Saturday, March 20, 2010

32nd Post Monday Mar. 15 - Sunday Mar. 21, 2010

This has been our medical week I guess. We went into the office Monday morning to have prayer with the other office staff, did a bit of paper work and then to see the surgeon at MD Anderson. Since we have moved the drive to the MD Anderson medical center is much more difficult. We go right through down town Houston. The surgeon removed more of a spot on my chest the dermatologist want completely removed. It was "not really cancer", but close enough that the treatment (removal) is like cancer. I am very thankful for the medical care we receive here. So far it has been great and the cost is wonderful. No out of pocket expenses for Shell retirees, we just pay to park the car. After they closed up the incision, about 3 inches long, they called Leona in to go over the wound care procedures. Well, she took one look at the cut and part way through the nurse's explanation I noticed Leona was fading fast. She said "I think I had better sit down". But we made it through the rest of the lecture with no more close calls.

Tuesday I didn't run, but Leona was out there pounding the path (we run around the little pond in the apartment complex). Busy all day with office work. I looked on line for apartments in one of our down town locations. Not much to choose from.

Wednesday I drove down in the area where we are trying locate a new apartment for the Elders. I drove all over the area, the "nice" places were low income only, and the bad places were just too bad, not much luck finding anything. I talked to the Zone Leader over the area and he had some suggestions on where to move missionaries in a couple of areas that seemed to be a workable solution for us. Another very nice day, cool in the 60's and lots of sunshine.

Thursday I spent some time writing up a note for staff meeting as we will be back to MD Anderson's tomorrow. Made some phone calls and found acceptable apartments available in various areas I have worried about. One place we have been working with for a couple of months (even before we arrived in the office) called and all their "checking the Church out" has been done and so we can now lease from them. This apartment was in a portion of Katy that had very little in the way of apartments. When we found this new apartment complex, which was real nice and in the Sisters area, we provided them references and one of the references was BYU Bookstore. Wouldn't you know it - when they called BYU a student, I suspect, working the bookstore phone told the credit agency that the Texas Houston Mission owed them money. The credit agency rejected us and so the apartment would not lease to the mission. It has taken many, many phone calls to get that one cleared up. Anyway lots of apartment stuff fell into place today so that was a real blessing for me! The weather has been so nice the senior missionaries got together this evening and grilled steaks, salmon, and chicken. We had salads and cupcakes with ice cream to celebrate Leona's birthday (tomorrow). We also had ice cream bars in the office at lunch time and we all sang Happy Birthday to Sister Walker. It was a good day and a beautiful evening to sit and eat and visit outside.

We got up early as Leona had a doctors appointment at 8 and mine started at 10:30. Leona was in for a mammogram and I got to do the 6 o'clock news camera up the old pipe line and a BCG treatment. By the time we got home, around 2PM I was wiped out for the day. Leona did go into the office for awhile. Not much of a birthday for her. Another beautiful day, but I'm glad this one is OVER @!%^!!.<>'*^$#.
Saturday we just did our normal p-day stuff. Clean, wash, shop and got our hair cut. That is always a traumatic experience for Sister Walker, especially with a first time hair cutter, but it turned out well. It rained in the morning and was windy and cold by evening.
Our lesson in priesthood and RS today was on the fall of Adam and Eve. There was a good discussion with thoughtful comments. It remains windy and cold today.
We pray that you all will be well and healthy. Thank you for your prayers. We are thankful to be missionaries and for this wonderful experience.
Love, Dad & Mom

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Walkers said...

Sounds like an adventure! I'm sorry I missed Leona's birthday! I hope it was a great one. Love ya both! Niki