Saturday, September 12, 2009

5th Post

It is Sunday morning, September 13th, all is well in Houston. We have had a full and good week. We are thankful to be able to serve and for the people we meet.

Last Sunday evening we received a phone call from Mike Nelson who was in Houston. He and his oldest son, Michael, came for the BYU football game that was held in Dallas. They were staying with another son Matthew and family for the weekend so we drove up to see them. It was fun to visit and to see Michael and Matthew again; they are now grown men with families of their own. Veloy was not able to come because her mother now lives with them and she needed to stay home to care for her. The Nelson's are good friends that we knew and loved in Saudi Arabia. Mike is still working at BYU and loving it.

Monday was Labor Day so the centers were closed and we had the day off. It is so hot outside that we didn't want to go site seeing hopefully cooler weather will come some day so we can, or I should say want to be outdoors. We did go to Hobby Lobby and got supplies to make red and green flags for our workshops this week. Elder Walker cut the flannel and I did the sewing. We made 12 sets of flags. We are very optimistic that some weeks we will have lots to our workshop. Our first workshops were held on Wednesday and Friday. We invited several of the candidates over the past couple of weeks to attend. Three men came on Wednesday but one of those could not return on Friday. Steven did the teaching and lead the discussions, it went well and those who attended appreciated the information and asked many questions. They felt that the mock interviews that were videoed and played back were very helpful. We pray that they will obtain work soon. The Career Workshop is a very good program. The information is so good and if followed the job search is usually cut in half. It is interesting as we talk with people about their job search that some do not put much effort in the search at all and others are doing so much but sometimes it is not very productive effort. That is why the Career Workshop is so powerful, it identifies what efforts are the most productive.

Derek and Christine have had a busy week and it will continue to be busy and exciting for them for the next few months. Derek has new employment at Davis Hospital in Layton, Utah. Last weekend they were in Seattle, WA for the marriage of Derek's youngest sister (Debbie watched their children) and this weekend they are in Utah looking for a home (Jessica is in Parson, Kansas tending children). Thank goodness Heavenly Father planned for us to be part of a family. We are grateful for ours and the perfect children and grandchildren they are, how we love them!

I finished altering five pair of slacks yesterday for three elders that live in the apartment complex. We are thoroughly enjoying our time with the young missionaries who live near us. They are enthused and excited about their missions and life. They told us that we were like another set of grandparents to them. I quickly informed them that we could be their parents but we were definitely not old enough to be their grandparents! I guess we could but we are not going to admit it!

On Thursday we had a meeting at the Employment Center so we closed at the Broadway Building early. This meeting is for all Ward and Stake Employment Specialists. We went to eat with Alex and the Sister Missionaries before the meeting so that was fun to spend some time with them. Steven had to do part of the training and did a great job.

How I love my companion, he is very patient and always tells me "thank you for all your help" or "I am so thankful you are my companion".

We are doing great and have been truly blessed. We are so thankful for this opportunity to serve.
We love you and pray for you

Love, Mom and Dad (Leona & Steven)

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