elders back to their apartment so I told him I would meet them at their apartment with their keys that were retrieved from their wrecked car. Elders Struther's eye was all swollen shut and he had a few little cuts. Elder Morgan was real stiff and sore but had no other apparent problems. They are very blessed as the front of their car was pushed up to the windshield and their air bags did not deploy. A lady had pulled out in front of them and they hit her broadside going about 50 miles an hour. (Guardian Angels work double time watching over missionaries!)
We got up early again today (Saturday) and I got the truck and trailer and headed for College Station to move 8 missionaries from two bedroom apartments to 4-one bedroom apartments. Leona stayed and worked in the office. The move went OK considering I had to re-hang closet doors, take apart and reassemble a desk, take shelves off the wall that elders in the distant past had put up, etc.
We had invited Elder Brady (Justin) and his parents to dinner this evening. They have been here visiting for a few days. Elder Brady left about a year ago, he was an AP when we began our service in the office last February. It was fun to see and and visit with him and to meet his parents; good folks and fun to visit with. Brother Brady graduated from AF High in 1980 and his parents were neighbors with June Pack when she lived on Nob Hill in AF - small world.
Michael called this afternoon from San Francisco, he was on his way to catch his flight to Japan. His assignment is to help load or unload a navy ship there, we pray for his safety and that of Niki and kids in his absence.
Sunday morning we drove back to College Station to deliver rent checks to one of the new apartments we moved into. iMos was down yesterday so we could not print checks before I left. The apartment manager was good enough to let us have the keys and move in yesterday without the money. She said your guys have been here for a few years and we have never had a problem and you always pay your bills. We enjoyed the long ride to College Station and attended Fast meeting in the CS 2nd Ward. Very inspiring testimonies about missionary work.
On our drive back home we saw a "Texas mobile home". Maybe that is what we should buy for our next mission??????
We love you and pray for you every day. Have a great week. Find someone to give service to this week - it will bring you much joy and many blessings.
Mom and Dad

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